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  • WordNet 3.6
    • adj congruent coinciding when superimposed
    • adj congruent corresponding in character or kind
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • a Congruent Possessing congruity; suitable; agreeing; corresponding. "The congruent and harmonious fitting of parts in a sentence."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • congruent Harmoniously joined or related; agreeing; corresponding; appropriate.
    • congruent In mathematics, in the relation of congruence: thus, one number is said to be congruent to another relatively to a third, called the modulus, when the first two numbers on being divided by the modulus give the same remainder.
    • congruent In logic, predicable of the same subject, as terms, or true of the same state of things, as propositions.
    • congruent Tn grammar, accordant; agreeing.
    • congruent In geometry, identical in shape and size.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • adj Congruent agreeing: suitable: congruous: used of two numbers which, when divided by the same number, give the same remainder
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  • Anthony Robbins
    “Your life changes the moment you make a new, congruent, and committed decision.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L. congruens, p. pr. of congruere,: cf. F. congruent,
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
L. congruĕre, to run together.


In literature:

Each boasts its full complement of saints, whose congruent catalogues are equally wearisome in length.
"The Soul of the Far East" by Percival Lowell
The very essence of an idea consists in the fact that no experience can ever be discovered congruent or adequate with it.
"The Critique of Pure Reason" by Immanuel Kant
The notion is plausible and it is entirely congruent with Calvaster's character as I imagine it.
"The Unwilling Vestal" by Edward Lucas White
Subject to these reservations it appears to me that the characters and general tone of Jonson's pastoral are perfectly harmonious and congruent.
"Pastoral Poetry and Pastoral Drama" by Walter W. Greg
We gave a true and congruent history of the affair.
"The Collected Works of Ambrose Bierce" by Ambrose Bierce
The two were congruent, but neither was subordinate.
"Talks To Teachers On Psychology; And To Students On Some Of Life's Ideals" by William James
We know that it does not alter because we judge it to be congruent to itself in various positions.
"The Concept of Nature" by Alfred North Whitehead
We must frankly ask ourselves what features of historical Christianity are congruent with our modern life.
"The Next Step in Religion" by Roy Wood Sellars
It is rather a definition of "equal," or of "congruent," to take the modern term.
"The Teaching of Geometry" by David Eugene Smith
Some objects when thought of are congruent to our existing state of activity.
"Human Nature and Conduct" by John Dewey

In news:

Copper Thefts Congruent with Rising Prices .
Meadows' interest in health care in the region, congruent with my own, and would like to respond to the short paragraph in her Commerce File column printed September 26.

In science:

First, recall the existence of tessellations by congruent polygons (in the euclidean or hyperbolic plane, as necessary).
Explicit isoperimetric constants and phase transitions in the random-cluster model
In particular, each facet of paper must be mapped to a congruent copy, the connectivity between facets must be preserved, and the paper cannot cross itself, although multiple layers of paper may touch.
When Can You Fold a Map?
Thus the sum of all the ti, corresponding to the total number of revolutions, is congruent to s modulo n.
Random Walk in an Alcove of an Affine Weyl Group, and Non-Colliding Random Walks on an Interval
Applying the transformation σ (3.5) to the Lax pair (3.1, 3.2), we have a congruent Lax pair for which the compatibility condition gives the same DSII.
Melnikov Analysis for Singularly Perturbed DSII Equation
But the sum in the left hand side is twice this sum and thus congruent to 0 modulo 2n contrary hypothesis. 2 Note that multiplication modulo p is isomorphic to addition modulo p− 1 for every prime number p.
On Markovian behaviour of $p$-adic random dynamical systems
One main example, on which I will focus, is the case of a perfectly circular and rigid disc of homogeneous matter that is stationary; and a duplicate disc (rigid and congruent to, made of the same homogeneous material as, at the same temperature as etc. the first) that is rotating about the axis through its centre.
On the Persistence of Homogeneous Matter
In particular, the RDA cannot just consider an oblate rotating disc and a non-rotating one moulded so as to be congruent to it (as proposed by Hawley 2001, p. 83-84).
On the Persistence of Homogeneous Matter
There exists an integer N such that the units θ of the number field K which are congruent to 1 modulo N, form a torsion-free abelian group.
Generators for Arithmetic Groups
Let m = me ≥ 3, and let r ∈ N such that 2r + 1 is congruent (mod m ) to a unit in the ring Z/mZ .
Automorphisms and abstract commensurators of 2-dimensional Artin groups
The restriction map inder(T ) → gl(W ), d 7→ d|W, gives an isomorphism between inder(T ) and either sl(W ) or gl(W ) (depending on the dimension of W being or not congruent to 1 modulo 3).
New simple Lie superalgebras in characteristic 3
The restriction map inder(T ) → gl(W ), d 7→ d|W gives an isomorphism between inder(T ) and either sl(W ) or gl(W ), depending on the dimension of W being or not congruent to 2 modulo 3.
New simple Lie superalgebras in characteristic 3
To see this, construct a path of rectangles Ri inside R′, with each Ri congruent to R and placed similarly with respect to the grid, so that long crossings of Ri and Ri+1 cross, and long crossings of the first and last Ri cross the opposite short sides of R′, as in Figure 8.
Sharp thresholds and percolation in the plane
The main idea is to approximate the matrix Zn by a matrix ˜Zn unitarily congruent to a matrix with independent but not identically distributed entries.
The empirical eigenvalue distribution of a Gram matrix: From independence to stationarity
In fact, ˜Zn is congruent (via Fourier unitary transforms) to a random matrix with independent but not identically distributed entries.
The empirical eigenvalue distribution of a Gram matrix: From independence to stationarity
Let q = pα be a prime power which is congruent to 1 modulo 4 so that −1 is a square in the finite field GF (q).
Pseudo-random graphs