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  • WordNet 3.6
    • n blue-belly common western lizard; seen on logs or rocks
    • ***


In literature:

Its belly was similar in nature, but its colour was leaden, dashed with blotches of livid blue.
"Phantastes" by George MacDonald
I wouldn't gin a fi'-penny-bit fur all yer blue-bellied life's worth.
"The Red Acorn" by John McElroy
To see once, however, the white belly of the shark flash on the surface of the blue water is sufficient.
"Richard Carvel, Complete" by Winston Churchill
Their bellies, and under side of their wings are white, a little tinged with blue.
"A General History and Collection of Voyages and Travels, Volume 14" by Robert Kerr
And there was a ram in the house having a white belly and a very black head, and dark-blue horns and green feet.
"Gods and Fighting Men" by Lady I. A. Gregory
Upper parts, wings and tail bright blue; breast and sides rusty, reddish brown, belly white.
"Ohio Arbor Day 1913: Arbor and Bird Day Manual" by Various
In the Gapo territory a yellow-bellied trogon, with a back of a brilliant metallic green colour, and a breast of steel-blue, is found.
"The Western World" by W.H.G. Kingston
In colour they are a very beautiful iridescent silver along the sides and belly, the back and head being a deep, glossy blue.
"Rídan The Devil And Other Stories" by Louis Becke
Well, them blue bellies are right bright, now.
"Louisiana Lou" by William West Winter
All de niggers thought de Yankees had blue bellies.
"Slave Narratives: a Folk History of Slavery in the United States From Interviews with Former Slaves, North Carolina Narratives, Part 2" by Work Projects Administration
But, then, yo' ain't no real blue-bellied Yankee.
"Si Klegg, Book 3 (of 6) Si And Shorty Meet Mr. Rosenbaum, The Spy, Who Relates His Adventures" by John McElroy
Fire low, and give it to the blue-bellied scoundrels!
"Si Klegg, Book 6 (of 6) Si And Shorty, With Their Boy Recruits, Enter On The Atlanta Campaign" by John McElroy
The pale mouths of the blue-bellied fish that rose from the sleeping waters were aglow with gems.
"Historia Amoris: A History of Love, Ancient and Modern" by Edgar Saltus
Body steel blue to dark brown on back; white on belly.
"Whales, Dolphins, and Porpoises of the Western North Atlantic" by Stephen Leatherwood
In life males have pale blue bellies; the throat is pale pink.
"The Amphibians and Reptiles of Michoacán, México" by William E. Duellman
The whole body was oblong, shaded with blue and black; the belly white.
"Lachesis Lapponica" by Carl von Linné
Your blue-bellied skunk has been too smart for you, Cap.
"Kitty's Conquest" by Charles King
The upper plumage of this small bird is mostly cerulean-blue, the breast and belly yellow.
"Argentine Ornithology, Volume I (of 2)" by P. L. Sclater
It is dark olive on the back, lighter on the sides, with blotches of blue and coppery red, and the belly brassy or yellowish.
"Bass, Pike, Perch, and Others" by James Alexander Henshall
Then he seemed to see Churis's kindly blue eyes looking affectionately at his pot-bellied little son.
"A Russian Proprietor" by Lyof N. Tolstoi

In poetry:

"Rosemary dear, what shall we do?"
"Stephen, I know not. Beseech some saint!
My nose has turned to an icicle blue,
And my belly within me is very faint."
"Legend" by Stephen Vincent Benet
Above the hills, big, bellying clouds loomed, black
And ominous, yet silent as the blue
That pools calm heights of heaven, deepening back
'Twixt clouds of snowdrift hue.
"The Broken Drouth" by Madison Julius Cawein
Click go the shears, boys, click, click, click,
Wide is his blow and his hands move quick,
The ringer looks around and is beaten by a blow,
And curses the old snagger with the blue-bellied 'joe'
"Click Go The Shears, Boys" by Anonymous Oceania
No light, no light in the blue Polish eye.
When he finished a riding boot packed down the earth.
The Luger hovered lightly in its glove.
He was shot in the belly and in three hours bled to death.
"More Light! More Light!" by Anthony Hecht

In news:

Okay, folks, we're doing you a favor and posting this one pre-lunch hour, in other words, allowing for plenty of time to make it down to the barely two week old Blue Belly BBQ (600 Catherine St.) to get your hands on one of these bad boys.
Just a friendly reminder that there's some big-deal barbecue happening tomorrow night: Gene Giuffi of Cochon fame will be previewing the menu for his new barbeque joint, Blue Belly BBQ, at Southwark.
He has a full white beard, ruddy cheeks, blue eyes, and an ample belly.
See Beyonce's Baby Belly In A Bikini Under A Blue Ivy Tree.
The principal with the belly ballooning from his crisp, blue shirt is a former coach and athlete.
In her upcoming HBO documentary, she puts rumors to rest by flashing her belly from when she was carrying Blue Ivy.
Liz Vilardi, wine goddess of Kendall Square's newly opened Belly Wine Bar — the latest branch in the Central Bottle and Blue Room family tree — is cracking up, her laughter echoing through the bar.
Jelly Belly fans can choose from Strawberry Cheesecake, Very Cherry, Blueberry, Licorice and Berry Blue scents.