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  • WordNet 3.6
    • adj concomitant following or accompanying as a consequence "an excessive growth of bureaucracy, with attendant problems","snags incidental to the changeover in management","attendant circumstances","the period of tension and consequent need for military preparedness","the ensuant response to his appeal","the resultant savings were considerable"
    • n concomitant an event or situation that happens at the same time as or in connection with another
    • ***
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • a Concomitant Accompanying; conjoined; attending. "It has pleased our wise Creator to annex to several objects, as also to several of our thoughts, a concomitant pleasure."
    • n Concomitant One who, or that which, accompanies, or is collaterally connected with another; a companion; an associate; an accompaniment. "Reproach is a concomitant to greatness.""The other concomitant of ingratitude is hardheartedness."
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • concomitant Accompanying; conjoined with; concurrent; attending: used absolutely or followed by with or to.
    • n concomitant A thing that is conjoined or concurrent with another; an accompaniment; an accessory; an associated thing, quality, or circumstance.
    • n concomitant A person who accompanies another; an attendant or a companion.
    • n concomitant In mathematics, a form invariantively connected with a given form or system of forms. It is a quantic derived from a given system of quantics (of which it is said to be a concomitant) in such a way that, the variables of the given system of quantics being linearly transformed, and another quantic being similarly derived from the transformed system of quantics, the first derived quantic is transformed into the second (to a constant factor près) either by a similar or by a reciprocal transformation of the variables to that which gave the second system of quantics from the first.
    • concomitant In botany, running side by side, as bundles which are not separated by other bundles.
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • adj Concomitant kon-kom′i-tant accompanying or going along with: conjoined with
    • n Concomitant he who or that which accompanies
    • ***


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
F., fr. L. con-, + comitari, to accompany, comes, companion. See Count a nobleman


In literature:

We should also note the fact that the dewfall is a concomitant of cloudless skies.
"Outlines of the Earth's History" by Nathaniel Southgate Shaler
The excitation, or molecular disturbance, produced by a stimulus has thus a concomitant electrical expression.
"Response in the Living and Non-Living" by Jagadis Chunder Bose
The two traits are frequently, though by no means always, concomitant manifestations in the same individual.
"Studies in Forensic Psychiatry" by Bernard Glueck
Ecstasy is an invariable concomitant of religious enthusiasm.
"Mystics and Saints of Islam" by Claud Field
Twenty thousand troops with all the concomitants of military parade, lined the streets.
"Hortense, Makers of History Series" by John S. C. Abbott
Growth is indeed a concomitant of evolution.
"The World's Greatest Books--Volume 14--Philosophy and Economics" by Various
The flexibility of mind is a concomitant of the carnivorous habit where creatures obtain their prey by the chase.
"Domesticated Animals" by Nathaniel Southgate Shaler
The history, together with other evidences of previous or concomitant symptoms of syphilis, will often aid in the differentiation.
"Essentials of Diseases of the Skin" by Henry Weightman Stelwagon
And this special condition of luxury is a growth out of the past, and is the necessary concomitant of much that is good.
"Humanity in the City" by E. H. Chapin
On the fourteenth, the sixth young queen appeared, and the hive threw a swarm, with all the concomitant disorder before described.
"New observations on the natural history of bees" by Francis Huber
The battle raged for seven years with every conceivable concomitant of cruelty and horror.
"Louis XIV., Makers of History Series" by John S. C. Abbott
There were other concomitant symptoms that we will not stop to enumerate.
"Doctor Jones' Picnic" by S. E. Chapman
Self-sufficiency was concomitant with their way of life.
"Domestic Life in Virginia in the Seventeenth Century" by Annie Lash Jester
Of course, we had some rain and its concomitants.
"A Yeoman's Letters" by P. T. Ross
But are these corpuscles causes, or mere concomitants, of the disease?
"Aphorisms and Reflections from the works of T. H. Huxley" by Thomas Henry Huxley
Her slumber, with its concomitant dream, was protracted far into the hours of daylight.
"The White Gauntlet" by Mayne Reid
The conclusion is the same, whether it be deduced from foreknowledge, or concomitant knowledge.
"An Examination of President Edwards' Inquiry into the Freedom of the Will" by Albert Bledsoe
Secrecy is a delicious concomitant of love.
"Love and hatred" by Marie Belloc Lowndes
Such state would almost be heaven, methinks, without other concomitants.
"Donald McElroy, Scotch Irishman" by Willie Walker Caldwell
I have postulated consciousness as the inseparable concomitant of life.
"Morals and the Evolution of Man" by Max Simon Nordau

In poetry:

If he a fruitless faith wou'd have thee boast,
On which no works concomitant attent —
Thou'lt find it, dead — and find it, to thy cost,
A faith, that cannot save thee, in the end.
"Advice, To Guard Against The Temptations Of The Devil " by Rees Prichard
CLARIN. Oh! my master wise!
By the concomitance of my hands and eyes,
I've learned some magic, and would know by it
If Livia, that ungrateful little chit,
Has played me false since I have been away,
Embracing that rogue Moscon on my day.
"The Wonder-Working Magician - Act III" by Denis Florence MacCarthy

In news:

Frequently, the same patient population concomitantly uses both types of treatment.
A number of companies already aim to use the material to make propylene glycol (see p 50), but this may not be enough to stem a byproduct glycerol glut and the concomitant need to incinerate excess material.
Concomitant inflammatory pseudotumor of the temporal bone and lung: A case report.
Chiropractors commonly encounter spinal conditions associated with autonomic concomitants attributable to somatovisceral or, conversely, viscerosomatic reflexes.
The concomitant occurrence of tuberculosis infection within a Warthin tumor is extremely rare, as only 6 cases have been previously reported in the English-language literature.
These authors discuss the distal tibial osteotomy and present a case study of a 23-year-old female with concomitant ankle varus and post-traumatic ankle pain.
One result of this visibility has been a rise in public sympathy for victims of breast cancer and a concomitant rise in funding for breast-cancer research.
The concomitant incidence of breast cancer and pregnancy is rising in high-income countries, because of increases in maternal age at the time of first pregnancy.
With these lighter days a concomitant urge to scrutiny arrives.
Under these conditions, skill at use of substances is a necessary concomitant to modern life.

In science:

When λ < 1 the reduction of the step length in the direction of the previous step and its concomitant increase in the opposite direction reduce the wandering.
On a random walk with memory and its relation to Markovian processes
Therefore Tk should represent an infinite cooling rate limit of Tg, where there should be concomitantly a thermodinamic singularity and a divergence of the relaxation time.
Phase transitions on heterogeneous random graphs: some case studies
This pragmatic and subjective “probability” distribution has nothing to do with the objective probability distribution which should be used in H function and in the concomitant entropy of the stochastic motions of thermodynamics.
What can we still learn from Brownian motion?
Because the shape of the ALi vs Teff pattern is well reproduced by our models, a slight adjustment of the rotation parameters so as to decrease more the Li on the main sequence would concomitantly bring down the values for more evolved models.
Lithium abundances and extra mixing processes in evolved stars of M67
Since the third mechanism can concomitantly occur with the first or second one (in non-collinear spin structures), it is in general difficult to identify each of these mechanisms.
Theoretical investigation of magnetoelectric effects in Ba2CoGe2O7
S concomitant with an increase of W after annealing, indicating that the vacancy defect concentration diminishes and/or the nature of the defects changes. (S/SL, W/WL ) points after annealing are aligned on a new straight line D2 except the highest fluence one.
Study of the optimal conditions for NV- center formation in type 1b diamond, using photoluminescence and positron annihilation spectroscopies
Concomitant with the decision to support abstract constraint specifications is the requirement to transform these specifications into constraint models.
Conjure Revisited: Towards Automated Constraint Modelling
The spectral density evolves from the semi-circle law to a Gaussian-like behavior while concomitantly the local fluctuations show a transition from the Wigner-Dyson to the Poisson statistics.
Hyperbolic disordered ensembles of random matrices
However, the freedom with which we can specify quantities has certain concomitant side-effects, and these need to be taken into account.
Using Isabelle to verify special relativity, with application to hypercomputation theory
The bad-metallic behavior below Tcdw is then naturally attributable to reduction of this strong normal state scatttering due to (i) opening up of a CDW gap, and (ii) concomitant increase in the tendency to excitonic coherence.
Preformed Excitons, Orbital Selectivity, and Charge-Density-Wave Order in 1T-TiSe_2
This happens precisely when d = 0, i.e. when there is a concomitant change of region.
Nonrelativistic Particle in Free Random Gauge Background
This last term is justified in that it is generically based on the factorization of the generalized grand canonical distribution and the concomitant generalized partition function as if they were extensive quantities.
Generalized quantal distribution functions within factorization approach: Some general results for bosons and fermions
As far as we can tell, the formation of a central nuclear black hole is an essential concomitant of galaxy formation.
Probing the Physics of AGN: A Summary
The large observed amounts of Ni require a SN Ia rate, averaged over a Hubble time, of more than 10 times the estimated local rate, with a concomitant decrease in the number of SNe II to avoid overproducing Fe.
Chemical Composition of the Intracluster Medium
The concomitant GIM factors which entered in Vainshtein’s discussion are also totally natural, since as any quark becomes massless it is necessary that ¯θ → 0.
Summary Talk at the 3rd KEK Topical Conference on CP Violation