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To bill and coo


  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • To bill and coo to interchange caresses; -- said of doves; also of demonstrative lovers.
    • ***


In literature:

Don't try to bill and coo.
"The Titan" by Theodore Dreiser
She has shown a disposition to bill and coo from the first.
"Lessons in Life, For All Who Will Read Them" by T. S. Arthur
They were billing and cooing this morning; they are billing and cooing now before going to roost.
"The Virginians" by William Makepeace Thackeray
I'm no duenna, whose business it is to watch lovers billing and cooing.
"The Man Who Laughs" by Victor Hugo
Indeed, he is fabled by the poets to be responsible for the billing and cooing of the whole creation.
"Prose Fancies" by Richard Le Gallienne
There, high up in the mountains, lies the dove-cote where they hope to do their billing and cooing.
"Manasseh" by Maurus Jokai
Miss Whichello had other things to think of than this billing and cooing.
"The Bishop's Secret" by Fergus Hume
Was she beyond all aptitude for billing and cooing, if billing and cooing might chance to come in her way?
"Miss Mackenzie" by Anthony Trollope
Ought not "billing and cooing" to be inserted after "Dove"?
"Assimilative Memory" by Marcus Dwight Larrowe (AKA Prof. A. Loisette)
I say, Anna, there's not going to be any billing and cooing or anything of that sort.
"Aladdin of London" by Sir Max Pemberton
You are, after all, only a tender-hearted dove that wants to bill and coo.
"Told by the Death's Head" by Mór Jókai
Elderly people came to stay for pleasant recreation and quiet enjoyment; younger people to "bill and coo" and dance.
"The Falls of Niagara and Other Famous Cataracts" by George W. Holley
What a pity to interrupt your billing and cooing!
"No Quarter!" by Mayne Reid
I wish I but knew the spot; I'd bring their billing and cooing to an abrupt termination.
"Gwen Wynn" by Mayne Reid
He missed the billing and cooing that he knew belonged to these conversations.
"What Will People Say?" by Rupert Hughes
Look at the birds; they always light to do their billing and cooing.
"Frédérique; vol. 1" by Charles Paul de Kock
Well, I'm not the sort of man to stand billing and cooing for a whole year together.
"The Beckoning Hand and Other Stories" by Grant Allen
Had he not had two months of billing and cooing, to gain which she and grannie had spun their fingers to the bone?
"In the Permanent Way" by Flora Annie Steel
They had no other occupation than to bill and coo all day long.
"The Surprises of Life" by Georges Clemenceau

In poetry:

Curly gold locks cover foolish brains,
Billing and cooing is all your cheer;
Sighing and singing of midnight strains,
Under Bonnybell's windowpanes—
Wait till you come to Forty Year!
"The Age of Wisdom" by William Makepeace Thackeray
Oh, stick me in the old caboose this night of wind and rain,
And let the doves of fancy loose to bill and coo again.
I want to feel the pulse of love that warmed the blood like wine;
I want to see the smile above this kind old land of mine.
"Around the Boree Log" by John O Brien