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Tree burial


  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Tree burial Disposal of the dead by placing the corpse among the branches of a tree or in a hollow trunk, a practice among many primitive peoples.
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In literature:

Only the trees and the landscape knew, those trees which had seen every one of them borne to baptism, to bridal and to burial.
"The Yellow God" by H. Rider Haggard
The chief eunuch turned into a burial-ground, through which a way led, by an avenue of cypress-trees, to the quarter of the Seraglio.
"The Rise of Iskander" by Benjamin Disraeli
The burial-ground itself was surrounded and shut in with a belt of trees.
"Alice, or The Mysteries, Complete" by Edward Bulwer-Lytton
Further on a white paling gleamed through the trees; it inclosed the solitary burial ground of the garrison, with half a dozen graves.
"Letters of a Traveller" by William Cullen Bryant
Figure 18 represents tree-burial, from a sketch drawn by my friend Dr. Washington Matthews, United States Army.
"A further contribution to the study of the mortuary customs of the North American Indians" by H. C. Yarrow
We observed also that the ground about the burial tree had been submitted to the flames, as if to keep away the few kangaroos that visit this spot.
"Discoveries in Australia, Volume 2" by John Lort Stokes
There were but few burials here; weeds grew thickly, and a few cypress trees threw solemn shadows across the green.
"A Love Episode" by Emile Zola
The veneration of trees growing beside burial mounds or megalithic monuments was probably a pre-Celtic cult continued by the Celts.
"The Religion of the Ancient Celts" by J. A. MacCulloch
He chose a solitary yew tree on the hill for the burial ground, and dug as deep a grave as he could among the far-spreading roots.
"Fern's Hollow" by Hesba Stretton
The second method is tree burial.
"The Mafulu" by Robert W. Williamson
Piang stumbled along and somehow made his way to the burial tree.
"The Adventures of Piang the Moro Jungle Boy" by Florence Partello Stuart
He was chief mourner at the quiet but stately burial under the old yew-tree in Beechdale churchyard.
"Vixen, Volume III." by M. E. Braddon
Tree burial seems to have been their method of disposing of the dead.
"The Sheep Eaters" by William Alonzo Allen
Generally they are under the shade of a tree, either planted at the time of burial or growing there already.
"India and the Indians" by Edward F. Elwin
In front of her, lifting their plume-like tops against the heavens, she saw the clump of burial trees.
"The Plow-Woman" by Eleanor Gates
In their tree and scaffold burial the Indians sometimes used wooden coffins, but oftener the bodies were simply wrapped in blankets.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 6, Slice 6" by Various
They all lie just out there, under that large tree in the corner of the burial-ground.
"The Torn Bible" by Alice Somerton

In poetry:

To have the sun upon my face,
To look up through the trees,
To walk forth in the open space
And listen to the breeze,—
And not to dream the burial-place
Is clogging my weak knees.
"Heart’s Chill Between" by Christina Georgina Rossetti
Beyond our earthly vision--beyond the burial sod,
Where the palm trees and the amaranths grow on the hills of God,
Oh, golden gates, that stand within the holy, heavenly place,
Open for me but a little, that I may behold her face.
"Minnie" by Kate Seymour Maclean

In news:

Burial was in Pine Tree Cemetery in Daggett Brook Township.
Burial will be at Lone Tree Cemetery in Everly.
Burial was at Lone Tree Cemetery in Everly.
Funeral services are 2 pm Thursday at Turpin Funeral Home with burial following in Lone Tree Cemetery.
Researchers found the burial about five meters (15 feet) below the surface, next to the remains of what may have been a "sacred tree" at one edge of the plaza, the most sacred site of the Aztec capital.
The Old Rumney Marsh Burial Ground on Butler Street has gotten a haircut over the last week with numerous invasive trees removed and several existing trees trimmed thoroughly.
Burial will be in the Lone Tree Cemetery.