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To cut across


  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • To cut across to pass over or through in the most direct way; as, to cut across a field.
    • ***


In literature:

I was only about eight miles from Barnsley, and I decided to make for that town, cutting across the fields.
"Adventures and Recollections" by Bill o'th' Hoylus End
By noon a bank had advanced across the piles of broken clay and a cut that was to make a new channel for the creek began to open.
"Partners of the Out-Trail" by Harold Bindloss
As she began to edge beyond bounds a shot across her bow cut short the plan.
"The Story of the Great War, Volume IV (of 8)"
Cut it across, turn the gore over, lay it down on the strip so as to measure off another one exactly like it.
"Boy Scouts Handbook" by Boy Scouts of America
I ran to you, and Lossing ran and fired after the fellow, who cut across the open ground.
"Against Odds" by Lawrence L. Lynch
So I came up the other way and cut across to head you off.
"Nobody" by Louis Joseph Vance
He sees one of them riding across the field to cut him off; the other is following him along the road.
"Daughters of the Revolution and Their Times" by Charles Carleton Coffin
The way to the mill lay along the road for a time, and then a short cut was made across what was known as the Greely Ridge.
"The Boy from Hollow Hut" by Isla May Mullins
To-morrow morning I will make him cut a tree across the bayou.
"Elam Storm, The Wolfer" by Harry Castlemon
They started to cut across to the U.P.
"Claim Number One" by George W. (George Washington) Ogden
Heavy clouds had drawn across the sky, and the darkness under the hanger was thick enough to cut with a knife.
"The Wolf Patrol" by John Finnemore
I'll get out here, if I may," he added, "and take a short cut across the Park to my club.
"The Moving Finger" by E. Phillips Oppenheim
For ten cut across the wide side, and a notch for every ten up to forty.
"Soil Culture" by J. H. Walden
We will try to cut across the bay and catch the steamer further down.
"Kidnapped at the Altar" by Laura Jean Libbey
On some issues, however, there was an approach to unanimity, and on others the division cut across party lines.
"The Day of Sir Wilfrid Laurier" by Oscar D. Skelton
A portion of Grant's right wing, cut off at Spottsylvania Court House, endeavored to march across the country to the Peninsula.
"A Rebel War Clerk's Diary at the Confederate States Capital" by John Beauchamp Jones
At intervals it cut across the road or followed it a little way, only to diverge again.
"The Mountain Girl" by Payne Erskine
Closer to him was a long even-banked river that cut down across the countryside from the northwest to the southeast.
"Dave Dawson at Dunkirk" by Robert Sydney Bowen
I'm going to cut across the field here.
"Hildegarde's Harvest" by Laura E. Richards
The father could not give him much money, hardly more than enough to get him across the ocean, but he could cut cameos to pay for his lessons.
"The Child's Book of American Biography" by Mary Stoyell Stimpson

In poetry:

Still, pedetemtim as Lucretious says,
Little by little, you do start to learn;
And learn as well, maybe, what language does
And how it does it, cutting across the world
"Learning the Trees" by Howard Nemerov
From days laid waste across disastrous years,
From hopes cut down across a world of fears,
We gaze with eyes too passionate for tears,
Where faith abides though hope be put to flight.
"A Year's Burden -- 1870" by Algernon Charles Swinburne
Great wits are seldom at a loss;
The Cobler cut a shred across
His apron; hung it, without clatter,
About his neck like knight o' th' Garter;
But wanting George to grace the end on't,
He let the leather flap hang pendant.
"The Cobbler" by William Hutton
Hard Rock was "known not to take no shit From nobody," and he had the scars to prove it:
Split purple lips, lumbed ears, welts above
His yellow eyes, and one long scar that cut
Across his temple and plowed through a thick Canopy of kinky hair.
"Hard Rock Returns To Prison From The Hospital For The Criminal Insane" by Etheridge Knight

In news:

Ever since Simpson-Bowles, it's become a mantra in Washington: Lower the rates across the board and close tax loopholes and other expenditures to help broaden the base and pay for the tax cuts.
Recent Council 2012-2013 Draft Budget Workshop Discussions showed that without additional funds significant cuts will need to be made across all city services, including cuts to street maintenance and police officer positions.
Christie Vows to 'Fight' for Across-the-Board Tax Cut.
Thirteen defense executives say that the threat of automatic, across-the-board cuts to military spending is creating uncertainty that's already affected their industry.
The clock is ticking for Congress to take action to avoid the so-called "fiscal cliff" of tax hikes and massive across-the-board spending cuts.
What it amounts to is automatic, almost-across-the-board cuts to governmental spending.
BOISE — The television station that broadcasts the Idaho Legislature, "Sesame Street" and other shows across the state appears likely to escape budget cut s of the magnitude Gov C.L.
In Syria today, Internet service was cut across the country apparently by the government and at least two airlines canceled flights to and from the capital, Damascus.
The European Union approved a new common patent system on Tuesday designed to cut red tape and streamline patent procedures across much of Europe.
Of the $10 billion in cuts made so far, just over $5.3 billion has come from earmarks, impacting "100 of 192 earmarked accounts across 9 of the 11 appropriations bills with earmarks " according to the Congressional Research Service.
Jeff Kinasz uses a chainsaw to cut up the massive limb that fell across W. Visible in the backgound is the rotted, hollow tree trunk from which it broke off.
You're up to highway speed and suddenly a car cuts across your lane to make an exit.
With work on the new farm bill in full swing, Indiana farmer John Hardin is opposed to across-the-board cuts that would include research funds for land-grant universities.
In response to Governor Piyush "Bobby" Jindal's post-session budget cuts, legislators across the state have begun calling for a special session .
More than 2,500 organizations across the country are petitioning Congress to reject plans that cut or dismantle the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, formerly called food stamps).

In science:

The pure state entanglement across every bipartite cut is likely to be near maximal simultaneously.
Entanglement in Random Subspaces
Let E1, E2 denote the two edges of Σ adjacent to p, and W1, W2 the corresponding walls (Wi is the unique wall of D which cuts across the edge Ei ).
Automorphisms and abstract commensurators of 2-dimensional Artin groups
Cut Dα along its boundary arcs that run across K− to J in the interior of Σ− .
A Homological Approach to Relative Knot Invariants
But one does not need Theorem 2.1, or indeed, to prove that a sum of cuts is again a cut, a set of edges across a vertex partition.
Locally finite graphs with ends: a topological approach
Once the initial Cauchy hypersurface cuts across a trapping horizon in this way, the scenario for pathological foliations is not present initially; and a reasonable choice of lapse should guarantee that future Cauchy hypersurfaces continue to contain that component of the apparent horizon.
Black hole excision with matching
The discontinuity across the cut is ΩL,T (s), and is the cross-section for the currents to create hadrons.
The QCD Coupling Constant
The dispersion relation (14) relates the perturbative expansion coefficients for F (λ) to the discontinuity of F (λ) across the cut.
Perturbative--nonperturbative connection in quantum mechanics and field theory
Ultimately, the mathematical basis proves to be very similar to the matched filter, different primarily in the way that parameter space is explored – the matched filter makes cuts across parameter space, while the Bayesian ultimately integrates over parameter space.
A rigorous comparison of different planet detection algorithms
Bigger size sub-images are advisable for document image thresholding, where fuzzy outlines of letters need to be made well defined. A bigger sub-image size will help in keeping the threshold almost constant, across letters, thereby providing a consistent cut-off for removing fuzziness.
Locally Adaptive Block Thresholding Method with Continuity Constraint
Performing a tube slide, we may isotope one of the tubes τ to be adjacent to A2 in the component X ′ of M cut along Θ′ across T2 from X .
Stabilizations of Heegaard splittings of graph manifolds
We will report here on a model universe based on a cut-and-paste technology of matching an inhomogeneous model to a FRW model universe across the past light cone of the observer.
An Inhomogeneous Model Universe Behaving Homogeneously
There is a continuous connection between this whistler band across the shock to downstream, now with the low frequency part of it cut off.
Fundamentals of Non-relativistic Collisionless Shock Physics: IV. Quasi-Parallel Supercritical Shocks
According to Ref., the pair correlator of U and U † for the potential (3.20) can be calculated taking the discontinuity of (3.17) both in ν and λ across the cut (cuts).
Matrix Models of 2D Gravity and Induced QCD
We assume that the Fermi level is set so that N Landau levels are beneath it, while Landau level number N + 1 has equipotential curves cutting across it from edge to edge at the Fermi energy.
Criticality in the Integer Quantum Hall Effect
However, the diagrams have branch cuts in those subenergies. (The change in the relative magnitude of the ǫi allows one to compute the discontinuity across the cut, keeping the signs of the ǫi fixed; those discontinuities are the one encountered in Sec.4.2).
Four-point functions in Keldysh basis