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  • WordNet 3.6
    • n catcher the position on a baseball team of the player who is stationed behind home plate and who catches the balls that the pitcher throws "a catcher needs a lot of protective equipment","a catcher plays behind the plate"
    • n catcher (baseball) the person who plays the position of catcher
    • ***
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: In his youth, United States president George W. Bush used to play for the Midland (Texas) Central Little League. He played the position of the catcher
    • Catcher One who, or that which, catches.
    • Catcher (Baseball) The player who stands behind the batsman to catch the ball.
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: Babe Ruth was able to throw two baseballs in such a way that the balls remained parallel to each other all the way from his hand to the catcher's glove. Ruth was famous for this stunt and would demonstrate it on request.
    • n catcher A chaser; a hunter.
    • n catcher One who catches; that which catches, or in which anything is caught.
    • n catcher Specifically— In base-ball and similar games, the player who stands behind the bat or home-base to catch the ball when pitched. See base-ball. In mining: An arrangement to prevent overwinding, or raising the cage too high as it comes out of the shaft. Also, in Leicestershire, England, the equivalent of cage-shuts (which see). In general, any arrangement at the mouth of the shaft, or on the pump, by means of which accidents may be prevented in case a part of the machinery gives way. plural In ornithology, the raptorial birds, or birds of prey: a term translating Captantes, one of the names of the order.
    • n catcher One who sings catches.
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The first cover of "Sports Illustrated," in 1954, showed National League umpire, Augie Donatelli, behind the plate with two major-league stars: catcher Wes Westrum, and batter Eddie Matthews.
    • ns Catcher one who catches
    • ***


Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
From O. Fr. cachier—Late L. captiāre for captāre, inten. of capĕre, to take. See Chase.


In literature:

Was it the dog-catcher?
"Ainslee's, Vol. 15, No. 6, July 1905" by Various
These people are simply pigeon-catchers.
"Bruin" by Mayne Reid
In emergencies a loop of stout silver wire bent so as to form a hook makes an excellent substitute for a coin-catcher.
"Manual of Surgery Volume Second: Extremities--Head--Neck. Sixth Edition." by Alexander Miles
And the strap-hangers and the train-catchers and the first-nighters can have what they've got.
"The Prairie Child" by Arthur Stringer
Again I ordered the shrimp-catchers to lend a hand with the buckets.
"Tales of the Fish Patrol" by Jack London
To turn scorcher-catchers the old pewter-snatchers In 'elmets must take fewer stodges and wets!
"Mr. Punch Awheel"
McDowell is the most cunning to cross-examine; he would shine among all criminal catchers.
"Diary from November 12, 1862, to October 18, 1863" by Adam Gurowski
It is well to have a catcher behind each player to save him if he falls.
"Boy Scouts Handbook" by Boy Scouts of America
I couldn't get elected second deputy assistant dog-catcher!
"Rope" by Holworthy Hall
If I had been heading into them with the cow-catcher I shouldn't have been afraid.
"The Mountain Divide" by Frank H. Spearman
Soon a scorpion-catcher came by; and he asked them why they were crying.
"The Chinese Fairy Book" by Various
This species is the same size as the Oyster-catcher, but the plumage is entirely black both above and below.
"The Bird Book" by Chester A. Reed
There are no bee-catchers in the sense that there are scores of flycatchers.
"Under the Maples" by John Burroughs
Jock runs east, and Sawney cuts west; everything's at a deadlock and they go on calling themselves thief-catchers!
"The Works of Robert Louis Stevenson, Volume XV" by Robert Louis Stevenson
As yet he did not have perfect control of the horsehide, and as a consequence it occasionally went over the catcher's head.
"The Rover Boys in the Land of Luck" by Edward Stratemeyer
The dog-catchers were going about town netting all the stray dogs they could find.
"The Corner House Girls Growing Up" by Grace Brooks Hill
And so he resolved that, this time, the rat-catcher should be sent for in earnest.
"The Old Willow Tree and Other Stories" by Carl Ewald
Dayton at centre, and Greenway or Sedgwick at left, are sure catchers and strong throwers.
"Harper's Round Table, June 4, 1895" by Various
At last his uncle arrived, or rather his forerunner in the shape of a mongrel cur, half terrier and half rat-catcher.
"Edelweiss" by Berthold Auerbach
The mole-catcher provided skin for hats.
"English Costume" by Dion Clayton Calthrop

In poetry:

Love without hope, as when the young bird-catcher
Swept off his tall hat to the Squire's own daughter,
So let the imprisoned larks escape and fly
Singing about her head, as she rode by.
"Love Without Hope" by Robert Graves
Thou art an abolition star,
And to my wench wilt be of use, if her
Dark eye should find thee, ere the car
Of our true old slave-catcher, 'Lucifer,
Star of the morning,' upward rolls,
And, with its light, puts out the pole's.
"Slaveholder's Address To The North Star" by John Pierpont

In news:

The incident was spoofed in a commercial on ESPN, and the can of bug spray used by catcher Jorge Posada — which actually attracted the bugs instead of repelling them — sold at auction for $673.
The Minnesota Twins placed catcher Joe Mauer on trade waivers Tuesday.
MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — The Minnesota Twins have placed All-Star catcher Joe Mauer on trade waivers, according to a report by Fox Sports.
MINNEAPOLIS — The Minnesota Twins have placed All-Star catcher Joe Mauer on trade waivers, according to a report by Fox Sports.
The Detroit Tigers scratched catcher Alex Avila from their starting lineup for Game 4 of the World Series on Sunday night and replaced him with Gerald Laird.
The Detroit Tigers have scratched catcher Alex Avila from their starting lineup for Game 4 of the World Series and replaced him with Gerald Laird.
Tigers catcher Alex Avila scratched because of sore right arm, replaced by Gerald Laird.
Detroit Tiger's catcher Alex Avila.
Royals right fielder Jeff Francoeur, left, is congratulated by catcher Salvador Perez after hitting a home run in the fourth inning.
HAVANA — The pitch whistles in with such fury that the catcher screams and pulls off his glove, frantically shaking a left hand that's turning purple.
He has no catcher's mask or mitt, only an infielder's glove.
BIC batter Preston Despain looks for the pitch while Riverside catcher Kevin Winford also waits.
Third-string catchers are rarely anybody's hero, but Rube Walker was and remains one of mine.
Brewers catcher Angel Salome will sit out 50 games after garnering a suspension today for failing a performance-enhancing drugs test.
How good is Royals catcher Salvy Perez at picking off opposing runners.

In science:

For rotation the code is much shorter as all the rings are working under the same rule else if (catcher == MouseButtons .
Design of moveable and resizable graphics
In the test, this MPPC was coupled to the exit area of one of the light catchers.
Detection of Cherenkov light from air showers with Geiger-APDs
The first stage is a light catcher made of a high re flective foil (95% re flectivity for wavelengths down to 320 nm).
Detection of Cherenkov light from air showers with Geiger-APDs
The second stage is a light catcher made of plexiglas.
Detection of Cherenkov light from air showers with Geiger-APDs
Note that the entrance area of the light catcher of a PMT and a MPPC differ by a factor 20.
Detection of Cherenkov light from air showers with Geiger-APDs
After correcting for optical crosstalk we estimate that the MPPC light catcher arrangement is 60% more sensitivity than the PMT light catcher arrangement used in MAGIC.
Detection of Cherenkov light from air showers with Geiger-APDs
Instead the combined efficiency of the photondetector and the light catcher was estimated.
Detection of Cherenkov light from air showers with Geiger-APDs
The MPPC light catcher was not optimized, which leaves room for further improvement.
Detection of Cherenkov light from air showers with Geiger-APDs
The LAr is surrounded by a superconducting coil producing a solenoidal magnetic field of 1.2 T and an instrumented iron structure acting as a shower tail catcher and a muon detector.
Collider Physics at HERA
Second prototype of the ScECAL has been built and tested with analog hadron calorimeter (AHCAL) and tail catcher (TCMT) in September 2008 at Fermilab meson test beam facility.
CALICE ScECAL Beam Test at Fermilab
At the Fermilab beam test combined performance of the ScECAL with analog hadron calorimeter (AHCAL) and tail catcher (TCMT) is measured. A first trial of π0 reconstruction with the ScECAL is also examined.
CALICE ScECAL Beam Test at Fermilab
Practically no events at all are seen at 5.53 MeV in the observation of a catcher plate flipped out of the helium jet, so the lifetime must be considerably shorter than the dead time of 1/4 s.” This limit was later found to be incorrect .
Discovery of the Tungsten Isotopes
It consists of an ∼ 1lI electromagnetic calorimeter (ECAL), an ∼ 5lI hadronic calorimeter (HCAL) and an ∼ 6lI tail catcher and muon tracker (TCMT), where lI is the nuclear interaction length.
Tests of a particle flow algorithm with CALICE test beam data
In general the setup in the beam included the CALICE prototype electromagnetic calorimeter in front of the AHCAL and a Tail-Catcher-Muon-Tracker (TCMT) behind.
Development of Particle Flow Calorimetry
Spallation products were stopped on a catcher film and α decay was measured with two surface barrier semiconductor detectors. “A least squares analysis gives a half-life of 0.50+0.17−0.12 sec.
Discovery of the actinium, thorium, protactinium, and uranium isotopes