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  • WordNet 3.6
    • n deckhand a member of a ship's crew who performs manual labor
    • ***


In literature:

The deckhand, JOHNSON, a young, blond Swede, follows him, helping along another exhausted man similar fashion.
"Anna Christie" by Eugene O'Neill
The quarterdeck, a place of Epicurean ease for idle passengers, was deserted but for a couple of deckhands engaged in furling the awning.
"Alias The Lone Wolf" by Louis Joseph Vance
It's not a bit of use your counting on these deckhands and stokers in the boat.
"A Master of Fortune" by Cutcliffe Hyne
It was after five in the morning when the deckhands tried to get Craig to go down to his room.
"Parrot & Co." by Harold MacGrath
Old Neils, "the squarehead" deckhand of the green-pea trade!
"Captain Scraggs" by Peter B. Kyne
Already deckhands and officers, scantily clad, were appearing from fore and aft.
"The Yukon Trail" by William MacLeod Raine
The two deckhands having come aboard sulkily, the soldiers stood by the hawsers.
"Uncle Sam's Boys as Lieutenants" by H. Irving Hancock
Under-officers and deckhands were pacing about, giving attention to the loading.
"Peter the Brazen" by George F. Worts
Then he called a deckhand.
"Blake's Burden" by Harold Bindloss
Deckhands, stewards, and even the cook.
"Mrs. Cliff's Yacht" by Frank R. Stockton
The deckhands and Grundy, the mate, were almost at the door, and I had just time enough to slam it shut and lock it in their faces.
"Let'em Breathe Space" by Lester del Rey
From above he heard a loud guffaw from the deckhands.
"The Deaves Affair" by Hulbert Footner
Poles were cut for the "deckhands," as Burt named the crews, and at length all was ready.
"The Blind Lion of the Congo" by Elliott Whitney
Deckhands ran excitedly about.
"John Marsh's Millions" by Charles Klein
For reply two of the deckhands were called in, and each, after much urging, told his story in detail.
"The Boy Pilot of the Lakes" by Frank V. Webster
I was duly appointed deckhand on one of the tugs, powerfully engined but slightly ancient.
"From Chart House to Bush Hut" by Charles W. L. Bryde
In a moment deckhands caught the line and hauled up with it a rope ladder.
"Ruth Fielding Down in Dixie" by Alice B. Emerson
These deckhands and firemen were mostly youngsters, steadied by a few older hands.
"The Sea and the Jungle" by H. M. Tomlinson
Wait till I call up Simmons the engineer, Codding the pilot, and Adolphus the coon deckhand.
"The Outdoor Chums on the Lake" by Quincy Allen
One or two slouching deckhands watched the new arrivals with dull curiosity, and a few more were busy forward opening the hatch.
"The Coast of Adventure" by Harold Bindloss

In news:

From local deckhand to globetrotting pilot.
'Deadliest Catch' captain seeks new deckhand.
PLM's DECKHAND Pipe Handling System In Action: Exclusive Video.
Watch the PipeLine Machinery-distributed DECKHAND pipe handling system lift, tilt and twirl line pipe.
A woman drove off the Staten Island Ferry a moment too soon yesterday, knocking an off-duty deckhand overboard as her car plunged into the choppy waters of Upper New York Bay with the 270-foot-long boat less than 50 feet from the dock.
Assistant State Attorney Tim Register on dismissed misdemeanor charges against charter boat captain David Erdman after Erdman's deckhand took responsibility for the illegal fish.
Sue Nelson, who once deckhanded on a wooden gillnetter here, made the winning bid of $315.
Skeet and Kim Reese, Mark Fisher and a deckhand help D'Anthony with his first fish, a keeper halibut.
Then John became Deborah and got a job as a deckhand for BC Ferries.
Lo, the deckhand, is a refugee from Vietnam who has rediscovered Buddhism.
Cinematographer Matt Fahey, right, near Kodiak, Alaska, with deckhand Nick Morrow.
14 rescued, body of deckhand recovered.
He said that even when the weather's too rough for fishing, the observers continue receiving pay, while deckhands don't.
Docents, Deckhands & Volunteers Needed.
The boat's deckhand does all the work, and the angler reaps the reward of crabs in the s. Find more about Weather in Auburn, CA.