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  • WordNet 3.6
    • n Wotan supreme Teutonic god; counterpart of Norse Odin and Anglo-Saxon Woden
    • ***


In literature:

Her reproaches to WOTAN were the pleadings of a tempered mind, a consistent sense of beauty.
"Song of the Lark" by Willa Cather
They called it going to Wotan.
"Rewards and Fairies" by Rudyard Kipling
Wotan was sharpening his lance which had the lightning for its handle, the thunder for its blade.
"The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse" by Vicente Blasco Ibanez
What is that race, dearest to Wotan, against which Wotan has nevertheless done his worst?
"The Perfect Wagnerite" by George Bernard Shaw
Wotan has become an important figure, and brought reason and pessimism with him into the drama.
"Musicians of To-Day" by Romain Rolland
Notwithstanding this fatal prediction Wotan remains undismayed.
"Stories of the Wagner Opera" by H. A. Guerber
Siegfried has broken them along with Wotan's spear.
"Musical Portraits" by Paul Rosenfeld
VATA, the wind, 200; and Wotan, 201.
"India: What can it teach us?" by F. Max Müller
But Wotan interferes, breaking Siegmund's sword; he falls, and Wotan kills Hunding too by one wrathful glance.
"The Standard Operaglass" by Charles Annesley
Wotan is his single friend in the family, and with Wotan he preserves the attitude of a self-acknowledged underling.
"The Wagnerian Romances" by Gertrude Hall
Why should Wotan not have the treasure for himself?
"Operas Every Child Should Know" by Mary Schell Hoke Bacon
Of course, in a certain sense old Wotan Ibsen is the father of the latter-day Valkyrie brood.
"Ivory Apes and Peacocks" by James Huneker
Out of a few the wonder-working Wotan wakes many!
"Felicitas" by Felix Dahn
They called it going to Wotan.
"Rewards and Fairies" by Rudyard Kipling
Then he appeared dressed as Wotan.
"Rambles in Womanland" by Max O'Rell
This Mimi declared was none other than the sword Wotan had carried on the day upon which Otto was killed.
"Stories of the Nibelungen for Young People" by Various
A beautiful granite bridge leaped into view as suddenly as if the great god Wotan had builded it with a word.
"What Will People Say?" by Rupert Hughes
The shoemaker Wotans and hobo Christs startled her into an acquiesence.
"Gargoyles" by Ben Hecht
Wotan must needs become a Schopenhauerian; and Siegfried, a pessimist at the close.
"Unicorns" by James Huneker
In the expressive orchestral measures the Motive of Wotan's Wrath mingles with that of Bruennhilde's Pleading.
"The Complete Opera Book" by Gustav Kobbé

In poetry:

Then why are Thor and Wotan
To dread forces still?
Why does my heart go questing
For Pan beyond the hill?
"The Cross-Current" by Abbie Farwell Brown

In news:

Wotan and Loge head down to the underground home of the Nibelungen, in Robert Lepage's new production of Das Rheingold.
James Morris as Wotan in a Metropolitan Opera performance of "Die WalkŸre," Wagner's most humane work.
Bryn Terfel's First Wotan as Horns and Hounds Bay.
In the final scene, as Brünnhilde quietly starts to turn the mind of her father, Wotan, from fury, the woodwind counterpoint is delicately but firmly in support, with all its effects of color, contour and harmonic surprise on view.
Stephanie Blythe as Fricka and Bryn Terfel as Wotan in Wagner's "Die Walküre".