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form letter


  • A seated man smokes and forms a letter C
    A seated man smokes and forms a letter C
  • WordNet 3.6
    • n form letter a letter that is printed in multiple copies and mailed to a list of recipients
    • ***

Additional illustrations & photos:

A man doffs his hat, holds a bag in his hand, and has a string attached. He forms a letter E A man doffs his hat, holds a bag in his hand, and has a string attached. He forms a letter E
A man carries something on a shoulder and forms a letter F A man carries something on a shoulder and forms a letter F
Two men shaking hands form a letter H Two men shaking hands form a letter H
PUNCH in his theatre forms a letter I PUNCH in his theatre forms a letter I
A begging dog forms a letter J A begging dog forms a letter J
A woman and her backwards umbrella form a letter K A woman and her backwards umbrella form a letter K
People under a tree building a canoe form a letter L People under a tree building a canoe form a letter L
Two girls on stilts form a letter M Two girls on stilts form a letter M


In literature:

To separate the closing salutation of a formal letter from the rest of the sentence of which it forms a part.
"Punctuation" by Frederick W. Hamilton
He hastily tore open the envelope, and soon ran over the few lines which formed the contents of the letter.
"Under the Meteor Flag" by Harry Collingwood
Nor does this mean merely the ability to form letters into words and put them down with a pen so that they are legible.
"New Ideals in Rural Schools" by George Herbert Betts
As it happens I do not base my charge on the letter; I had already formed my opinion before I knew of its existence.
"The Four Pools Mystery" by Jean Webster
It will form the main part of my Letter: and surely you will not expect anything better from me.
"Letters of Edward FitzGerald to Fanny Kemble (1871-1883)" by Edward FitzGerald
The initial letters are formed, with singular taste and ingenuity, of birds, beasts, and flowers.
"Bibliomania in the Middle Ages" by Frederick Somner Merryweather
Letters are the most personal form of literature.
"The Life of St. Paul" by James Stalker
As the letters improved in form their exultation increased.
"A Little Norsk; Or, Ol' Pap's Flaxen" by Hamlin Garland
The letters would not form themselves into words, combine them as he would.
"The Secret Wireless" by Lewis E. Theiss
I had formed no plans, and had no letters to anybody.
"Memoirs" by Charles Godfrey Leland
Upon the words, "mark it," join forefingers with thumbs, raising to eye height and form letter "B.
"Dramatized Rhythm Plays" by John N. Richards
But if he want Cooper's Chronicle, he may have to wait for it, since its latest form is still the black-letter.
"The Book-Hunter" by John Hill Burton
The Hall was built in the form of the letter E, and was three stories high.
"The Rover Boys on the Farm" by Arthur M. Winfield (AKA Edward Stratemeyer)
These 'Letters,' which form the initial number, are replete with interest.
"The Knickerbocker, or New-York Monthly Magazine, May 1844" by Various
Therefore, to reproduce the style of lettering used for these forms has not been attempted.
"The Etiquette of To-day" by Edith B. Ordway
They are set round with gold and precious stones, and have the names of the men marked on them in letters formed of rubies.
"Rollo on the Rhine" by Jacob Abbott
No letter, however, should be lacking in the courteous forms or in completeness.
"Practical Grammar and Composition" by Thomas Wood
Her letters are not creations of genius, unless practical wisdom and integrity of purpose be forms of genius.
"A History of French Literature" by Edward Dowden
As for the last, unfinished word, it undoubtedly formed, with the number 237, the address which the sender gave to the receiver of the letter.
"The Blonde Lady" by Maurice Leblanc
It was the scarlet letter in another form; the scarlet letter endowed with life!
"The Scarlet Letter" by Nathaniel Hawthorne

In poetry:

Letters come in many forms:
Some are sick and some are sad,
Brilliant just occasionally,
Far more often very bad.
""Don't be angry if I write..."" by Konstantin Simonov
In form it was a letter,
Unique in its every part,
The expression could not be better,
For it touched my inmost heart.
"The Unwritten Letter" by Jared Barhite
They've formed a new committee now,
announced by royal letter,
without an earthly inkling how
it ought to make things better.
"Table Hymn" by Jonas Hallgrimsson
They formed the Freedmen's Bureau Bill,
Which placed the letter in his hand,
And gave him schools, despite the will
Of him, the tyrant, in command.
"The Triumph Of Liberty" by James Madison Bell

In news:

The following essay will appear, in somewhat different form, as the introduction to Joseph Roth: A Life in Letters, translated and edited by Michael Hofmann, to be published by Norton in January.
Re "Don't sell young people short" (Letters, Nov 19): Freedom has a new ring to it: an equally noble expression of the Constitution's preamble of forming a more perfect union.
Use the form below to submit your letter to the editor.
Go to letter submission form.
US Postal officials don't expect anyone to kill a mockingbird, or even capture one, despite a recent form letter that was distributed to a midtown Tulsa neighborhood.
Each shows the word "Love," with the letters formed by a silhouette of a hand.
For easy handling, skewer each shrimp through both ends so it forms the letter C, and use flat metal or soaked wooden skewers.
Orange and Rockland Utilities Inc has signed a letter of intent with the Shell Gas Trading Company to form a natural gas services and marketing venture.
An offer to purchase a business can come in many forms, from simple oral offers, to presentations, term sheets or letters of intent.
Do your customers feel like no matter what they say, they get form letters and rote messages in response.
The Stamp Act placed taxes on most forms of paper in the colonies, including newspapers, letters, pamphlets and wills.
Letter writing is a dying art, and it's time we elevated the form a bit.
Other forms available for online submissions include Letters to the Editor, birth announcements, engagement announcements, wedding announcements, and special anniversaries.
Use this form to submit a letter to the editor.
In September 1931, Alexandre Kojève addressed a letter to his uncle, painter Vasily Kandinsky, one of the pioneers of abstract art, comparing his capacity to continually discover new forms to Picasso's.

In science:

Throughout this Letter, we use the Coulomb gauge and the CC2 form of ˆJ µ .
Second-Order Eikonal Corrections for A(e,e'p)
The letter reminds the historical fact that the known “Lorenz gauge” (or “Lorenz condition/relation”) is first mentioned in a written form by and named after Ludwig Valentin Lorenz and not by/after Hendrik Antoon Lorentz.
Ludwig Valentin Lorenz is the discoverer of the "Lorenz gauge"!
In this Letter, we investigate the possible fate of fallback matter associated with mergers of compact ob jects, where a disc is formed by disruption of a NS.
Delayed X-ray emission from fallback in compact-object mergers
The terminology refers to the language metaphor under which an element of X is a letter, a finite string of letters and their formal inverses is a word, and a maximal subword of the form X e n is a syl lable.
A new metric criterion for non-amenability III: Non-amenability of R.Thompson's group F
If f is of the form G(wp ) f1, where G is from P F, and if in the shape of G, i − 1 letters p precede (from the left) the symbol ✷, then τf is obtained from τf1 by forking the i-th leaf (from the left) and concatenating simple segments to remaining leaves.
Coherence in Substructural Categories
By the assumption that A is diversified, that all c-products in t1 are atomic diversified and the initial part consists of atomic w-products only, we have that two emphasized letters p in G(p, p) occur consecutively (not necessarily in the form (p·p)).
Coherence in Substructural Categories
The letter e denotes an exact diagonalization method (eT and eL methods), while a single letter notation (L and T ) suggests the simplest form of the method.
Variational study of the Holstein polaron
Then every bracket monomial appearing in the dual Chow form ˜CB contains the letter i.
Elimination Theory in Codimension Two
Words formed with these two letters code for periodic orbits in (2).
Combinatorial identities for binary necklaces from exact ray-splitting trace formulae
Given two letters, for instance L and R, we can form 2ℓ words of length ℓ.
Combinatorial identities for binary necklaces from exact ray-splitting trace formulae
Fyodorov, JETP Letters 70, 743 (1999). 12 The average density of resonance frequencies of an ensemble of random impedance networks is obtained from a generalised eigenvalue problem (random matrix pencil) of the form Mu = λWu, with Wmn = (N + 2)δmn − 1.
On random symmetric matrices with a constraint: the spectral density of random impedance networks
In the first section, the RTT formalism and Drinfel’d This letter is organised as follows. realisation of Y (sln ) are presented, which allow us to give the normalisation of the generators as well as the exact form of the R-matrix and of the quantum determinant.
Hopf structure of the Yangian Y(sl_n) in the Drinfel'd realisation
The main theorem of this letter, i.e. the explicit form of the Hopf structure, is exposed in the next two sections.
Hopf structure of the Yangian Y(sl_n) in the Drinfel'd realisation
The explicit forms (4.53), (4.55) and (4.57) allows us to show that the comultiplication, introduced in this letter, is the opposite of the comultiplication used by A.I.
Hopf structure of the Yangian Y(sl_n) in the Drinfel'd realisation
Are there any universality classes according to which we can differentiate seemingly similar processes of forming entanglement ? In this letter, we show that there actually exists a universal class in the dynamical processes of forming entangled states.
Universality in Dynamical Formation of Entanglement for Quantum Chaos