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  • WordNet 3.6
    • n ECF liquid containing proteins and electrolytes including the liquid in blood plasma and interstitial fluid "the body normally has about 15 quarts of extracellular fluid"
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ECF offers free training.
Rondo's S&D effort boosts Celtics into ECF .
Boozer vs Bosh will decide ECF .
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is planning to propose a rule to withdraw the Emission Comparable Fuels ( ECF ) rule, which became effective January 20, 2009, according to EPA information.
SEVILLE, Spain (BRAIN)—The city of Seville, Spain has been selected by the European Cyclist Federation (ECF) to host the 2011 edition of Velo-City.
Rondo 's S&D effort boosts Celtics into ECF.
CAT ECF-2 and CAT ECF-3 approved.
Make New Friends (and Preserve Your Sanity ) by Joining ECFE.
ECFE has the three final artists coming to the Wednesday, June 6 event to showcase their designs for the ECFE Outdoor Nature Classroom entrance and plaza.
ECFE holds family event at Buena Vista .

In science:

All authors admit that ECF is always (except for very special cases) computationally advantageous.
Universality of Einstein's General Relativity
Therefore the proof goes only in ECF where φ is minimally coupled to ¯gµν and its potential ¯V (φ) ≥ 0.
Universality of Einstein's General Relativity
JCF (more precisely, in HJCF), it cannot be proven in this frame, the existence of ECF is essential.
Universality of Einstein's General Relativity
It ensures that the Legendre map to ECF exists near Minkowski space (i.e. for R ≈ 0) which is supposed to be a ground state solution. 2. L should contain the quadratic term aR2 .
Universality of Einstein's General Relativity
The transformation from JCF to ECF is physically interpreted as a transition to dynamical variables describing fields with definite spins and for which the local energy flows are causal implying the positive energy theorem.
Universality of Einstein's General Relativity
ASTROVIRTEL was aimed at enhancing the scientific return of the ESO/ST-ECF Archive and offers to European users the opportunity to exploit it as a virtual telescope, retrieving and analyzing large quantities of data with the assistance of the Archive staff.
OPTICON: EC Optical Infrared Coordination Network for Astronomy
In certain circumstances, including in the case of RKHSs with Gaussian kernels, the empirical ∆2 may also be interpreted in terms of a smoothed difference between the joint empirical characteristic function (ECF) and the product of the marginal ECFs (Feuerverger, 1993; Kankainen, 1995).
A Kernel Method for the Two-Sample Problem
The ECF depends on the detector response and the underlying model for the X-ray spectrum.
X-ray emission from Lindroos binary systems
In the case of our sample we have assumed a 1-T Raymond-Smith thermal spectrum (Raymond & Smith 1977), which implies that the ECF mainly depends on the temperature of the emitting plasma and the interstellar absorption.
X-ray emission from Lindroos binary systems
The PSPC ECF for different temperatures and interstellar absorption column densities are provided by Neuh¨auser et al. (1995) for late-type stars, and by Bergh¨ofer et al. (1996) for early-type stars.
X-ray emission from Lindroos binary systems
In these cases we have adopted a temperature of 1 keV to compute the ECF’s although, in principle, both stars could be contributing to the total emission.
X-ray emission from Lindroos binary systems
These authors compute the X-ray luminosity from the same HRI image but using an ECF that corresponds to the PSPC detector, although these detectors have different sensitivities.
X-ray emission from Lindroos binary systems
Moreover, they take a mean ECF from Neuh¨auser et al. (1995) which is deduced from a ROSAT survey on Taurus, a star forming region where most of the stars show visual extinctions larger than those in TWA.
X-ray emission from Lindroos binary systems
Therefore, we think that the value listed in Table 5 is more realistic since it takes into account the ECF from the HRI detector and a negligible absorption to the source.
X-ray emission from Lindroos binary systems
So, why is it the case that when n is large and there is a clear separation between two clusters, the ECF sees it? The following three lemmas provide an informal explanation.
On Clustering Criteria for Smooth Distributions