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  • WordNet 3.6
    • n centimeter a metric unit of length equal to one hundredth of a meter
    • ***
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Corals take a long time to grow. Some corals only grow one centimeter in one year
    • n Centimeter The hundredth part of a meter; a measure of length equal to rather more than thirty-nine hundredths (0.3937) of an inch. See Meter.
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: An ant can detect a movement through 5 centimeters of earth
    • n centimeter In the metric system, a measure of length, the hundredth part of a meter, equal to 0.3937+ of an English inch: that is, one inch equals 2.54 centimeters, as nearly as possible. Also spelled centimetre, and abbreviated cm.
    • ***


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
F. centimètre,; centi-,L. centum,) + mètre,. See Meter


In literature:

The Ranger dodged, Valkan's blade cutting air less than a centimeter from his skin.
"Fearful Symmetry" by Ann Wilson
Indeed, he began to lessen that centimeter of safety.
"The Trail of the Hawk" by Sinclair Lewis
He has grown 12 centimeters and gained 19 lbs.
"Self Mastery Through Conscious Autosuggestion" by Emile Coué
C - Bacteria per cubic centimeter.
"Transactions of the American Society of Civil Engineers, vol. LXXII, June, 1911" by E. D. Hardy
These steps extend across the passage, and are about 25 centimeters high and 35 broad.
"Scientific American Supplement, No. 647, May 26, 1888" by Various
The total volume of water in the absorbers is 254 cubic centimeters.
"Respiration Calorimeters for Studying the Respiratory Exchange and Energy Transformations of Man" by Francis Gano Benedict
Gobi wanted annual rainfall cut from 60 to 45 centimeters.
"It's All Yours" by Sam Merwin
Meantime, moving over the roads toward Namur, toiled the huge German 42-centimeter guns.
"The Story of the Great War, Volume II (of VIII)" by Various
AEthalium two or three to several centimeters in extent, the individual sporangia 3-5 mm.
"The Myxomycetes of the Miami Valley, Ohio" by A. P. Morgan
The sides of the cubes diminish from ten centimeters to one centimeter.
"Dr. Montessori's Own Handbook" by Maria Montessori
Just see how deep the foundations are to be: three meters and seventy-five centimeters.
"Friars and Filipinos" by Jose Rizal
But it is moving sunward at eight hundred million centimeters per second.
"Hanging by a Thread" by Gordon Randall Garrett
Of such a vaccine 1 cubic centimeter would constitute the dose for cattle and horses.
"Special Report on Diseases of Cattle" by U.S. Department of Agriculture
It's them forty-two centimeter howitzers and the French seventy-fives in the trenches along the Somme.
"Shadow Mountain" by Dane Coolidge
At times they are set very close together; again they may be several centimeters apart.
"Philippine Mats" by Hugo H. Miller
Sixteen thousand centimeters per centimeter of original motion.
"Where I Wasn't Going" by Walt Richmond
The safety valve was set at 50 centimeters.
"Fulton's "Steam Battery": Blockship and Catamaran" by Howard I. Chapelle
The next is to obtain as much material as we can on the 21-centimeter wave length.
"The Egyptian Cat Mystery" by Harold Leland Goodwin
Three centimeters height reduction.
"Evil Out of Onzar" by Mark Ganes
One cubic centimeter of this mixture may be used for the inoculation of the plate culture.
"Outlines of dairy bacteriology" by H. L. Russell

In news:

And I thought I was gonna be really tough and make it, I was going to labour to eight centimeters … but the first contraction I got was horrific.
Previously the logo was restricted to 60 square centimeters.
Yelena Temakina, chief of the forecast department at Moscow 's Meteorological Office, said 20 centimeters (8 inches) of snow had fallen in 24 hours.
These gregarious marine birds are among the world's smallest penguins, standing about 20 inches (50 centimeters) tall.
The "ponderal index" divides an infant's weight in kilograms by its length in centimeters cubed.
DVEO to Launch Portable Live Streaming & Encoding Appliance at IBC 2012 –- Compact System is Only 9.8 Inches/25 Centimeters Long.
The Mid-Atlantic Ridge rifts at an average of 2.5 centimeters (1 inch) per year.
OB Hospitalist Group Offices 10 Centimeters Dr Mauldin, SC 29662.
Students Chris Morine, Shannon Halsey and Rachel Hunt mapped another deep trench dug through the midden in centimeters.
Yelena Temakina, chief of the forecast department at Moscow's Meteorological Office, said 20 centimeters (8 inches) of snow had fallen in 24 hours.
In a move guaranteed to make you hungry for breakfast food, Australian chef Andy Wrobel recently broke the Guinness world record for the tallest stack of pancakes at 76 centimeters (almost 2 1/2 feet).
The phallic-shaped object, which may be as much as 6,000 years old, measures twelve by two centimeters.
Richard Henriksen was said to be only "centimeters from death" as he attempted this stunt .
Although 75 percent became inkless after 15 sessions, those with tattoos measuring 30 square centimeters or more, or that came in colors other than black and/or red, had less success.
You can bet a friend that you can put your head through a hole in a 3x5 inch (7.6x12.7 centimeter) file card—and win.

In science:

This way, by performing such an experiment with proper, material particles and on truly macroscopic scales on the order of centimeters, nonclassical quantum correlations would be made amenable to anyone who understands the basic concept of the position of a particle, even to a layman who is ignorant of physics.
Non-classical correlations from dissociation time entanglement
This famous (Fisher’s or Anderson’s Fisher (1935); Anderson (1935)) data set gives the measurements (in centimeters) of the four variables sepal length and width, and petal length and width, for 50 flowers from each species of iris: setosa, versicolor, and virginica.
asympTest: an R package for performing parametric statistical tests and confidence intervals based on the central limit theorem
Over the next decade, meter- and centimeter-wave radio telescopes with improved sensitivity, wider fields of view, and flexible digital signal processing will be able to explore radio transient parameter space more comprehensively and systematically.
The Dynamic Radio Sky: An Opportunity for Discovery
In general it is sufficient to let the particles travel along a few centimeter path to separate atomic ions from molecular ions by time-of-flight (TOF).
Formation and interactions of cold and ultracold molecules: new challenges for interdisciplinary physics
However, in general either a small angular deviation or a small frequency difference between the two beams yield a non-zero Raman wavelength λR = 2π/|k| as small as a micrometer or as large as a centimeter, which affects the process.
Coherent Diffusion of Polaritons in Atomic Media
The hyperfine splitting, on the order of a few GHz, results in a Raman wavelength λR = 2π/k on the order of a few centimeters for collinear beams, implying a residual Doppler width of tens of kHz in the absence of a buffer gas.
Coherent Diffusion of Polaritons in Atomic Media
For the Moon, the accuracy is at the centimeter level on a period of 35 years.
Planetary ephemerides and gravity tests in the solar system
The accuracy of the spacecraft tracking data orbiting a planet, in interplanetary phase or during a flyby can reach up to few centimeters over several months.
Planetary ephemerides and gravity tests in the solar system
With LLR observations, positions and velocities of the Moon are known with an accuracy from 10 to 1 centimeter over 35 years.
Planetary ephemerides and gravity tests in the solar system
Present limitations in the modeling of the lunar interior, the Earth rotation as well as the planetary ephemerides induce differences between the teams analyzing the LLR observations (16, 15 ) of several centimeters where the supposed accuracy of the APOLLO observations is about 1 millimeter.
Planetary ephemerides and gravity tests in the solar system
It is well known that there are almost as many neutrinos in the universe as there are photons, approximately 150 per cubic centimeter per species.
Valencia 93: The Summary of Particle Theory
The resulting spectrum has a sharp drop in brightness temperature at centimeter wavelengths [].
The Cosmic Background Radiation
Using typical parameters for a red cell and a small vessel : R ∼ 4µ, L ∼ 100µ, α ∼ 200sec−1 (i.e. ¯v ∼ 1cm/sec), one finds that a transverse drift of the order of L, would occur only after the cell has travelled already for several centimeters, much more than the length of a typical small vessel.
The role of tank-treading motions in the transverse migration of a spheroidal vesicle in a shear flow
The resulting spectrum has a sharp drop in brightness temperature at centimeter wavelengths.
The Cosmic Microwave Background Spectrum
DIMES will measure the frequency spectrum of the cosmic microwave background and diffuse Galactic foregrounds at centimeter wavelengths to 0.1% precision (0.1 mK), and will map the angular distribution to 20 µK per 6◦ field of view.
The Cosmic Microwave Background Spectrum