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  • WordNet 3.6
    • n bellhop someone employed as an errand boy and luggage carrier around hotels
    • ***


In literature:

Ask the head waiters and bellhops if I look twice at a five spot!
"The Log of The "Jolly Polly"" by Richard Harding Davis
They went to the desk, wrote their names, and were shown up-stairs by bellhops.
"The Landloper" by Holman Day
A bellhop passed through the hall of the St. Francis Hotel whistling loudly.
"More Toasts"
The bellhop gave us a knowing leer as we registered separately, but I was content to let him think what he wanted.
"Highways in Hiding" by George Oliver Smith
The robot bellhop whirred, a chute opened in the wall, and a bottle slid out.
"Heist Job on Thizar" by Gordon Randall Garrett
A young man who doubled as bellhop and elevator operator took Candron up to the third floor.
"What The Left Hand Was Doing" by Gordon Randall Garrett
It flowed across the rug to the bellhop.
"It Could Be Anything" by John Keith Laumer
On the way to New York they had decided it would be easiest to give a bellhop a generous tip and have him locate Captain Killian for them.
"Smugglers' Reef" by John Blaine
The cherubic scout had obeyed orders and made himself bellhop size, large size.
"Satan and the Comrades" by Ralph Bennitt
Tell the bellhop to take my stuff to my room.
"The Boy Scouts in A Trapper's Camp" by Thornton W. Burgess
She stared gape-jawed at this until the bellhop gently tugged at her elbow, giving her a dazzling smile.
"Makers" by Cory Doctorow
One bellhop was down to see us off and it cost me a quarter to get that much attention.
"Gullible's Travels, Etc." by Ring W. Lardner
Now, I guess you could get a job as bellhop all right, though I don't know whether Joe's strong enough to work yet.
"Boy Scouts in Glacier Park" by Walter Prichard Eaton

In news:

Bowery Hotel's Bellhop Busted Dealing Marijuana.
A bellhop was arrested at the swank Bowery Hotel Wednesday evening, after the porter allegedly sold pot to a few undercover cops at the hotel.
Bellhop Johnny now answers different calls.
A Manhattan bellhop was caught dealing marijuana at the posh Bowery Hotel and hauled away in handcuffs by undercover cops, law-enforcement sources said yesterday.
Bowery Hotel's Bellhop Busted Dealing Marijuana.
Cameron Doody of Campus Bellhops walks into a cubicle to take a phone call at the Lamp Post Group offices in the Loveman's building in downtown Chattanooga.
PATRICK'S PEOPLE: Dale Gadberry remembers being a bellhop at the Hotel Stilwell .
Dale Gadberry, pictured here, remembers his days working as a bellhop in the Hotel Stilwell .
RICHMOND — Len was a bellhop and while his job kept him hopping, it didn't compare with the pressure that was put on him, one afternoon, by a hotel guest.
"The Bellhop," starring Tyson Blair and Michelle Prebich, will tell ghost stories of former hotel guests.
In this enjoyable documentary, watch Wilt Chamberlain playing ball and working as a bellhop at Kutsher's.
Your treatise on tipping is something to be considered, but are not the bellhops, waiters, busmen, guides, baggagemen, deliverymen, concierges and all others, being paid by their employers.