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doled out


  • WordNet 3.6
    • adj doled out given out in portions
    • ***


In literature:

I had caught a glimpse of the uppermost envelope of the two as she doled the letters out.
"Secret History Revealed By Lady Peggy O'Malley" by C. N. Williamson and A. M. Williamson
A scanty share of food was doled out for breakfast, as the supply was getting very low.
"The River of Darkness" by William Murray Graydon
Under slavery, the slaves made wealth for their masters and were doled out food enough to keep them alive.
"The Common Sense of Socialism" by John Spargo
He doled out reward or punishment as his conscience or judgment dictated.
"Mizora: A Prophecy" by Mary E. Bradley
In Garth's flask was about a gill of precious stimulant, and, when the boy's legs failed him, he doled it out in sips.
"Two on the Trail" by Hulbert Footner
But this is not to be an attempt to make out a doleful category of Jewish hardships.
"The Jewish State" by Theodor Herzl
This man had charge of the storehouse, and doled out each morning the provisions for the day.
"Four American Indians" by Edson L. Whitney
Only Ernestine sighed dolefully, and laid her hands out on her lap.
"Six Girls" by Fannie Belle Irving
At that moment the clock of the Capuchins tolled out a doleful TWO; it was answered by the numerous bells of Paris.
"Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine - Volume 62, No. 384, October 1847" by Various
What little food was left was distributed by Hudson, and, we are told, he wept as he doled it out.
"A Treasury of Heroes and Heroines" by Clayton Edwards
We scarcely spoke (except when we ate our lunch), and sat dolefully staring out of window.
"The Letters of Charles Dickens" by Charles Dickens
Big Jack kept control of the bottle, and doled it out with strict impartiality.
"The Huntress" by Hulbert Footner
An' I doled 'em out the coffee.
"Friendship Village" by Zona Gale
Main functions to dole out pay (when he's not stopping it), C.B., and rum.
"Norman Ten Hundred" by A. Stanley Blicq
Don't forget that, you poor ma, who have never had a dollar except what has been doled out to you by the man you married.
"The Wind Before the Dawn" by Dell H. Munger
The little that was left in them must be doled out to the very last ounce.
"The Shepherd of the North" by Richard Aumerle Maher
He became a master-cobbler and doled out what he took in to men like Jamie.
"My Lady of the Chimney Corner" by Alexander Irvine
Usually after I got it my guardian would take it away from me and dole out small sums.
"The Motor Girls on the Coast" by Margaret Penrose
A scanty share of food was doled out for breakfast, as the supply was getting very low.
"Guy in the Jungle" by William Murray Graydon
I've had my teeth through some mighty queer stuff, but some of the salt pork doled out ter us 'd make a nigger squint!
"Under the Star-Spangled Banner" by F. S. Brereton

In poetry:

It sighs from out the helpless past,
Where doleful things abide;
Gray ghosts of dead thought sail aghast
Across its ebbing tide.
"Songs of the Summer Nights" by George MacDonald
But is there none? why, then, 'tis more than well:
And glad at heart myself will hew one out,
Let me he only sure; for, sooth to tell,
The sorest dole is doubt—
"Honours -- Part II." by Jean Ingelow
This man loves farming, that man law,
While this one follows pathways martial--
What moots it whither mortals turn?
Grim fate from her mysterious urn
Doles out the lots with hand impartial.
"In Praise Of Contentment" by Eugene Field
Wipe out that grief, my soul,
And shall I lose all love, in losing this?
Unclasp my spirit, self's close stolid stole.
Are there no lives to bless?
So will I give my love, my life, no stinted dole.
"Motives" by Marietta Holley
"She brings on her back
An astonishing pack.
Like a blacksmith's bellows, marvellous big;
And while she dances a horrible jig,
Out of this bellows a doleful tune
She skre--eels away, in the dark o' the Moon!
"Saarchinkold!" by Clara Doty Bates
Poor withered rose, thou liest dead;
Too soon thy beauty's bloom hath fled.
'Tis not without a tearful ruth
I watch decay thy blushing youth;
And though thy life goes out in dole,
Thy perfume lingers in my soul.
"Poor Withered Rose" by Paul Laurence Dunbar

In news:

If James Bond can reinvent himself for a post-Cold War world, US foreign aid should be able to as well, said Howard Berman, a US lawmaker from California who on Wednesday proposed a sweeping overhaul of the system for doling out assistance.
You might find that doling out money here and there exceeds the total dollars that could be used for allowances for family members.
For years, the prevailing wisdom behind doling out allowances to kids has been that the practice helps children learn about budgets, which, in turn, leads to better spending habits when they grow up — assumptions that may not be true.
KEF Wireless Doles Out Quality Audio with No Strings Attached .
Parviz Omidvar plays financier to songwriters, doling out loans repaid with the artists' royalties, but his terms leave some clients singing an unhappy tune, Reuters reports.
A healthy heap of rock was doled out Sunday night at the Firebird .
Monday rally tickets doled out today on a first-come, first-served basis.
Cutting edge technology and top video gaming honors doled out right here in San Francisco.
Sure, the Food Network celebrity probably laments the lashings Pete Wells doled out this week to his 500-seat Times Square ode to down home grub, Guy 's American Kitchen & Bar.
Public colleges and universities with high-quality programs as well as good enrollment ought to be rewarded when it comes time to dole out state funding.
Gabrielle Bernstein is doling out inner peace and self-love for the postmodern spiritual set.
Deadmau5 doles out lackluster EDM.
Doling Out Mental Healthcare with Your Latte .
This week, the newest addition to the FITNESS Beauty team, Beauty Intern Cody Marick, doles out her beauty routine deets and favorite product picks.
It doles out five points for every dollar spent at a Marriott, two points for other travel expenses, and one point for every other dollar spent.

In science:

While the total energy is comparable to the electromagnetic and kinetic energy of supernovae, the difference is that in supernovae the energy is doled out over months, mainly at optical wavelengths, while in GRB most of the electromagnetic energy is spilled out in a matter of seconds, and mainly at γ -ray wavelengths.
Gamma-Ray Bursts
This latter aspect may force the planet to have bound rotation (Dole 1964), which could lead to processes where key gases freeze out on the dark side.
Target star catalog for Darwin: Nearby Stellar sample for a search for terrestrial planets