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  • WordNet 3.6
    • adj afferent of nerves and nerve impulses; conveying sensory information from the sense organs to the CNS "afferent nerves","afferent impulses"
    • n afferent a nerve that passes impulses from receptors toward or to the central nervous system
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • a Afferent (Physiol) Bearing or conducting inwards to a part or organ; -- opposed to efferent; as, afferent vessels; afferent nerves, which convey sensations from the external organs to the brain.
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • afferent Bringing; carrying to or toward; conveying inward. Used in physiology as the opposite of efferent, and said of veins which convey blood from the periphery to the physiological center of the blood-circulation;
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • adj Afferent af′fėr-ent (anat.) bringing to, applied to the nerves that convey sensations to the nerve centres.
    • ***


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L. afferens, p. pr. of afferre,; ad, + ferre, to bear
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
L. afferensad, to, and ferre, to carry.


In literature:

Guesh I'll do fings all alone affer thish.
"Romance of California Life" by John Habberton
Stott, the, or affer, 35, 57, 65.
"A Short History of English Agriculture" by W. H. R. Curtler
Affer we'd got him out, he insisted on coming 'round here so's he could run away with you.
"The Husbands of Edith" by George Barr McCutcheon
In some cases ligation of the afferent vessels has been successful.
"Manual of Surgery" by Alexis Thomson and Alexander Miles
Affer was there at the telegraph window, and he accosted her.
"Christmas" by Zona Gale
These four afferent branchial arches are equivalent to the first four of the five vessels of the dog-fish.
"Text Book of Biology, Part 1: Vertebrata" by H. G. Wells
Afferent: carrying inwardly or toward the centre.
"Explanation of Terms Used in Entomology" by John. B. Smith
This baby's mother died when it was a week old, and Lem had to have someone look affer it.
"Polly's Business Venture" by Lillian Elizabeth Roy
There are two divisions of nerves, the afferent and efferent.
"Special Report on Diseases of Cattle" by U.S. Department of Agriculture
Dem Sesh, dey be affer dis fambly.
"Uncle Daniel's Story Of "Tom" Anderson And Twenty Great Battles" by John McElroy
Did oo know I is losted affer oo?
"Five Little Starrs in the Canadian Forest" by Lillian Elizabeth Roy
Branchial hearts are formed on the afferent vessels of the branchiae.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 5, Slice 6" by Various
Hence one of the goals to which each afferent fibre from a receptive organ leads is a number of motor nerves.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 4, Slice 4" by Various
From the gills the afferent branchials carry the blood to the median dorsal aorta.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 2, Slice 6" by Various
Affer dat no mortal him lay not till one be promise fo' de sacrafize.
"The Maroon" by Mayne Reid
Affer all dey's only 'publicans, jess de same as in dem 'Meriky States.
"The Child Wife" by Mayne Reid
These afferent impulses when perverted by functional derangement or disease may become serious disturbing influences.
"Psychotherapy" by James J. Walsh
But I ain't goin' to be no nuss-gal to any porkers when I'se got my house-wuk to look affer.
"Natalie: A Garden Scout" by Lillian Elizabeth Roy
Changes in other organs as the result of arteriosclerosis of their afferent vessels occur, but are not so characteristic as in the kidney.
"Arteriosclerosis and Hypertension:" by Louis Marshall Warfield
Every house-cleanin' time we moves and cleans the rubbish what collects moths, an' finally, affer years of savin', we throws it out.
"Girl Scouts at Dandelion Camp" by Lillian Elizabeth Roy

In poetry:

An' along dey come, wan foller de oder,
Dozen o' girl--not a boy at all--
Never a girl tak' affer de moder,
But all lak de fader, beeg an' small--
"Snubbing (Tying-up) The Raft" by William Henry Drummond
But Sophie’s so nice an' good shese'f too,
De uglies' man upon all de worl'
Forget hees face an' forget hese'f too,
T'ree minute affer he see dat girl--
"Snubbing (Tying-up) The Raft" by William Henry Drummond
An' swamp dat's bodder heem many tam,
W'ere is dat swamp to-day?
Don't care if you 're huntin' up an' down
You won't fin' not'ing but medder groun',
An' affer de summer come aroun'
W'ere can you see such hay?
"The Devil" by William Henry Drummond
Offen he tell about it, not'ing he never do
Geev' heem de funny feelin' Johnnie is goin' t'roo,
But he is sure of wan t'ing, if Belzemire’s comin' die,
Poor woman, she'd never foller affer heem wit' her cry.
"Doctor Hilaire" by William Henry Drummond
Den ev'ry body hip hooraw! an' sen' de familee
Along de reever, t'roo de wood, an' on de grande prairie,
Dat's only way I'm t'inkin arrange de w'ole
An' mebbe affer wíle dere won't be too moche
lan' for spare.
"National Policy" by William Henry Drummond
An' jus' see de turkey gobbler, an' lissen' to
heem talkin' No wonder he 's half crazee, an' spikin' out
so loud,
W'en you meet heem on de roadside wit' hees wife an' chil'ren walkin',
It 's kipin' heem so busy lookin' affer such
a crowd.
"The Habitants Summer" by William Henry Drummond

In news:

Several lines of evidence have led us to postulate that afferent vagal hyperactivity could be an important factor in the pathophysiology of the eating disorder bulimia nervosa.

In science:

Since they were introduced by Peleg and Sch ¨affer in the context of distributed computing, spanners for undirected graphs have been extensively studied.
Transitive-Closure Spanners
The fidelity of these connections to the ISTA ideal is not strongly dependent upon whether the afferent units are ISTA-compliant partunits, or ISTA-ignoring categorical-units.
Discriminative Recurrent Sparse Auto-Encoders
As expected, the decoders of these afferent units tend to be strongly aligned or anti-aligned with their target’s decoder, and include both part-units and categorical-units.
Discriminative Recurrent Sparse Auto-Encoders
Ej and decoder column Dj of afferents to unit i, weighted by the strength of the connection to unit i, versus the angle between encoder row Ei and decoder column Di (c).
Discriminative Recurrent Sparse Auto-Encoders
Rather one imagines a setup where several perceptrons are arranged in a layered structure, each node in each layer independently processing information according to its afferent synaptic weights and its transfer function Φ.
Neural Networks
Sch ¨affer and Yannakakis,, show that PO SNAE, among numerous other local search problems, is P LS -complete.
On the Complexity of Local Search for Weighted Standard Set Problems
Our analysis suggests that the state of the network (i.e., the spatio-temporal dynamics) rather than the firing rate, determines the response of the LC network to afferent stimulation.
The geometry of spontaneous spiking in neuronal networks
The afferent Nash-type inequalities can be deduced.
Super-Poincar\'e and Nash-type inequalities for Subordinated Semigroups
Note that h∗ (x) := xD(x) = supt>0 (tx − tβ (1/t)) is the Lengendre transform (or complementary function) of h(t) = tβ (1/t) thus the afferent theory applies.
Super-Poincar\'e and Nash-type inequalities for Subordinated Semigroups