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With a high hand


  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • With a high hand With power; in force; triumphantly.
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • With a high hand without taking other people into consideration, audaciously
    • With a high hand arrogantly
    • ***


  • Fiona Macleod
    Fiona Macleod
    “A handful of pine-seed will cover mountains with the green majesty of forests. I too will set my face to the wind and throw my handful of seed on high.”


Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A.S. héah; Goth. hauhs, Ice. hár, Ger. hoch.


In literature:

He has warned the people of South Carolina that any attempt at resistance will be put down with a high hand.
"History Plays for the Grammar Grades" by Mary Ella Lyng
Flirting with a man whose high-handed, arbitrary methods dazed rather than offended her, was becoming dangerous.
"When Dreams Come True" by Ritter Brown
And the men came up, with their tin cups in their hands, and they held their cups up high, one at a time.
"The Sandman: His Sea Stories" by William J. Hopkins
He held the ox-heart high in the air with his left hand and struck a soldierly attitude.
"The Spoilers of the Valley" by Robert Watson
Tom at first tried to carry it off with a high hand, informing them that he was a British subjeck, by God!
"Wild Justice: Stories of the South Seas" by Lloyd Osbourne
Then, in a moment, he decided to carry the matter with a high hand.
"The Golden Woman" by Ridgwell Cullum
Governor Gage was carrying things with a high hand.
"Daughters of the Revolution and Their Times" by Charles Carleton Coffin
Imagine, if you please, how a horse would run with you in the night if he was seventeen hands high and a barbarian!
"Dwellers in the Hills" by Melville Davisson Post
She was determined to put that down with a high hand.
"Opportunities" by Susan Warner
Consulting his own selfish interest, he made his rule despotic, and all opposition was suppressed with a high hand.
"History of Human Society" by Frank W. Blackmar
High walls arose on either hand, with a murky sky above.
"Exit Betty" by Grace Livingston Hill
She tried to carry matters with a high hand.
"Brooke's Daughter" by Adeline Sergeant
Every ministerial scheme was carried with as high a hand as if the whole nation had been unanimous.
"The Writings Of Thomas Paine, Complete" by Thomas Paine
Miss Ormerod always carried everything with such a high hand.
"Loyal to the School" by Angela Brazil
Baffo never forgot her origin, and ruled with a high hand, not only as Khasseki-Sultan, but also as Valideh.
"Oriental Women" by Edward Bagby Pollard
I was obliged to take a very high hand with her.
"A Fourth Form Friendship" by Angela Brazil
Buchanan is a good chestnut with a small star, and stands full 16 hands high.
"History of the Kentucky Derby, 1875-1921" by John Lawrence O'Connor
Trouble enough at Lyons; and the dominant party carrying it with a high hand!
"The Great Events by Famous Historians, Volume 14" by Various
Lee ruled with a high hand in New York, showing no consideration to the Tories and making himself highly popular with the revolutionary party.
"The Greater Republic" by Charles Morris
He carries things with a high hand.
"Landolin" by Berthold Auerbach

In poetry:

Father, I am thy child!
My heart is in thy hand!
Let it hear some echo, with gladness wild,
Of a song in thy high land.
"My Heart Thy Lark" by George MacDonald
There is a house not made with hands,
Eternal and on high;
And here my spirit waiting stands,
Till God shall bid it fly.
"Hymn 110" by Isaac Watts
If I was fair then sure I'm fairer now,
Sitting where a score of servants stand,
With a coronet on high days for my brow
And almost a sceptre for my hand.
"Lady Maggie" by Christina Georgina Rossetti
Pipe and viol call the dances,
Torch-light through the high hall glances;
Waves a mighty shadow in;
With manner bland
Doth ask the maiden's hand,
Doth with her the dance begin;
"The Black Knight. (From The German Of Uhland)" by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Every tear that dims the eye,
Or bedews the careworn cheek,
Will our God, who reigns on high,
With a hand so kind and meek,
Wipe away, nor leave a trace
Of its stain on eye or face.
""He Shall Wipe Away Every Tear"" by Joseph Horatio Chant
War has not wholly wrecked us; still
Strong hands, brave hearts, high souls are ours—
Proud consciousness of quenchless powers—
A Past whose memory makes us thrill—
Futures uncharactered, to fill
With heroisms—if we will.
"Acceptation" by Margaret Junkin Preston

In news:

Two high school art projects started out like most, small enough to fit in your hand, but with a little help they grew much larger.
The Dallas-based nonprofit that works to create stylish homes for families struggling with homelessness and poverty invited a handful of Dallas' leading style makers to create vignettes with high-end pieces donated.
The Avon High boys soccer team advanced to its second straight Class L boys championship game on Friday with a 1-0 win over Hand-Madison.
It appeared all in fun as Hernandez was laughing and did stick his hand up for a high-five, but was denied by the ballboy with the rest of the bullpen joining in.
Natalie Randolph, one of only a handful of women to ever to be named coach for a high school football team, prepares her Coolidge High School players for the fall season with full summer days in D.C. By Alan Goldenbach.
Alabama legislators have their hands full with a variety of education bills at various stages of development, including ones that would authorize charter schools and offer credit for creationism classes for public high-schoolers.
With a bourbon in hand, you could fold into a high-backed wooden booth and forget about whatever was weighing you down.
Six years into its eight-year warranty, the artificial turf field behind Twin Valley High School has left the district with a crummy situation on its hands.
ALTOONA, Wis (WEAU)--In the hands of most kids, high tech gadgets are little more than plug-in toys but for some students dealing with a disability iPads and iPod Touches are game changers.
Former Buckeye football star Chris Spielman was on hand at Reynoldsburg High School to present the athletic department with a $10,000 check on Thursday.
A new study shows that high fructose corn syrup consumption rates go hand in hand with higher prevalence of Type 2 diabetes.
Plant High School coach Robert Weiner, left, shakes hands with new University of South Florida head football coach Willie Taggart during a news conference, Saturday, Dec 8, 2012, in Tampa, Fla.
Not often a win­ning hand, unless every­one else has essen­tially noth­ing and is sim­ply oper­at­ing with a "high card" oppor­tu­nity to win.
The race to earn a top seed in the N.C. High School Athletic Association 4AA and 4A football brackets has been narrowed to a handful of the classification’s 100 teams with three weeks left in the regular season.
The Chicago Cubs made their final roster official not long before game time Thursday with the biggest news being that they lost a highly regarded left-handed pitcher in the process.

In science:

On the other hand, the time to reach those nodes with a high degree is lower using NRW than LRW since LRW covers more uniformly the entire network, despite the degree of the nodes.
Long-Range Navigation on Complex Networks using L\'evy Random Walks
On the other hand, there are radii R when BR (o) just exits a can C of type 1, in which case a significant proportion of the volume of BR (o) is contained in C with high probability.
A stationary random graph of no growth rate
On the other hand, we learned that the graph evolution process does satisfy the conjecture with reasonably high probability; hence algorithms whose efficiency rests on the assumption of a unique complex component will not often be inefficient.
The birth of the giant component
On the other hand for not so high EQG, the universe becomes transparent again for a gamma ray energy that can be reached with current AGN models (15 TeV for EQG = Ep/100).
Testing the effective scale of Quantum Gravity with the next generation of Gamma Ray Telescopes
In contrast to perturbative methods, the expectation on the right-hand side, hJ lat (µa)i may be computed numerically with high accuracy on the lattice.
Summary: Working Group on QCD and Strong Interactions
On the other hand, the high experimental precision achievable at a LC will be worthless if it cannot be matched with theoretical precisions at the same level of accuracy.
Loop Calculations: Summary
For starburst activity this would not be surprising, since galaxies with relatively compact nuclear rings with a high star formation rate might well be classi fied as starburst, whereas on the other hand a st arburst classi fied as nuclear may in fact be circumnuclear, but not resolved with imaging.
Fueling and morphology of central starbursts
On the other hand, if the binary survives, then the metal-poor star with extremely high neutron-capture abundances has a neutron star companion today.
The r-Process: Current Understanding and Future Tests
On the other hand, when observed over limited temperature windows (e.g., those imposed by the unavoidably finite measurement time), an increase of the equilibrium χ3 (T ) steeper than T −3 could resemble the high-temperature range of a quantity with a low-temperature divergence.
On the Statics and Dynamics of Magneto-Anisotropic Nanoparticles
Crystalline silicon, on the other hand, generally shows high Q-factors that even increases with lower temperature (top trace, blue dots in Fig. 1). A Q-factor of even more than 109 at cryogenic temperatures was observed in .
Building blocks for future detectors: Silicon test masses and 1550 nm laser light
On the other hand, in the next section, we will see that if we are willing to add a few random experiments to A, then the diameter can be bounded with high probability by a randomized polynomial time algorithm.
Sparse Recovery, Kashin Decomposition and Conic Programming
On the other hand, if |J | ≤ k then by Claim 4, with high probability all sets S j with j /∈ J contain a ma jority of non-intersecting indices.
The non-adaptive query complexity of testing k-parities
On the other hand, when some observed SNP is highly correlated with a (single) causal variant, CCA-block has no advantage over CCA-single.
Genome-wide association studies with high-dimensional phenotypes
As we will see neutrino-electron scattering experiments with sufficiently low energies and high resolution may provide a novel way to test for the presence of right-handed neutral currents.
Neutrino electron scattering and left-right symmetry: future tests
On the other hand, it was reported at the workshop that both the NLC and a high energy muon collider with √s = 0.5 − 1.5 TeV may have significant sensitivity to perform direct tests of the quartic gauge boson couplings to a precision of theoretical interests.
Higgs Boson and Z Physics at the First Muon Collider