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  • Wild Red Cherry. Pin Cherry
    Wild Red Cherry. Pin Cherry
  • Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • ns Wild-cherry any uncultivated tree bearing cherries, or its fruit
    • ***


  • Kotomichi
    “My heart that was rapt away by the wild cherry blossoms -- will it return to my body when they scatter?”


Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A.S. wild; prob. orig. 'self-willed,' from the root of will; Ger. wild.


In literature:

Every foot of it was covered with alders, wild cherry, hazelbush, mulberries, everything having a berry or nut.
"Laddie" by Gene Stratton Porter
We came to some wild cherry bushes.
"Indian Boyhood" by [AKA Ohiyesa], Charles A. Eastman
To draw the feathered tribe, I planted alder, wild cherry, and grape-vines.
"The Harvester" by Gene Stratton Porter
Cherry was wild with delight.
"Stories to Tell to Children" by Sara Cone Bryant
For the rest, it consisted of wild cherries and grease boiled together in a large copper kettle.
"The Oregon Trail" by Francis Parkman, Jr.
By the time they had crossed the field and reached the wild cherry lane beyond it, Lucinda's anger was mastered by her saving sense of humour.
"Chronicles of Avonlea" by Lucy Maud Montgomery
But all the racking did not bring out any idea more novel than wild cherries.
"The Railway Children" by E. Nesbit
For coughs and lung diseases, a decoction of wild cherry bark was administered.
"Andersonville, Volume 4" by John McElroy
The wild cherry was in flower.
"The Possessed" by Fyodor Dostoevsky
The inner bark of the wild black cherry, she said was good to cure ague and fever.
"Canadian Crusoes" by Catherine Parr Traill
Vegetation suddenly put forth; the wild cherry, &c., is now in bloom, and gardening has commenced with fine prospects.
"Personal Memoirs Of A Residence Of Thirty Years With The Indian Tribes On The American Frontiers" by Henry Rowe Schoolcraft
They were very hungry and on the way back came across some wild cherries which had dried perfectly dry as they hung on the bushes.
"Death Valley in '49" by William Lewis Manly
Wild cherry and cherry that is red!
"The Maid-At-Arms" by Robert W. Chambers
Carpets of primroses ran beside them, and masses of wild cherry blossoms were beginning to show amid the beeches.
"Elizabeth's Campaign" by Mrs. Humphrey Ward
A man's head and shoulders were thrust forward, out from amid the boughs of a wild cherry bush.
"The Law-Breakers" by Ridgwell Cullum
An old pale-face and his two daughters seized it in the Moon of Wild Cherries, and they would not go.
"The Plow-Woman" by Eleanor Gates
And so many wild cherries grew close by his garden!
"A Captive of the Roman Eagles" by Felix Dahn
Of cherries natural to the country, and growing wild in the woods, I have seen three sorts.
"The History of Virginia, in Four Parts" by Robert Beverley
Wild strawberries and cherries are plentiful, but too expensive to buy at present.
"My Diary in Serbia: April 1, 1915-Nov. 1, 1915" by Monica M. Stanley
Cherry, Wild Black, 164, 300.
"Wood and Forest" by William Noyes

In poetry:

Blossom on the plum,
Wild wind and merry;
Leaves upon the cherry,
And one swallow come.
"March" by Nora Jane Hopper Chesson
Wild cherry-boughs above us spread,
The whitest shade was ever seen,
And flicker, flicker, came and fled
Sun spots between.
"The Letter L" by Jean Ingelow
When darkish red is t' hawthorn berry
An' sunleet in Howe Wood
Paints ruddy-pink each wild bird cherry?
"Ay, happen. Lad, I could."
"Autumn Tryst" by Dorothy Una Ratcliffe
Your lips were redder than night-shade berries
That burn in borders of hedgerowed lanes,
And sweeter far than the sweet wild cherries
The June sun flushes with crimson stains.
"Years Ago" by Victor James Daley
I would live like an elf where the wild grapes cling,
I would chase the thrush
From the red rose-berries.
All the day long I would laugh and swing
With the black choke-cherries.
"The Pool" by Marjorie Lowry Christie Pickthall
We may touch the faint violets with the hands of thought,
Or lay the pale core of the wild arum bare;
And for ever in our minds the white wild cherry is caught,
Cloudy against the sky and melting into air.
"The Glade" by Edward Shanks

In news:

Housemade burrata with charred cherry tomatoes, fresh wild arugula and toasted garlic crostini.
1 cup blueberries, preferably wild Maine 1 cup Bing cherries (15), pitted and halved 2 Tbsp.
Dianthus 'Black Cherry Wild' From Proven Winners.
BYB Brands Inc introduced Simmer Relaxation Drink in Wild Cherry and Grape varieties.
Debbie Gibson-Tiffany, Clint Eastwood, ' Wild Cherry ' DVD reviews.
Just when you think " Wild Cherry " is a gender-flipped version of "American Pie," it proves your theory true.
The other was the band Wild Cherry.
Debbie Gibson-Tiffany, Clint Eastwood, 'Wild Cherry' DVD reviews.
And, made the 70?s band Wild Cherry forever famous.
cup coarsely chopped dried cherries ½ cup coarsely chopped roasted almonds 1 cup cooked wild rice Salt an...
Wild Rice Stuffing with Pearl Onions, Dried Cherries and Apricots.
The wild cherries You know what cha want 7.
At its best, pinot noir is silky, subtle, light- to medium-bodied, perfumed with fruit, such as strawberries, or wild cherries, and is a joy to savor.
One of America's best-known horses is buried under a wild cherry tree near Tahlequah.
Acorn Squash with Wild Rice, Dried Cherries and Almonds.