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draft animal


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n draft animal an animal used for pulling heavy loads
    • ***


In literature:

The committee also say that the mule is a more steady animal in his draft than the horse.
"The Mule" by Harvey Riley
And there (in the rear) were the waggons, stalls, uniforms, vehicles and draft animals.
"The Mahabharata of Krishna-Dwaipayana Vyasa, Volume 2"
The cattle are cows, buffaloes, and oxen, the two latter used as draft animals, and as agricultural workers.
"Across India" by Oliver Optic
Draft animals are less likely to be permanently incapacitated as a result of tendinitis, than are thoroughbreds.
"Lameness of the Horse" by John Victor Lacroix
A dozen animals, including a pair of the two-ton draft beasts, were driven to the Terran camp.
"Naudsonce" by H. Beam Piper
First Billy saw them hitch the draft-horses to the animal wagons and vehicles they had for carrying baggage.
"Billy Whiskers" by Frances Trego Montgomery
TREATMENT: Make the animal as comfortable as possible by placing in a clean stall with pure air, but avoid drafts.
"The Veterinarian" by Chas. J. Korinek
The work to which a horse is put (saddle or harness, speed or draft) will influence the predisposition of an animal to inflammatory diseases.
"Special Report on Diseases of the Horse" by United States Department of Agriculture
While the horse is the principal draft animal in France, oxen are also used by some farmers.
"In the Flash Ranging Service" by Edward Alva Trueblood
The whole is mounted on a two-wheeled cart with shafts for draft animals.
"Agricultural Implements and Machines in the Collection of the National Museum of History and Technology" by John T. Schlebecker
Of course, he thought, there were draft animals over in the western sector.
"The Weakling" by Everett B. Cole
A team of draft animals weighing 1800 lbs.
"American Rural Highways" by T. R. Agg
The draft animals are usually small oxen or ponies, called "salt marsh tackies," as they are left to pick their living from the marshes.
"The Negro Farmer" by Carl Kelsey
Behind it were corrals filled with draft animals and sheds full of carts and wagons.
"Bring Me His Ears" by Clarence E. Mulford
To begin over again the owners of plantations had to rebuild houses, purchase new machinery and new draft animals.
"The Complete Story of the Galveston Horror" by Various
Correctly shod draft animals did not go lame easily and they worked harder because they were comfortable.
"The Lost Wagon" by James Arthur Kjelgaard
Dogs as animals of draft, 30.
"Norfolk Annals A Chronological Record of Remarkable Events in the Nineteeth Century, Vol. 2" by Charles Mackie
Over it projects an arm to which some patient draft animal is hitched.
"Vistas in Sicily" by Arthur Stanley Riggs
Not enough hands, shortage of horses and other draft animals, little manure, and a poor season.
"The Iron Ration" by George Abel Schreiner

In news:

A federal agency supports a plan to sell New York's Plum Island, home to the country's only laboratory that studies infectious animal diseases that could affect the livestock industry, according to a draft report by the agency.
The show will feature mules and donkeys ranging in size from miniatures (under 36 inches) to mammoth and draft animals (56 inches and over).
EU Drafts Regulation Allowing Processed Animal Protein in Animal Feed.
Environmentalists say a new provincial draft wolf-management plan is a thinly veiled attack on the species that allows the slaughter of individual animals and packs through trapping and liberalized hunting.