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  • Some Jamestown houses had leaded glazed wrought-iron window casements similar to the ones shown here. (Courtesy, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.)
    Some Jamestown houses had leaded glazed wrought-iron window casements similar to the ones shown here. (Courtesy, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.)
  • WordNet 3.6
    • n casement a window sash that is hinged (usually on one side)
    • ***

Additional illustrations & photos:

A wrought-iron window casement unearthed near an early 17th-century building site A wrought-iron window casement unearthed near an early 17th-century building site

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Casement (Arch) A window sash opening on hinges affixed to the upright side of the frame into which it is fitted. Poetically A window. "A casement of the great chamber window."
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n casement In architecture: A frame for glass, as forming a window or part of a window, and made to open by swinging on hinges which are generally affixed to a vertical side of the opening into which it is fitted.
    • n casement A compartment between the mullions of a window
    • n casement A deep hollow molding used chiefly in cornices, and similar to the scotia of classical or cavetto of Italian architecture. Oxford Glossary. Sometimes, erroneously, casemate.
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • Casement the case or frame of a window: a window that opens on hinges: a hollow moulding
    • ***


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
Shortened fr. encasement,. See Incase 1st Case, and cf. Incasement
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
O. Fr. casse—L. capsacapĕre, to take.


In literature:

There he carefully reconnoitred the house, wondering which could be Bluebell's casement.
"Bluebell" by Mrs. George Croft Huddleston
She opened the casement and looked out.
"Tales from Many Sources" by Various
Casement windows have their points of excellence, and are additionally expensive chiefly in hardware.
"The Complete Home" by Various
Richard listened an instant and then opened the casement.
"Beatrix of Clare" by John Reed Scott
And how, when I was a young man, my heart was like that 'casement ope at night, to let the warm Love in!
"The Treasure of Heaven" by Marie Corelli
I felt the sudden lightness: I gripped the window casement and clung.
"Brigands of the Moon" by Ray Cummings
The casement was closed.
"Japanese Literature" by Various
This bare, uncovered casement troubled him, and from time to time he turned his eyes uneasily toward it.
"Cobwebs and Cables" by Hesba Stretton
He stood at that casement, and gazed fiercely on me from his large, dark eyes.
"Eventide" by Effie Afton
Jim put out the dim lamp as Berwick reached the leaded casement window.
"Frontier Boys in Frisco" by Wyn Roosevelt
A noise sounded from above as the casement of the window was thrown open.
"Simon Dale" by Anthony Hope
You will recall, too, the pure white rose clambering at the side of the casement, all jewelled with the dew of dawn.
"Gigolo" by Edna Ferber
The bulkhead sides no longer set true in the casements.
"Wandl the Invader" by Raymond King Cummings
He sprang up, stepped to the casement and threw it open.
"Major Vigoureux" by A. T. Quiller-Couch
He threw open the casement of the inner room and looked out.
"Amos Huntingdon" by T.P. Wilson
At last, he threw up some small stones, and after numerous efforts, one entered the casement.
"The Pirate of the Mediterranean" by W.H.G. Kingston
Open the casement above, and listen to what I have to say.
"The Phantom Ship" by Frederick Marryat
The fact was, that he was anxious to recover the fragment of Snarleyyow which his mother had so contemptuously thrown out of the casement.
"Snarley-yow" by Frederick Marryat
Visibly, we were free, with open, unbarred arches and casements.
"Tarrano the Conqueror" by Raymond King Cummings
Moncrieff reached the casement window first, with a Gaucho carrying a huge lantern.
"Our Home in the Silver West" by Gordon Stables

In poetry:

I SAY that Roger Casement
Did what he had to do.
He died upon the gallows,
But that is nothing new.
"Roger Casement" by William Butler Yeats
WHEN the moon a golden-pale
Lustre on my casement flings,
An enchanted nightingale
In the haunted silence sings.
"The Nightingale" by Victor James Daley
High up in the organ-story
A girl stands slim and fair;
And touched with the casement's glory
Gleams out her radiant hair.
"At Vespers" by Madison Julius Cawein
From the open casement bending
He surveys the murky skies,
Dreary sighs his bosom rending;
Hot tears gushing from his eyes.
"Gloomily the Clouds" by Anne Bronte
Let music whisper from a casement set
By them of old,
Where the light smell of lavender may yet
Rise from the soft loose mould.
"Chillingham" by Mary Elizabeth Coleridge
Red heavens and slaughter-red
The marsh to west and east;
Seven slits of sky, seven casements high,
Flare on the blood-red feast.
"Death In Life" by Madison Julius Cawein

In news:

Know your window styles: Sliding, awning, single-hung, double-hung, casement, fixed and hopper.
Pella announces agreement for older ProLine® casement windows.
Casement Windows Are Architects' New Darling.
A large one-bedroom at 456 West 19th Street has new steel casement windows.
We invite applications for the 2009 Richard Casement internship.
Know your window styles: Sliding, awning, single-hung, double-hung, casement, fixed and hopper.
Casement stadium plan a demonstration of great foresight .
The All-Ireland champions Loughgiel safely navigated past Middletown at Casement Park to take their place in another Ulster senior club hurling championship final.
Portaferry set up an Ulster final clash against All-Ireland champions Loughgiel with a comfortable win over 14-man Swatragh at Casement Park.
John McAreavey with Joe Kernan (Ulster Manager) and Jim McGuinness (Donegal Manager) at the Launch of the 'Match for Michaela' which will take place on November 3 at Casement Park.
Two of Ulster hurlings hottest properties are set for what promises to be a fascinating shoot-out on Sunday at Casement Park.
Casements are a prime location for heat to seep out and cold to creep in, so keep your house warm and draft -free by weatherizing windows with products like Duck brand Roll-On Window Kits.
Casement showdown sure to be a fitting tribute to Michaela.
The next thunderstorm-proof casement is made from galvannealed metal with Rhinocerous Layer shell.
Among its solutions for casement window hardware, Giesse offers one-way locking, cremone handles, which all move in one direction.