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decomposition reaction


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n decomposition reaction (chemistry) separation of a substance into two or more substances that may differ from each other and from the original substance
    • ***


In literature:

Similarly he represented the reactions investigated by Liebig and Wohler on benzoyl compounds as double decompositions.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 6, Slice 1" by Various

In news:

"What seems to have happened is that there was a chemical reaction between the decomposition products on the body and the carbohydrate deposits on the cloth," said de Wesselow.

In science:

Their formation and decomposition are first order phase transitions, not chemical reactions; they are not chemical compounds as the trapped molecules are not bonded to the lattice.
A CF3I-based SDD Prototype for Spin-independent Dark Matter Searches
In the non-conservative sector of the EOB model, the radiation-reaction force in the EOB equations of motion is built from the GW energy flux, which, in turn, is computed from a decomposition of the waveform into spherical harmonic (ℓ, m) modes.
Prototype effective-one-body model for nonprecessing spinning inspiral-merger-ringdown waveforms
With the nomenclature straightened out, and neglecting the plasma back-reaction on spacetime, one may readily write down the decomposition of the field equations.
Generating vorticity and magnetic fields in plasmas in general relativity: spacetime curvature drive
Here we use their nominal mechanism which consists of 102 neutral species composed of C, H, O, and N (He is just a non reactive collider in some reactions) linked by 1882 chemical reactions of three main types: bimolecular disproportionation, three-body association, and thermal decomposition.
The impact of atmospheric circulation on the chemistry of the hot Jupiter HD 209458b
Actually, Ji’s proposal27 on a gauge invariant decomposition of the nucleon spin initiated the renewed great interest in deeply virtual exclusive reactions.
Summary Report of the Spin Physics Working Group
The decomposition reaction of MgB2 is very slow because of a large kinetic barrier.
Growth and Properties of Superconducting MgB2 Thin Films
The reactions consist of autocatalytic production of chiral molecules and their decomposition processes.
Chirality Selection Models in a Closed System
We now consider another type of decomposition process, a simple back reaction from the product R or S to an A molecule.
Chirality Selection Models in a Closed System
Fourier decomposition of particle azimuthal distributions relative to the collision reaction plane [5, 6], the latter is defined by the beam direction and the impact parameter.
Effects of non-uniform acceptance in anisotropic flow measurement
Reinker et al. proposed an approximate maximum-likelihood measure under the assumption that only a small number of reactions fire between two experimental measurement points, and a likelihood based on singular value decomposition that works when many reactions occur per time interval .
Global parameter identification of stochastic reaction networks from single trajectories
GeV region so that, in the decomposition given by Eq. (7), the contribution of the hadronic reaction ππ → KK dominates over ππ → ππ (see Figs. 17 and 2).
Determination of Radiative Widths of Scalar Mesons from Experimental Results on $\gamma\gamma\to\pi\pi$
The two coefficients v1 and v2, respectively quantifying the strength of directed and elliptic flow, are obtained from a Fourier decomposition of the azimuthal charged particle distribution with respect to the orientation of the reaction plane .
New Results on Pb-Au Collisions at 40 AGeV from the CERES/NA45 Experiment
In Sect. 2 the construction of the amplitude of the γ p → γ ′π ′N ′ reaction in the old fashioned perturbation theory (or in the spectral decomposition method over the asymptotic (Fock space) states) is briefly considered and the complete set of time ordered diagrams is presented.
Field-theoretical description of the multichannel gamma-p scattering reaction in the Delta resonance region and determination of the magnetic moment of the Delta+ resonance
Expression (2.4) has the form of the spectral decomposition of the amplitude of the γN → γ ′π ′N ′ reaction by the complete set of asymptotically free |n; in > states.
Field-theoretical description of the multichannel gamma-p scattering reaction in the Delta resonance region and determination of the magnetic moment of the Delta+ resonance