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  • Puppet, with her guitar, sitting on top of a haystack
    Puppet, with her guitar, sitting on top of a haystack
  • WordNet 3.6
    • n guitar a stringed instrument usually having six strings; played by strumming or plucking
    • ***

Additional illustrations & photos:

Nino sings and plays guitar Nino sings and plays guitar

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead learned to play slide guitar on stage much to the chagrin of Jerry Garcia.
    • n Guitar A stringed instrument of music resembling the lute or the violin, but larger, and having six strings, three of silk covered with silver wire, and three of catgut, -- played upon with the fingers.
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: At age 15, Jerry Garcia swapped his birthday accordion for an electric guitar.
    • n guitar A musical instrument of the lute class, having usually six strings (three of catgut and three of silk wound with fine silver wire), stretched over a violin-shaped body, and a long neck and finger-board combined. The strings are plucked or twanged by the right hand, while they are stopped by the left hand upon small frets placed at regular intervals upon the finger-board. As usually tuned, the compass is between three and four octaves upward from the second E below middle C. The usual tuning of the strings is shown at a, the music being written an octave higher. As the fixed frets prevent distant modulations from the normal key of the instrument, a capo tasto is sometimes attached so as to shorten all the strings at once. The guitar is the modern form of a large class of instruments used in all ages and countries. It is most popular in Spain, but has had periods of great popularity in France and England. Its tone is soft and agreeable, and is especially suited for accompaniments.
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Guitar gi-tär′ a six-stringed musical instrument, somewhat like the lute, well adapted for accompanying the voice.
    • ***


  • Pele
    “Enthusiasm is everything. It must be taut and vibrating like a guitar string.”
  • Wallace Stevens
    “They said, You have a blue guitar, you do not play things as they are. The man replied, Things as they are changed upon a blue guitar.”
  • Jimmy Page
    Jimmy Page
    “My vocation is more in composition really than anything else -- building up harmonies using the guitar, orchestrating the guitar like an army, a guitar army.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
F. guitare,; cf. Pr., Sp., & Pg.guitarra, It. chitarra,; all fr. Gr. ; cf. L. cithara,. Cf. Cittern Gittern
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Fr. guitare—L. cithara—Gr. kithara, a lyre or lute. See Cithern.


In literature:

Whatever amusements, however, may be popular in the towns, or in particular provinces, the guitar and the dance are universal.
"Spanish Life in Town and Country" by L. Higgin and Eugène E. Street
"The Wild Tribes of Davao District, Mindanao" by Fay-Cooper Cole
He played his big guitar, and sang and danced, and made love, all with equal skill and lightness.
"I Married a Ranger" by Dama Margaret Smith
The guitar slid down from her lap.
"Foe-Farrell" by Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch
Wrinkles sank deeper in his chair and played despondently on his guitar.
"The Third Violet" by Stephen Crane
This simple, but pretty tableau represents a young lady at the music room of her teacher, taking a lesson on the guitar.
"Home Pastimes; or Tableaux Vivants" by James H. Head
Ferdinand took up the guitar, and accompanied himself to a Neapolitan air.
"Henrietta Temple A Love Story" by Benjamin Disraeli
I used to take my guitar, and sing to her morning and night, but without effect.
"The Young Duke" by Benjamin Disraeli
The former is a sort of guitar, of which no illustration has come to hand.
"A Popular History of the Art of Music" by W. S. B. Mathews
Rude guitars are occasionally found among the Negritos.
"Negritos of Zambales" by William Allan Reed
He felt that he must awaken her, and seizing the guitar that lay at her feet, he held it close to her ear, and struck the strings loudly.
"Ting-a-ling" by Frank Richard Stockton
The wrapper fell apart, disclosing a guitar.
"Major Vigoureux" by A. T. Quiller-Couch
The captain handed his guitar to Donna Julia with a gallant bow.
"Ronald Morton, or the Fire Ships" by W.H.G. Kingston
By the way, you were asking about her guitar when I came in; I'll tell you about that.
"Deep Down, a Tale of the Cornish Mines" by R.M. Ballantyne
Then he bought a guitar, a banjo and a splendid flute.
"Fred Fearnot's New Ranch" by Hal Standish
Barber Sam was another music genius; his skill as a performer upon the guitar was one of the marvels of the camp.
"Second Book of Tales" by Eugene Field
His memory had played him a trick: it had leaped back to the days of guitars and gratings.
"The Californians" by Gertrude Franklin Horn Atherton
This maker is chiefly known as a maker of Guitars.
"The Violin" by George Hart
Then suddenly, but softly, a guitar thrummed, and a voice with the half-wailing cadence of the Spanish took up the melody.
"The Desert Fiddler" by William H. Hamby
The chords of the guitar take up the refrain, and Captain Stevenson, turning, espies Carol.
"When the Birds Begin to Sing" by Winifred Graham

In poetry:

Even so, Guitar, thy magic tone
Hath moved the tear and waked the sigh:
Hath bid the ancient torrent moan,
Although its very source is dry.
"The Lady To Her Guitar" by Emily Jane Bronte
"Tis ev'ning now! " —the vesper-star
With smiles of beauty glads the sky,
And breathings from the light guitar,
Are blending with the minstrel's sigh.
"Venice" by Eliza Acton
'Cloaked shapes, a twanging of guitars,
A rush of feet, and rapiers clashing,
Then silence deep with breathless stars,
And overhead a white hand flashing.
"The Nightingale In The Study" by James Russell Lowell
"And when the dance is o'er,
The pinched guitar, the smitten tambourine,
Have ceased their rhythmic beat,—oh, friends of mine,
On my rich bier, then pour
"Don Rafael" by Emma Lazarus
Just a plain saddle tramp from the ranch to the camp
Just drifting near and far
A horseback I'm a bum as I yodel and strum
My old six-string Spanish guitar.
"The Saddle Tramp" by Curley Fletcher
Strange pizzicato of distant guitars,
We had just heard the birds singing outside—
The sun pushed its way through the cracks
of the heavy curtains in the quiet room.
"The End" by Martinus Nijhoff

In news:

Today, Google is paying tribute to electric guitar pioneer Les Paul with a guitar-themed doodle that allows you to play and record your own songs.
Christopher Headcase – Lead guitar & Vokills Dr Markubus Madbrain – Lead Vokills Chuck Hemorrhage – Bass & Vokills Mike Hatecase – Rhythm guitar & Growls chrEEp Magu – Drums.
Canadian based Godin Guitars is proud to once again present this years' Montreal Guitar Grand Prix.
Josh Homme, the driving force behind Queens of the Stone Age, sat down with Kyle Gass of Tenacious D for a rare conversation about his guitars and why he doesn't play certain popular axes on the latest episode of 'Guitarings.
King plays the harp guitar Kaki King has been playing music for so long, she can't even say when she started: "I don't remember a time that I didn't know how to play the guitar," she says.
From guitar prodigy to guitar master.
Mister Loveless is a California-based band comprised of Rob Miller (vocals/guitar), Charlie Koliha (bass), Nick Clark (drums), and Sean Gaffney (guitar).
I'm always ready to step in on rhythm guitar for AC/DC with my spanking, new Rondo Guitar.
There are slide guitar works by Daniel Lanois along with a slide-guitar-plus-toys improvisation by Dave Tronzo.
Nedski and Mojo with Jana, known for their banjo-guitar and mandolin-guitar duets, perform at the 3rd annual International Newgrass Festival.
When Van Harris found a new location for his music store, he gained a window, more light and more space for guitars, bass guitars, drums, music and other instruments.
Vince Gill recently released his latest album, 'Guitar Slinger,' which is the first collection of new tunes from the singer and guitar genius in five long years.
In this excerpt from guitar wizard Oz Noy 's Guitar Improvisation Workout instructional video, available from JazzHeaven, Oz shares insights on how to improvise over a G Minor Pentatonic Scale.
The only thing better than having a tube amp for your guitar is having a tube amp for your guitar, plus someone who pays for it and carries it.
Perkins was born on a cotton plantation and taught himself guitar, but his arm was hurt in a stabbing, ending his dreams of becoming a guitar man.

In science:

Oscillations of a guitar string, to borrow his example, can be treated as effectively non-local on timescales long compared to the timescale at which the forces that hold the string together propagate along the string.
Quantum Computation in Brain Microtubules? Decoherence and Biological Feasibility
Special thanks to: The Boston Beer company; the fine folks who make Jose Cuervo tequila; Smith Kline Beecham (the makers of Tums antacids); Starbucks coffee; ESP custom-made guitars; Marshall Amplification; Roland Corporation; finally all the guys from Dream Theater and Metallica.
Variational Principles in General Relativity
As a scientist by training with a consistent passion for classical guitar playing, I would like make an attempt to explain the musical experience in terms of science and mathematics, hoping to fill some gaps between the knowledge of scientists and artistic intuition of musicians.
Music in Terms of Science
The detection of such beating for a certain pitch has commonly been used in tuning the string tensions in piano, guitar, to name a few typical instruments.
Music in Terms of Science
The classical guitar is a plucked string instrument, usually played with fingers.
Music in Terms of Science
Figure 2.2: Parts of typical classical guitar.
Music in Terms of Science
The modern full size classical guitar has a scale length (defined as the length from the nut to saddle) of around 650 mm,2 with an overall instrument length of around one meter.
Music in Terms of Science
Skilled guitar players often produce bright and clear tones of a note in lower positions, and softer and richer tones in upper positions of the fingerboard.
Music in Terms of Science
Many folk songs and other simple tunes can be accompanied using only the I, IV, and V (or V7, dominant seventh) chords of a key, a fact greatly appreciated and often exploited by many beginning guitar players.
Music in Terms of Science
In classical guitar, there is a special technique called tremolo that renders one of the most intriguing effects.
Music in Terms of Science
Chordophones are musical instruments in which standing waves that produce sound are initiated in the strings of the instruments, such as guitars, violins, harps, pianos, etc. (some of which are shown in figure 6.1).
Music in Terms of Science
When a string with fixed two ends is plucked (like in guitars and harps) or bowed (like in violins) or thumped (like in pianos), a transverse standing wave pattern is formed along the string with the vibrating velocity in the direction perpendicular to the string.
Music in Terms of Science
Plucking is normally used in playing guitar, lute, harp, banjo, mandolin, either with a finger or by some type of plectrum.
Music in Terms of Science
For example, the wood for classical guitar soundboard is typically cut by “quarter sawing”6 such that the grain lines are vertical to the surface.
Music in Terms of Science
In fact, the wood that guitars and other instruments are made of seems to vibrate more musically the more it is vibrated (namely, played).
Music in Terms of Science