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  • Beam-Compass or Trammel Points. Winged Dividers. Outside Calipers. Inside Calipers
    Beam-Compass or Trammel Points. Winged Dividers. Outside Calipers. Inside Calipers
  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • a Trammeled (Man) Having blazes, or white marks, on the fore and hind foot of one side, as if marked by trammels; -- said of a horse.
    • ***

Additional illustrations & photos:

A wrought-iron trammel used for hanging a pot from a fireplace crane. The adjustable hook made it possible to raise or lower the pot A wrought-iron trammel used for hanging a pot from a fireplace crane. The adjustable hook made it possible to raise...

Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • trammeled Caught; confined; shackled; hampered.
    • trammeled Having blazes or white marks on the fore foot and hind foot; of one side, as if marked by trammels: said of a horse.
    • ***


In literature:

Or is the tendency rather to trammel and divert them by so much laborious and irrelevant interference?
"Heart and Soul" by Victor Mapes (AKA Maveric Post)
His oratory was marked by the entire absence of trammels, of rhetoric gesture or even grammar.
"Hidden Treasures" by Harry A. Lewis
A husband would trammel them.
"The Physical Life of Woman:" by Dr. George H Napheys
Enlarge not to my hunger, or I'm caught In trammels of perverse deliciousness.
"Endymion" by John Keats
I once heard a lady who had playfully competed with men in a jumping match gravely attribute her defeat to the trammeling of her skirt.
"The Shadow On The Dial, and Other Essays" by Ambrose Bierce
The spoken word threw off the trammels of an uneasy restraint at the very outset.
"American Sketches" by Charles Whibley
He rose and walked to the edge of the veranda, and stretched himself as if to shake off some trammel of thought.
"A Tar-Heel Baron" by Mabell Shippie Clarke Pelton
She feels like one dazed in the trammels of opium.
"When the Birds Begin to Sing" by Winifred Graham
Free-Will and Providence do not trammel each other, but harmoniously co-operate to the same end.
"Homer's Odyssey" by Denton J. Snider
Shall I, to the end of my days, remain in her trammels?
"Eastern Tales by Many Story Tellers" by Various
No Constitution, it is true, can "trammel up" facts and put power anywhere but where nature puts it.
"Appearances" by Goldsworthy Lowes Dickinson
Paul's philosophy was a broad one, and imposed few trammels upon social intercourse between the sexes.
"The Orchard of Tears" by Sax Rohmer
But I have to live my life myself, and will not be trammeled by any conventions of your social world.
"The Watchers of the Plains" by Ridgewell Cullum
The idiotic opposition which trammelled the commissioner in his province had augmented his Liberalism.
"Sentimental Education, Volume II" by Gustave Flaubert
English public opinion in spite of many trammels had a potent influence.
"The English Utilitarians, Volume I." by Leslie Stephen
We of the present day, however, are still largely in the trammels of the old, though our goal is the freedom of the new.
"The Spirit of American Government" by J. Allen Smith
I am completely disentangled from the trammels of existence.
"The Life or Legend of Gaudama" by Right Reverend Paul Ambroise Bigandet
Had we not cast off the trammels of the world?
"The Wayfarers" by J. C. Snaith
I throw over all the claims of ceremony; but at the same time I don't want to impose the trammels on my friends.
"The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. I (of II)" by Charles James Lever
Grave and intrepid, he manifested a decision which set all trammels at defiance.
"History of the Reformation in the Sixteenth Century, Vol 2" by J. H. Merle D'Aubigné

In poetry:

For though, like all beauty of earth,
Thou'rt trammeled by earthly decay,
Yet my soul is lifted by thine,
To glories that fade not away.
"October" by Sallie Williams Hardcastle
Fleshly trammels no longer bind me,
Joyous, forgetting that such things be;
Time and space have been left behind me,
Brother of stars, I am soaring, free.
"Middle Harbour" by John Le Gay Brereton
She knows into a trammelled torrent,
Is changed her life's free flowing tide;
Knows that her hand no oar is holding,
With which her drifting bark to guide.
"Mystery Of Carmel" by Madge Morris Wagner
She knows into a trammelled torrent,
Is changed her life’s free flowing tide;
Knows that her hand no oar is holding,
With which her drifting bark to guide.
"To Sanson (02)" by Madge Morris Wagner
“The bear and the wolf thou shalt trammel, unto the thick
stem of the oak, at thy pleasure; Before thee the dragon
shall fly from his nest, and shall leave thee sole lord of
his treasure.”
"Elvir Hill (From The Old Danish)" by George Borrow
Mild was his temper, you might swear,
As men of belly often are;
Was gently through church trammels led,
He fed his flock--himself he fed;
Though, of the two, it is confess'd,
The reverend Doctor throve the best.
"The Ant" by William Hutton

In news:

In the dining room that she transformed into a studio, Betsy Trammel surrounds herself with artwork, including artistic contributions from her family.
(PNI) Pitch and catch with … bench coach Alan Trammell.
Ethan Trammell, left, and Cameron Trammell, right, members of the Sharpshooters 4-H club sold baked goods at the Sell-O-Rama.
Tyreek Trammell laughs when his younger brother, Trent, tries to jump into the picture.
APD Says Cordova Center Escapee, Eddie Trammell, Arrested.
The Anchorage Police Department said the Eddie Dean Trammell, the Cordova Center escapee, was arrested Tuesday night.
Deposit trammel funds expansion covert .
Amanda Trammel, 14 and her mother, Debbie, stopped by the Clackamas Town Center to pray.
Summers spent running through the countryside of Bath likely prepared Terrence Trammell for his summer in Beijing.
AP file photo Lou Whitaker, left, with teammate Alan Trammell during spring training in 1980, will appear at a Whitecaps game next season.
Aquinas' Trammell guided Irish to state title.
Lyndon Lionel Trammell, 50, of Shawnee, passed away Monday, Oct 8, 2012 in Shawnee.
TAHLEQUAH — Services for Taylee Mae Trammel, 11 months, of Tahlequah, are Saturday, Nov 24, at 2 pm, in the 29eleven church.
Deposit trammel funds expansion covert.
Terry Trammell, an orthopedic surgeon, explains the spinal surgery Colts quarterback Peyton Manning underwent Thursday.

In science:

The reluctant adoption of downforce in Formula 1 seems to be an example of the trammelling effect of convention in academic and research communities.
Explanation and discovery in aerodynamics
J. P. Hannon and G. T. Trammell, Hyperfine Interactions, 123/4, 127 (1999); J. P. Hannon, N. J.
Rhodium Mossbauer Supperadiance Induced by Liquid-Nitrogen Cooling
In addition to planetary outflows, alternative explanations of the observations have been put forth, where the inferred excess material is due to a confined exosphere (Trammell et al. 2010; hereafter TAL) or a mass transfer stream (Lai et al. 2010).
Magnetically Controlled Outflows from Hot Jupiters