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  • "'Can he do this?' Charlie asked."
    "'Can he do this?' Charlie asked."
  • WordNet 3.6
    • adj can-do marked by a willingness to tackle a job and get it done "a can-do kind of person","the city's indomitable optimism and can-do spirit"
    • ***

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I can't do nothink wiv our 'Erbert I can't do nothink wiv our 'Erbert

Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: Sheep can detect other sheep faces like humans do. They can remember up to 50 sheep faces
    • n can-do A measure of length used in Goa, formerly equal to 47 English inches, but now usually taken as equal to the Portuguese vara (43.2 inches).
    • ***


  • James Allen
    “The will to do springs from the knowledge that we can do.”
  • Eric Lindros
    Eric Lindros
    “If you think you can do it, you can.”
  • Ben Stein
    “You can do what you think you can do and you cannot do what you think you cannot”
  • Kin Hubbard
    “Some folks can look so busy doing nothing that they seem indispensable.”
  • Margaret Chase Smith
    Margaret Chase Smith
    “When people keep telling you that you can't do a thing, you kind of like to try it.”
  • Carol Burnett
    Carol Burnett
    “Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me.”


Can't do it for toffee - If you can't so something for toffee, you are incapable of doing something properly or to any sort of standard.
No can do - No can do means that the speaker can't do whatever it is that has been asked of him or her.
What can sorry do? - This means that it is not enough to apologise.


In literature:

But some money has been left to me lately, so I can do and have things I shouldn't have thought of before.
"The Guests Of Hercules" by C. N. Williamson and A. M. Williamson
By far the wisest thing we can do is to have Simpkins killed at once.
"The Simpkins Plot" by George A. Birmingham
But without your support I can do nothing.
"Debit and Credit" by Gustav Freytag
I can do a good deal, but I can't do everything.
"The Tragic Muse" by Henry James
We learn what we can do and what we cannot do.
"Girls and Women" by Harriet E. Paine (AKA E. Chester}
There's nothing we can do.
"Jill the Reckless" by P. G. (Pelham Grenville) Wodehouse
Look me up and I'll see that you get a good chance to show what you can do.
"Left End Edwards" by Ralph Henry Barbour
He'll have some work I can do.
"The Best Short Stories of 1917" by Various
We can't do it exactly, of course; all we can do now is to set up a rough scheme.
"The Galaxy Primes" by Edward Elmer Smith
I can help her where she fails, and she can do the same for me.
"More About Peggy" by Mrs G. de Horne Vaizey
Hamish can do without me; but how shall I ever do without him?
"Shenac's Work at Home" by Margaret Murray Robertson
The cultured hand can do a thousand things the uneducated hand can not do.
"Pushing to the Front" by Orison Swett Marden
You can do as you like, but that's what I mean to do.
"The Adventures of Don Lavington" by George Manville Fenn
All we can do is to keep 'em from getting wetter than we can help.
"Rob Harlow's Adventures" by George Manville Fenn
I am sorry to say, gentlemen, that I fear I can do little in this terrible emergency.
"Sail Ho!" by George Manville Fenn
I can do my own, of course; but nobody can who is either fat or dignified.
"Priscilla's Spies" by George A. Birmingham
I have no time for details, but I can assure you upon my word of honor as a Winner that there is something you can do.
"Planet of the Damned" by Harry Harrison
I can do nothing {for you}.
"The Comedies of Terence" by Publius Terentius Afer, (AKA) Terence
We can do well enough without bread, but we can't do without salt.
"Condemned as a Nihilist" by George Alfred Henty
Is there anything I can do for you?
"The Forester's Daughter" by Hamlin Garland

In poetry:

(Rustle in the mesquite
And foot upon the grass!
Do the yuccas mutter?
Can the shadows pass?)
"Antidote (Nogales, Sonora, Mexico)" by Norman MacLeod
What can lambkins do
All the keen night through?
Nestle by their woolly mother
The careful ewe.
"A Chill" by Christina Georgina Rossetti
When, as I may have said before,
Your image I can not ignore,
I do not tear
My thinning hair
Nor cuss;
"To Myrtilla Again" by Franklin Pierce Adams
We must do the thing we must
Before the thing we may;
We are unfit for any trust
Till we can and do obey.
"Willie's Question" by George MacDonald
"When other suitors vainly talk
Of fondly loving you,
Remember him who truly loved
As no one else can do.
"The Adieu To Eliza" by Nora Pembroke
I couldn't understand a word,
All I did was grunt;
You see that's all a hog can do--
It is his only stunt.
"The Epic Of The Hog" by Edwin Carty Ranck

In news:

Women can do their work as well as any man, and they can still live out their femininity —and here, feminine does not mean high heels and high voices, but the spirit of caring for the whole person, as a mother would.
Apple is likely angered over federal regulators' ruling that iPhone owners can legally "jailbreak" their smartphones, but one analyst suggests there's little the company can do to directly affect the ruling.
If you can do that over the next few days you will be doing better than 99 per cent of the.
The district governments can do almost anything that a city or county can, short of operating their own police departments and approving their own growth plans.
Believe it or not, heart health and longevity of life often has more to do with your outlook than simply with how many miles you can do on the treadmill without passing out or requiring 10 hours of sleep to recover.
Are there any special foods that I can eat or things that I can do to prevent myself from getting this.
Its overriding theme, says Mr Shi: "If you can do it, then I can as well.".
Candidates must have a realistic expectation of what the implants can do — and not do — and should be motivated to work at learning how to interpret the sounds it produces.
Maybe they can stay away from video games and learn something they can do the rest of their life.
Associated Press While instant coffee can make a lousy cup of joe, it can do wonderful things for your cooking.
TAMPA, Fla.—If anyone can appreciate what Vincent Jackson can do for an offense as much as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, it's probably the San Diego Chargers.
LANCASTER - If you can dream it, you can do it.
I've done thousands and thousands and it can do parts of it better than I or any other human being can.
Nationwide librarians are developing a community center model where visitors can do everything from drink their latte and do yoga, to speed dating and tax preparation – all while getting closer to books.
As you guys know, each week around here things can always change -- we can do some different things.

In science:

However, because of the spontaneous breaking of chiral symmetry and the existence of a mass gap in QCD, one can do better.
Random Matrix Theory and Chiral Symmetry in QCD
The best we can do is to capture the \footprint" of independence on the notion.
Conditional Plausibility Measures and Bayesian Networks
The best we can do is to work out what a naive scaling argument would predict for the d.c. limit of the conductivity.
Dynamics and transport in random quantum systems governed by strong-randomness fixed points
To check that this chain is a Morrow configuration we must compute its determinant, which we can do with continued fractions as in .
Rational polynomials of simple type
From this expression we are unable to obtain first order equations, however, if we restrict ourselves to the subspace of solutions containing an Alice flux, there is something we can do.
Simple models with Alice fluxes
But before we can do this we must fix our Hilbert space. I propose to enlarge this Hilbert space to include time-parametrized gauge functions in addition to the non-gauge variables.
Quantum general invariance and loop gravity
Our main goal now is to describe the algorithm, but before we can do that we need some definitions.
Identifying Half-Twists Using Randomized Algorithm Methods
But, before we can do that we need to introduce a notation.
Identifying Half-Twists Using Randomized Algorithm Methods
But before we can do that, we will first introduce one more notation.
Twisted Toroidal Lie Algebras
Clearly, one can do one first and then the other, or vice versa.
Infinity-Inner-Products on A-Infinity-Algebras
One therefore expects that there is nothing that one can do at house A to affect the fact that, at house B, one will find heads 50% of the time and tails 50% of the time.
Physics with exotic probability theory
The only thing that a particle can do is to be somewhere.
Physics with exotic probability theory
Note we can do the previous construction to the composition f p and get a spectral cosheaf denoted (f p)−1 (#).
Lectures on controlled topology: mapping cylinder neighborhoods
But we can do a more If we assume also that γ is proportional to identity matrix3 we get complicated thing. βhijk ∝ T rγ .
Marginal Deformations of N=4 SYM and of its Supersymmetric Orbifold Descendants
We can do the same procedure for b and (a+b).
Marginal Deformations of N=4 SYM and of its Supersymmetric Orbifold Descendants