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  • Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • adj Unuseful useless
    • ***


  • Leslie Lamport
    Leslie Lamport
    “A distributed system is one in which the failure of a computer you didn't even know existed can render your own computer unusable.”
  • Ralph Waldo Emerson
    “Go oft to the house of thy friend, for weeds choke the unused path.”
  • Lyndon B. Johnson
    “To hunger for use and to go unused is the worst hunger of all.”
  • Source Unknown
    Source Unknown
    “The greatest wastes are unused talents and untried ideas.”
  • Aesop
    “Wealth unused might as well not exist.”


In literature:

If there are no plants, most of the water will stay unused in the barren soil through the entire growing season.
"Gardening Without Irrigation: or without much, anyway" by Steve Solomon
I am unused to the ways of the political life of the city.
"In His Steps" by Charles M. Sheldon
She was brave; she was not unused to danger.
"The Border Legion" by Zane Grey
The squire was not a man much given to general society, and was unused to amuse a table full of people.
"The Small House at Allington" by Anthony Trollope
Nay, I was only a child, whose ears were unused to warmer words than fell from the loving lips of parents.
"The Good Time Coming" by T. S. Arthur
Celia, however, was not unused to this tone.
"At the Villa Rose" by A. E. W. Mason
The Matabele, indeed, are unused to horses, and manage them but ill.
"Hilda Wade" by Grant Allen
He was a stout fighting man, but unused to argument.
"A Knight of the White Cross" by G.A. Henty
It gave Betty a sense of vast unused spaces, of Belle Plain clinging on the edge of an engulfing wilderness, of her own loneliness.
"The Prodigal Judge" by Vaughan Kester
For once Maren, unused to tears, could speak no word.
"The Maid of the Whispering Hills" by Vingie E. Roe
He will find that they have not remained unused.
"An Egyptian Princess, Complete" by Georg Ebers
The Egyptian asses, too, who were unused to rain, had suffered and some of the best had been left on the road.
"Joshua, Complete" by Georg Ebers
The room into which she had just been ushered had, in very truth, a strange, unused, haunted look.
"From Out the Vasty Deep" by Mrs. Belloc Lowndes
Outside was an old army-blue greatcoat; within a battered felt hat and a pair of moccasins, wholly unused.
"Where the Trail Divides" by Will Lillibridge
The bed was unused, the garments in the open closet had not been disarranged.
"The Courage of Captain Plum" by James Oliver Curwood
But I held on some way, until we reached the stopping-place, which happened to be an unused school.
"Three Times and Out" by Nellie L. McClung
One can hardly say that any combination of notes is unusable.
"Symphonies and Their Meaning; Third Series, Modern Symphonies" by Philip H. Goepp
It was a hard and stormy winter, and the Ohio boys, unused to such a life, suffered badly, many of them freezing their hands and feet.
"Personal Recollections of Pardee Butler" by Pardee Butler
The door of Aunt Hepsy's heart had long been locked, and like other unused things, had grown rusty on its hinges.
"Thankful Rest" by Annie S. Swan
To another horse, unused to anything better, the life would not have seemed hard.
"Horses Nine" by Sewell Ford

In poetry:

How pleasant to my feet unused,
To tread the daisied ground!
How sweet to my unwonted ear
The streamlet's lulling sound.
"Paraphrase: Psalm CIII, 3, 4." by James Grahame
Tears fell, when thou went dying,
From eyes unused to weep,
And long where thou art lying,
Will tears the cold turf steep.
"On The Death Of Joseph Rodman Drake" by Fitz-Greene Halleck
When flowers of affection grow,
Like edelweiss mid alpine snow,
In lives severe and beautiless,
Unused to warmth or tenderness.
"Christmas Bells" by Hattie Howard
There are eyes unused to weeping
With the tears of sorrow dim,
Hearts with nature's anguish heaving,
Yet 'tis wrong to weep for him
"Death Of Norman Dewar" by Nora Pembroke
When you laid this rose against my brow,
I was quite unused to the ways of men,
With my trusting heart; I am wiser now,
So I smile, remembering my heart-throbs then,
The dust of a rose cannot blossom again,
"Genieve To Her Lover" by Marietta Holley
Hu, hu! a wonder! a wonder! see, * clasping the singer's glories
A dingy creature, even to laughter * cloaked and clad in patchwork
Shrinking close from the unused glows * of the seraphs'
versicoloured wings.
"A Judgment In Heaven" by Francis Thompson

In news:

The San Pablo Police Department invites residents to turn in their unused or expired medicines Sept 29 for safe disposal.
Some lakeside property owners say sediment buildup has made their docks unusable because the water is too shallow.
Unused cables can be unplugged to reduce case clutter.
Motivating and training professionals to take full advantage of upgrades is hard, so lots of cool new features are going unused.
Fry is due a check of nearly $300,000 to cover unused sick days over his 36 years with the department.
Ohioans urged to turn in outdated and unused medications as part of state's efforts to combat prescription drug trafficking and abuse.
Day to Turn in Unused Prescription Drugs.
DHS guidance to state and local fusion centers going unused.
Billions of dollars in federal funds remain unused.
Some offices still unusable after superstorm Sandy slams East.
Unusable flags to be collected for Memorial Day.
Since the mid-1990s, the town has been paying thousands of dollars in taxes annually on unusable wetlands within neighboring Lakeville's borders.
Men Use Up About 95% Of This, But Women Leave Almost Half of It Unused.
An investment banker who worked long hours at a London-based firm, Anna Jerstrom found herself with a glut of unused vacation days when 2009 came to a close.
Vaccines sit unused as flu begins to spread.

In science:

We perform the following algorithm to construct T1 : At each step we pick an unused vertex in T with exactly one unused neighbor in N (T ).
On the Rank of Random Sparse Matrices
Showing the algorithm does not terminate prematurely is equivalent to showing that after every step either every vertex in N (T ) is used or there is an unused vertex in T with exactly one unused neighbor in N (T ).
On the Rank of Random Sparse Matrices
It therefore must have a vertex of degree one, which must be in T since every unused vertex in N (T ) has degree at least two.
On the Rank of Random Sparse Matrices
Recent measurements have shown that despite increasing demands for bandwidth, much of the currently licensed spectrum remains unused a surprisingly large portion of the time .
Cognitive Networks Achieve Throughput Scaling of a Homogeneous Network
Unused/broken electrodes are indicated by dashed edges.
Rippled Graphene in an In-Plane Magnetic Field: Effects of a Random Vector Potential
If these components do not exhaust all vertices, the process can be continued from any unused vertex, until all have been used.
The shortest distance in random multi-type intersection graphs
Four channels on each side remain unused and thus have a lower noise.
The PANDA GEM-based TPC Prototype
In the first case, only two edges are connected to point B i (C i (D i (Ai ))), wherein we just consider the as yet unused edge as our next edge.
A Parallel Algorithm for Dilated Contour Extraction from Bilevel Images
Then we choose as the next edge the unused edge belonging to the current pixel i.
A Parallel Algorithm for Dilated Contour Extraction from Bilevel Images
The magnitude of the response induced in a material by a perturbation is determined by comparing the size of the perturbation to some property of the material. A large response implies some unusal system property.
Towards a Classification of the Effects of Disorder on Materials Properties
Artis magnae sive de regulis algebraicis liber unus.
Very High Order $\PNM$ Schemes on Unstructured Meshes for the Resistive Relativistic MHD Equations
This is possible by choosing for each i in succession qσ(i) to be any so far unused common neighbour of Qσ(i) .
Filling the gap between Tur\'an's theorem and P\'osa's conjecture
At most 3|B | of these are either in B or amongst the chosen uj, vj, and so we can find a so far unused vertex wi adjacent to ui and vi .
Filling the gap between Tur\'an's theorem and P\'osa's conjecture
Such systems can be implemented as orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) systems, where the sub-carriers corresponding to the unused bands are considered to have zero coefficients, .
Theoretical Limits on Time Delay Estimation for Ultra-Wideband Cognitive Radios
Such charges have made some traps in our lab completely unusable, but no systematic study has been undertaken.
Optimized Planar Penning Traps for Quantum Information Studies