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capacitance unit


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n capacitance unit a measure of the capacity of a circuit component to store charge
    • ***


In literature:

He snapped open the back of the unit and studied the maze of transistors, resistors, and capacitators.
"The Quantum Jump" by Robert Wicks

In news:

The units capacitive sensor technology is capable of full-scale 0 percent to 100 percent relative humidity measurement.

In science:

Capacitance and capacitance change per unit of displacement, as measured and simulated.
Characterisation of an Electrostatic Vibration Harvester
We suggested how to lower these frequencies in an experimental setup in order to shift the gap to an accessible frequency range, by replacing one of the two junctions per unit cell with a SQUID, such that the gap can be tuned in situ, or by forming two different capacitances to ground.
Josephson junction transmission lines as tunable artificial crystals
The energy scale of the disorder in our device can be estimated from the corresponding range of Fermi energy (in monolayer graphene) ∆EF = ¯hνF where α is the side-gate capacitance per unit area, and νF = 106 ms−1 is the Fermi velocity56 . ∆EF ≈ 60 meV is typical for exfoliated GNRs on SiO2 substrates.
Gigahertz quantized charge pumping in graphene quantum dots
The capacity of the condenser (E, B ) is physically the capacitance per unit length of an infinitely long pair of such cylinders.
The Area of Polynomial Images and Preimages
L and C are the inductance and capacitance per unit length of the line.
Thermonuclear Dynamo inside an Alfven Black Hole
C is the effective circuit capacitance also per unit of length.
On the possibility of Casimir repulsion using Metamaterials
Based on WKB-type estimates and microscopic calculations we assume that the transition amplitude for QPS in practical superconducting nanowires of 1 μm length can be as high as ES/h=150 GHz. Wires in which significant QPS occurs have large kinetic inductance L’ and small capacitance C’ per unit length.
Quantum phase slip junctions
Anticipating the uniformity of charge distribution on a conducting filament in the limit of vanishing diameter, as expressed in Eq. (24) below, we can use the asymptotic behavior given in Eq. (20) to derive a universal asymptotic formula for the capacitance per unit length of a conducting filament.
Equilibrium Charge Density on a Thin Curved Wire
FIG. 4: Capacitance per unit length of an elliptical filament relative to a circular one as its diameter shrinks by 10 orders of magnitude; see text.
Equilibrium Charge Density on a Thin Curved Wire
Recall from §IIC, Eq. (23), that as ǫ → 0, the capacitance per unit length of a regular filament approaches a universal form that only depends on its diameter.
Equilibrium Charge Density on a Thin Curved Wire
We first give here the EMA where each tunnelling bond has the conductance gtun = iω c, where i = √−1, c is the capacitance of the tunnelling bonds and ω is the circular frequency of the applied sinusoidal voltage with unit amplitude.
Electrical Conduction in Nonlinear Composites