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To change step


  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • To change step to take a break in the regular succession of steps, in marching or walking, as by bringing the hollow of one foot against the heel of the other, and then stepping off with the foot which is in advance.
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  • Scott Reed
    Scott Reed
    “This one step -- choosing a goal and sticking to it -- changes everything.”
  • George Shinn
    George Shinn
    “Growth means change and change involves risk, stepping from the known to the unknown.”


In literature:

The steps by which this word came to change its meaning so enormously were these.
"Stories That Words Tell Us" by Elizabeth O'Neill
He passed them, his step growing lighter, changing as he withdrew from the old man's line of vision, to a long, rapid glide.
"The Emigrant Trail" by Geraldine Bonner
One of the first necessary steps is a change in educational methods to give greater emphasis to parenthood.
"Applied Eugenics" by Paul Popenoe and Roswell Hill Johnson
He stepped into the dark hall of the house, and then quickly worked a second change; then he stepped to the street.
"Cad Metti, The Female Detective Strategist" by Harlan Page Halsey
His face changed queerly as Terry kept coming, he stepped back uncertainly, the pistol dropped to his side.
"Terry" by Charles Goff Thomson
If my hair would only change color, here's a nice little crib all ready for me to step into.
"Short Stories of Various Types" by Various
As soon as this was eaten, they took steps to change their place of encampment.
"The Castaways" by Captain Mayne Reid
He waved his hat to her from afar, and she answered his greeting; but neither of them changed the direction of his steps.
"The Brentons" by Anna Chapin Ray
By what steps this extraordinary change came about it were hard to tell and long to trace.
"The Life of St. Paul" by James Stalker
Soon he is seen to quicken his step, changing it to a run; at length arriving at the rock, breathless as one who reaches the end of a race.
"The Death Shot" by Mayne Reid
I went to bed, and, as in my former changes, I reflected what steps I should take.
"Valerie" by Frederick Marryat
Up the steps she ran, two at a time, so that she might not have time to lose courage and change her mind.
"The Girl Scouts' Good Turn" by Edith Lavell
Step by step the nation had been drawn to changes from which it shrank, to principles which it held in horror.
"History of the English People, Volume VI (of 8)" by John Richard Green
He changed his gold piece, drank a pint of whisky, and the next day retraced his steps to old Peter's cabin.
"The Young Bank Messenger" by Horatio Alger
They changed from steamer to railroad; about eleven in the morning they stepped out at West Skipsit, Cape Cod.
"The Innocents" by Sinclair Lewis
She stepped back; Princess Ursula took her place, while the Prince went to Chang.
"The Alembic Plot" by Ann Wilson
Passing the second car from the end, they found the steps shorten, then change to a walk.
"The Young Railroaders" by Francis Lovell Coombs
He advanced a step, as though with the intention of speaking to him, but quickly changing his mind, went on his way.
"The Hero of Garside School" by J. Harwood Panting
He changed his gold piece, drank a pint of whisky, and the next day retraced his steps to old Peter's cabin.
"A Cousin's Conspiracy" by Horatio Alger
He stepped forward and was about to speak, but changed his mind.
"Northern Lights" by Gilbert Parker

In poetry:

To disdain what seemed the barn
Till a few steps changed
It past all doubt to the down;
So the barn was avenged.
"The Barn and the Down" by Edward Thomas
'I saw the daily, nightly guest,
The changing scene forsake:
Nor drop a tear, nor turn his steps
The long farewell to take:
"A Tale" by John Logan
It fortifies my soul to know
That, though I perish, Truth is so:
That, howsoe'er I stray and range,
Whate'er I do, Thou dost not change.
I steadier step when I recall
That, if I slip, Thou dost not fall.
"With Whom is no Variableness, Neither Shadow of Turning" by Arthur Hugh Clough
"We're taking it mighty easy, but that is nothing strange,
For up to the age of thirty we spend our years like Change;
But creeping up towards the forties, as fast as the old years fill,
And Time steps in for payment, we seem to change a bill."
"At A Meeting Of Friends" by Oliver Wendell Holmes

In news:

DOE takes a step back from changes to Hanford Advisory Board.
OraQuick, considered by many to be the next step in the fight against the virus, may change all that.
It's organizers believe that by taking small steps to change the mindsets within the community, it can lead to large gains and positive outcomes for today's youth.
Major providers take steps to try to change one of worst images in business.
Putin steps up to run a vastly changed Russia (+video).
Here are the things to consider and steps to take as you make a big change to your computing lifestyle.
The first step in making that change is to meet Austin Scott.
The Bank claims it wants to step up to the challenge of climate change.
You may find it harder to cope with changes today -- so see if you can just slow down and handle things one step at a time.
Time for Republicans to get in step with changing face of America.
Shell, CNPC look to automated well manufacturing for step-change.
Steven Soderbergh's Bubble isn't going to change the way we see movies, but it's a tiny first step.
With the Jerry Sandusky scandal still fresh in their minds, Penn State University has taken some unusual steps to make changes to the way things used to be.
Most of us know the fuel efficiency of our cars, but what about our buildings ASHRAE is working to change that, moving one step closer today to introducing its building energy labeling program with release of a.
From across the country, 40 select college students boarded a bus Sunday in downtown DC with several older travel companions to retrace the steps of a remarkable movement that changed history.

In science:

As long as M ∈ [−0.8N, 0.8N ], steps ∆x in the interface location are equal to changes ∆M in the magnetization, i.e., x(t + ∆t) − x(t) = M (t + ∆t) − M (t).
Magnetization reversal times in the 2D Ising model
Over a large number of steps, the net changes will be a.s. a.e. equal to the expectations.
Random MAX SAT, Random MAX CUT, and Their Phase Transitions
At any given step, one diagonal element will change and the other will not, so it is clear that we need to understand both the distribution of the diagonal elements and the dependence between them to determine the distribution of values of the trace.
The length of closed geodesics on random Riemann Surfaces
Each step in the path from v to v(cid:48) changes one vertex.
Heegaard splittings and the pants complex
Each increasing step in H corresponds to a changing of direction in S.
Asymptotics of Bernoulli random walks, bridges, excursions and meanders with a given number of peaks
Note that for the purposes of studying the joint distribution of the distances between pairs of these points, we can stop the algorithm after k steps because once yi and yj are in the tree, the distance between them will not change when other branches are added to the tree.
The loop-erased random walk and the uniform spanning tree on the four-dimensional discrete torus
In the first step we change a cavity field from αi to γi .
The number of matchings in random graphs
If λ0 > 1 the total number of changes after many steps will diverge and we cannot hope the cavity assumption to be valid.
The number of matchings in random graphs
The second change one has to do is in Step (4) when choosing the appropriate conjugation of X .
Uniform independence in linear groups
B.3 Step 3: triangulating the ˜Xa with simplices σac (∆k ) As in Step 3 above we now change notation from ˜Xac for a ∈ A and c ∈ Ca to ˜Xa for a ∈ A.
Kuranishi homology and Kuranishi cohomology
As in Step 3, we change notation from ˜Xac to ˜Xa .
Kuranishi homology and Kuranishi cohomology
This completes our discussion of the changes to Step 1.
Kuranishi homology and Kuranishi cohomology
In the following steps, single variables or groups of variables are selected and “flipped” (i.e. their value is changed), according to some stochastic rule which depends on the configuration.
Theoretical analysis of optimization problems - Some properties of random k-SAT and k-XORSAT
As a first step, let bring the transfer matrix in its normal form (this corresponds to a change of conjugation as in the proof of Lemma 4).
Random Lie group actions on compact manifolds: A perturbative analysis
This is the probability to end in position x with k changes of direction after n steps.
The 3-dimensional random walk with applications to overstretched DNA and the protein titin