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  • WordNet 3.6
    • adj extralinguistic not included within the realm of language
    • ***


In science:

The extralinguistic information which drives radical interpretation is usually taken to be supplied by (the misleadingly termed) principle of charity; in §5 this is replaced by the principle of cooperation dominance.
Does Meaning Evolve?
The truth value of a sentence is taken to be assigned by appealing to extralinguistic information, allowing the meaning of a sentence to follow in a manner which allows the best fit to these truth values.
Does Meaning Evolve?
There is a danger of having a circular chain of reasoning here, what if the assignment of extralinguistic information is itself sub ject to interpretation.
Does Meaning Evolve?
The Origin of Cooperation Dominance Radical interpretation depends crucially on there being a mechanism by which extralinguistic information can be used to give truth values to sentences.
Does Meaning Evolve?
This conclusion is dependent on the extralinguistic information assigned being a two-valued (or bi-valent) quantity.
Does Meaning Evolve?
Discontinuous jumps will also occur if the extralinguistic information comes in integer valued packets; however if it is a real-valued quantity (or quantities) then continuous gradual change might be possible.
Does Meaning Evolve?