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  • WordNet 3.6
    • n catena a chain of connected ideas or passages or objects so arranged that each member is closely related to the preceding and following members (especially a series of patristic comments elucidating Christian dogma)
    • ***
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Catena A chain or series of things connected with each other. "I have . . . in no case sought to construct those catenæ of games, which it seems now the fashion of commentators to link together."
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n catena A chain; a connected series of notions, arguments, or objects generally; a series of which each part or member has a close connection, like that of a link, with the preceding and following parts.
    • n catena A methodized series of selections from different authors to elucidate a doctrine or a system of doctrines; specifically, such a set of quotations from the church fathers to assist in the study of Christian dogmatics or biblical exegesis: as, the Catena Aurea of St. Thomas Aquinas.
    • n catena An Italian measure of length, a chain, equal in Naples to 52.07 feet, and in Palermo to 26.09 feet.
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Catena a chain or connected series, as in Catena Patrum, a chronological series of extracts from the Fathers on any doctrine of theology
    • ***


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L., a chain
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
L. catenarius, pertaining to a chain—catēna, chain.


In literature:

Here is frangir, to break, frangere; affurer, to steal, fur; cadene, chain, catena.
"Les Misérables Complete in Five Volumes" by Victor Hugo
Let not the weary reader imagine that the catena of evidence ends here!
"The Valet's Tragedy and Other Stories" by Andrew Lang
Et inde catena quaedam fit, quae haeredes etiam ligat.
"The Anatomy of Melancholy" by Democritus Junior
Beal in his Catena of Buddhist Scriptures, pp.
"The Religions of Japan" by William Elliot Griffis
The mild Basaiti and milder Catena are here; a pretty little Caravaggio; two good Cimas, No.
"A Wanderer in Venice" by E.V. Lucas
Possessores Honorati, of Catena, iii.
"The Letters of Cassiodorus" by Cassiodorus (AKA Magnus Aurelius Cassiodorus Senator)
Catena, Vincenzo di Biagio, 83, 85.
"A Text-Book of the History of Painting" by John C. Van Dyke
Vincenzo Catena, Venetian, 1470-1532.
"Correggio" by Estelle M. Hurll
Pupil of his father, P. M. Pennachi; influenced by Catena, Giorgione, and later by Dosso Dossi and Raphael.
"The Venetian Painters of the Renaissance" by Bernhard Berenson
In dura catena, in misera poena desidero te!
"Notes and Queries, Number 70, March 1, 1851" by Various
It is the common talk that your catenae are rusted for want of use.
"The Last of the Legions and Other Tales of Long Ago" by Arthur Conan Doyle
"Notes and Queries, Number 206, October 8, 1853" by Various
"Notes and Queries, Number 207, October 15, 1853" by Various
Catena borrows right and left, and tries to follow every new indication of contemporary taste.
"The Venetian School of Painting" by Evelyn March Phillipps
Nearly the same assertion may be found, with varieties of caution and of confidence, in a catena of divines, from Bergier to Newman.
"The History of Freedom" by John Emerich Edward Dalberg-Acton
And in his "Catena Aurea," commenting on St. Matt.
"What Shall I Be?" by Rev. Francis Cassily
A., Catena, Acts II., 46.
"Expositor's Bible: Index" by S. G. Ayres
Catena (Vincenzio di Biagio), yet another of Giovanni Bellini's school, is a sweet and graceful painter.
"Venice and its Story" by Thomas Okey
Catena, Vincenzio, a Venetian, d. 1530.
"The History of Painting in Italy, Volume VI (of 6)" by Luigi Antonio Lanzi

In poetry:

"E` un'assidua vicenda!...--Il neonato
"E` vecchio quanto il Tempo!--E` un'infinita
"Catena!... Tutto muore!... E nel Creato
"Freme eterna la vita!..."
"Circolo" by Ferdinando Fontana
Perchè taccia il rumor di mia catena
Di lagrime, di speme, e di amor vivo,
E di silenzio; chè pietà mi affrena
Se con lei parlo, o di lei penso e scrivo.
"Perché Taccia" by Ugo Foscolo
E sia cosi`!--Sul nostro capo un altro
Giorno risplenda!--A noi la luce; il bujo
Agli antipodi!--A tutti la nojosa
Catena della vita; a tutti, grami
E possenti, la uggiosa vicenda
Del cibo e delle vesti!
"Alba" by Ferdinando Fontana

In news:

Enlarge Peggy Turbett, The Plain Dealer A whole pizza pie fresh from the oven is filled with Roasted red peppers, sausage, onion slices and fresh garden basil on house-made dough at Mama Catena Ristorante.
Mama Catena Ristorante serves homestyle Italian cuisine in Euclid gallery (10 photos).
Related Wine Search for BODEGA CATENA ZAPATA Malbec Mendoza 2009.
Nicolás Catena earns Wine Spectator 's 2012 Distinguished Service Award.

In science:

An open m-catena has two end and one center vertices.
Assembling Lie Algebras from Lieons
The common end of tees belonging to a catena is the initial vertex of it (e1 for catena (110).
Assembling Lie Algebras from Lieons
The other end vertex of it is its final vertex (em+1 for catena (110).
Assembling Lie Algebras from Lieons
If k ≥ 2 a closed catena has only one end vertex and one center vertex.
Assembling Lie Algebras from Lieons
But any tee, which is incompatible with ϑ and at the same time is compatible with the catena ≀ ⊂ Φ, is of the form ⌊A, D |Q⌉.
Assembling Lie Algebras from Lieons
E, D |C ⌉ ∈ ≀2 is a c-tee and, conversely, any c-tee is contained in a 2-catena ≀2 ⊂ Φ. (2) If C is a vertex of a tee ̺ which is nontrivial ly compatible with ≀2, then ̺ is of one of the fol lowing types: ⌊E, A|C ⌉ (type I at E ), or ⌊D, C |Q⌉ (type II at E ), or ⌊E, C |B ′ ⌉ (type III at E ).
Assembling Lie Algebras from Lieons
Moreover, θ and ̺ form an open 2-catena ≀2 whose initial vertex is E .
Assembling Lie Algebras from Lieons
Recently, by applying the CO method with a refined statistical analysis to a large set of observational data, Catena, Ullio (2009) claimed a measure with a very small uncertainty: ρ(cid:12) = (0.389 ± 0.025) GeV/cm3 .
The dark matter density at the Sun's location
In fact, let us look at the galaxy global model obtained recently by this method by Catena, Ullio (2009).
The dark matter density at the Sun's location
Different estimates of the circular velocity of the Milky Way, resulting from the global mass model of Catena, Ullio (2009).
The dark matter density at the Sun's location
Catena, R. and Ullio, P., arXiv:0907.0018 [astro-ph.
The dark matter density at the Sun's location