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  • WordNet 3.6
    • n crossroad a junction where one street or road crosses another
    • ***
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Crossroad A road that crosses another; an obscure road intersecting or avoiding the main road.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n crossroad A road that crosses from one main road to another; a by-road.
    • n crossroad A road that crosses another, especially a main road, or one of two or more roads that cross each other.
    • n crossroad plural Two or more roads so crossing; the point where they intersect. Crossroads (or a cross-roads, the word in this sense being often used as a singular) often form the nucleus of a village, having a general store, a blacksmith's shop, etc., and being a resort or stopping-place for the rural population. Hence the term is often used in the United States (sometimes attributively) with an implication of provincialism or insignificance.
    • n crossroad Same as cross-heading. 1 and .
    • ***


At the crossroads - If you're at a crossroads, you are a point where an important decision or choice has to be made.


In literature:

There is a crossroad there, you remember, cutting through to the lake, and I turned in.
"The Girl and The Bill" by Bannister Merwin
The numbering of many crossroads is very significant of the skirmishes that await us.
"At Plattsburg" by Allen French
They took the poplar-lined drive-way that leads to the crossroads.
"Young Hilda at the Wars" by Arthur Gleason
The fire from the trenches died down at dusk and we made our way back along the empty crossroad.
"World's War Events, Vol. I" by Various
We stopped just before Beckhampton, at a puzzling crossroads, and asked a labourer of the fields if we were "right" for Chippenham.
"The Automobilist Abroad" by M. F. (Milburg Francisco) Mansfield
I always feel as if it were a sort of infinite crossroads.
"The Lost Art of Reading" by Gerald Stanley Lee
This advice was followed, and they traveled over the bad road until a crossroad was reached.
"Girl Scouts in the Adirondacks" by Lillian Elizabeth Roy
There are two crossroads at the top of the lane.
"A Village of Vagabonds" by F. Berkeley Smith
At a crossroad intersection I chanced on a fellow trudging the same way as myself.
"A Daughter of Raasay" by William MacLeod Raine
As it is you are leaving the road from York to the crossroads in front of Outguard No.
"Manual of Military Training" by James A. Moss
Meanwhile Vivian neared the crossroads.
"Virginia of Elk Creek Valley" by Mary Ellen Chase
The next morning Francis was early at the crossroads but although she waited for several hours neither Mary nor any of her party appeared.
"In Doublet and Hose" by Lucy Foster Madison
We came to a crossroads in the heart of the Forest.
"The Fight for the Argonne" by William Benjamin West
With Jolly Robin following close behind him, Jasper Jay flew directly to the crossroads, almost half-way to the village.
"The Tale of Jolly Robin" by Arthur Scott Bailey
In due course I reached the crossroads where I had arranged to meet the rest of the party.
"Scally" by Ian Hay
At a crossroad, in fact, the white pack had vanished into void.
"Mayflower (Flor de mayo)" by Vicente Blasco Ibáñez
At a crossroad leading to the right a small force of cavalry made its appearance.
"Personal Recollections of a Cavalryman" by J. H. (James Harvey) Kidd
A modern school cannot be maintained at every other crossroads.
"The Farmer and His Community" by Dwight Sanderson
The blacksmith-shop sat at a crossroads under a fringe of hickory trees that skirted a little hill-top.
"Dwellers in the Hills" by Melville Davisson Post
There had been a signboard at the crossroads, but this had fallen down, so the tourists did not know which of the forks of the road to take.
"Dave Porter At Bear Camp" by Edward Stratemeyer

In poetry:

A lion met America
in the road
they stared at each other
two figures on the crossroads in the desert.
"Making The Lion For All It's Got -- A Ballad" by Allen Ginsberg
The Crossroads
a place where ghosts
reside to whisper into
the ear of travellers &
interest them in their fate
"Wilderness" by James Douglas Morrison
Morning at the beginning of the Frost-Moon of November,
The Inspector dons his glass outfit,
And makes a crossroad turn,
Where the autumn fountain stood.
Left alone, the inspector's turns an aggrieved one soon.
"Murder Case" by Sakutaro Hagiwara

In news:

Karl Rove's American Crossroads spent $104 million this cycle with a 1.29% return on investment.
Supermarket operators have come to a crossroads in the meals arena and have taken a sharp turn back toward basics.
In my column last month on the industry at a crossroads, I advocated a new generation of "sensible" boats - simple, seaworthy, efficient and more affordable.
The new, strikingly dishonest ad from Crossroads GPS.
Crossroads' StrongBox : Securing the Future of Data Archiving.
Sun Myung Moon 's Death Leaves Conservative Newspaper at a Crossroads.
The dedication of a new sundial at the Astronomy Center will be part of the Astronomy Day activities Saturday, October 20 at Crossroads at Big Creek in Sturgeon Bay.
Sun­bury United Methodist Church ( SUMC ) is host­ing its annual Rally Day on Sun­day, August 19, 2012, from 9:45 am to 10:45 am This is SUMC 's yearly kick off to cel­e­brate the begin­ning of its Cross­roads Sun­day School.
Q&A with WHO: In the fight against TB, we've reached a crossroads.
Mario Raviglione, director of the World Health Organization's Stop TB Department, tells GlobalPost why the fight against TB is at a crossroads.
They were two programs at the crossroads, the circumstances remarkably parallel.
This Moroccan port has always been a city of extremes, a surreal crossroads where Northern Africa meets Europe, the Mediterranean meets the Atlantic Ocean, and hedonism and history seem to intermix.
Tannin Wine Bar & Kitchen is bringing geek chic to the Crossroads and the food means that's it definitely worth plugging into your GPS.
' Terrapin ' finds its shell Lesh's nightclub dream coming true—now others left at crossroads.
2008 – Trace Adkins teams with 38 Special to tape an installment of "CMT Crossroads" at The Factory in Franklin, Tennessee.

In science:

I was driving on a crossroads with a slow speed, approximately 40 km/h.
Generating a 3D Simulation of a Car Accident from a Written Description in Natural Language: the CarSim System
The possible KIND values in the present prototype are: crossroads, straightroad, turn left, and turn right.
Generating a 3D Simulation of a Car Accident from a Written Description in Natural Language: the CarSim System
Panel c : the same crossroad where IDs are reassigned by ICNP principle.
Random planar graphs and the London street network
The nuclear force is at the crossroad of these two visions.
Introduction - Strong interaction in the nuclear medium: new trends
Introduction.— Protein folding has been an important problem at the crossroads of statistical mechanics, computer simulation, and biophysics.
A simple theory of protein folding kinetics
For several decades, lattice random walks in the Euclidean quarter plane with unit jumps (or steps) have been at the crossroads of several mathematical areas: probability, complex analysis and, more recently, combinatorics.
Random walks in the quarter plane with zero drift: an explicit criterion for the finiteness of the associated group
Rev. A 59, 2590. de Broglie, L. (1928). in: Electrons et photons: Rapports et discussions du cinquième Conseil de Physique Solvay, eds. J. Bordet. Paris: Gauthier-Villars. pp.105. English translation: G. Bacciagaluppi and A. Valentini (2009), Quantum Theory at the Crossroads: Reconsidering the 1927 Solvay Conference.
The Wave Function and Quantum Reality
In a generic version of a random walk with discrete steps, every time a walker arrives at a crossroad, he has to choose the route to take.
Quantum random walks with multiphoton interference and high order correlation functions
The main feature of latter is that algebras are all located along a few roads intersecting at crossroads.
On the map of Vogel's plane
It stands at the crossroad of Databases and Artificial Intelligence requiring novel techniques that bring together different methods from these fields.
Information Integration and Computational Logic
Zensus: Active Galactic Nuclei at the Crossroads of Astrophysics.
Extragalactic Relativistic Jets and Nuclear Regions in Galaxies
Valentini, Quantum Theory at the Crossroads: Reconsidering the 1927 Solvay Conference (Cambridge University Press, forthcoming) [quant-ph/0609184].
Astrophysical and Cosmological Tests of Quantum Theory
However, there are periods during which the field evolution proceeds comparatively fast, sometimes even dramatic, and the field arrives repeatedly at a crossroad.
Turning Points in the Evolution of Isolated Neutron Stars' Magnetic Fields
We are at a very exciting crossroads in the field of ultrarelativistic nuclear collisions, with little over one month to go before the first Pb-Pb collisions at the LHC.
Hard Probes 2010: Experimental Summary
This work is at the crossroads of diverse hot topics in the fields of neurosciences, brain-machine interfaces, and signal processing and tries to bridge the gap between these different domains towards the conception of new biologically inspired coders.
Streaming an image through the eye: The retina seen as a dithered scalable image coder