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  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Surmising a. & n. from Surmise v.
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n surmising The act of suspecting; surmise: as, evil surmisings.
    • ***


  • Omar Khayyam
    “Living Life Tomorrow's fate, though thou be wise, Thou canst not tell nor yet surmise; Pass, therefore, not today in vain, For it will never come again.”


In literature:

I surmised that she must have been under an intense strain for days.
"Jacqueline of Golden River" by H. M. Egbert
It is surmised here that Scipio is written by C. Lee.
"Memoir, Correspondence, And Miscellanies, From The Papers Of Thomas Jefferson" by Thomas Jefferson
It was for that very reason that they now looked at each other in startled surmise.
"Plague Ship" by Andre Norton
From what Sir Cyril had said, and from my own surmises, I thought not.
"The Ghost" by Arnold Bennett
The bare thought opened the door to a thousand grim and torturing surmises.
"The Black Box" by E. Phillips Oppenheim
That was surmise upon our part, pure and simple.
"Berry And Co." by Dornford Yates
Ineffable distances of surmise and imagination separated the two in the same room.
"By the Light of the Soul" by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman
My surmises were correct.
"Romance" by Joseph Conrad and F.M. Hueffer
Its situation and general character, too, bore out the surmise.
"Pieces of Eight" by Richard le Gallienne
The book-keeper, if he also surmised Carroll's private life, gave no sign, although he had ample time.
"The Debtor" by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman
These goggles do tell us who dropped them, if our surmises are correct.
"The Meadow-Brook Girls in the Hills" by Janet Aldridge
I could only surmise that his worldly troubles were over.
"Sixteen Months in Four German Prisons" by Henry Charles Mahoney
With these few remnants and this vague surmise ends all that is, or will probably ever be, known of William's childhood.
"Lord Chatham" by Archibald Phillip Primrose Rosebery
There was not much to tell, but there was lots left to surmise, and worry over, according to Fogg's way of thinking.
"Ralph, the Train Dispatcher" by Allen Chapman
In this, as in most things, Don Joaquin was correct in his surmise.
"Mariquita" by John Ayscough
This, Wyeth surmised, was where the liquor was kept.
"The Forged Note" by Oscar Micheaux
You're like them, but my folks were different, as you surmise.
"The Impostor" by Harold Bindloss
His surmise fell not far short of the mark, for after a brief silence the lord of the woods spat vigorously.
"The Hill of Venus" by Nathan Gallizier
Florence, we may surmise, looked forward most to the last stage in the journey.
"The Life of Florence Nightingale vol. 1 of 2" by Edward Tyas Cook
It was as Miss Susan surmised.
"Johnny Ludlow, Third Series" by Mrs. Henry Wood

In poetry:

Hark! now he shakes the towering skies,
A carillon of light,
Then dwindleth to a faint surmise,
Still singing out of sight.
""The lark confinèd in his cage"" by Alfred Austin
And o'er her, with a dread surmise
Of evil sight and sound,
The blind bats on their leathern wings
Went wheeling round and round.
"The Witch of Wenham" by John Greenleaf Whittier
Curtained, I close my lids and dream
Of Beauty seen not but surmised,
And, lulled by scent and song, I seem
Immortally imparadised.
"Florence" by Alfred Austin
Like Georgia shining in her beauty,
Like a land of light by open seas,
It beckons-veiled within a mist
Of wild surmise and theories.
"Here—now—our age of socialism!..." by Boris Pasternak
Sometimes she has a wild surmise
Of what dear name he used to have,
And what the colour of his eyes,
And was he gay, or was he grave.
"The Vestal" by Katharine Tynan
When poplars take the passing fire
And fling it on the windy skies,
I listen, hushed with lone surmise,
In hope to hear a vanished lyre.
"Estrangement" by Clark Ashton Smith

In news:

I surmised that she was severely dehydrated.
Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Together, surmising from various data points, seems to have a substantial focus on the fraying social safety net for the middle class, or what's left of it.
One can surmise from the letters of Larry Brophy that he never had the responsibility of meeting a payroll.
This is especially odd given that one could surmise that his talent is not based on some special psychic sense, but on simply being a keen observer.
You've probably heard or read, perhaps even surmised for yourself, that partisanship is on the rise in Washington.
Tim Lambert looks at the Class 4A bracket and, with a shrug of the shoulders, surmises that there are no easy outs from here out.
But Hopkins said it was his opinion the government is purchasing huge quantities of food for stockpiles, and Americans will have to surmise why.
Students take on the roles of Pocahontas and English colonist John Smith to help tell the history of maple sugar, which historians surmise was discovered by Native Americans.
Repeated body-wash thefts are about monetizing, not moisturizing, Summit police surmise .
Her campaign team surmises that a heavy helping of Facebook ads during the home stretch of the race played an outsize role.
A round mass of stone under his foot may have been intended to be carved as Goliath's head, historians have surmised.
I would have surmised steak, lobster, fish, roast chicken and pasta would be at the top of the culinary list.
"It's a totally educated guess," said Penelope Hynam, "but we can surmise reasonably, and be about ninety-five percent certain, that this was George Washington's bedroom.
As many of my readers would be able to surmise, it's not often the case that I am in agreement with Ludwig von Mises, one of the most conservative economists to have ever lived.
Repeated body-wash thefts are about monetizing, not moisturizing, Summit police surmise.

In science:

The figure shows that distributions (16) evolve the shape predicted by the corresponding Wigner surmise towards the Poisson distribution, but never reach it.
Non-extensive Random Matrix Theory - A Bridge Connecting Chaotic and Regular Dynamics
In order to find a Wigner-type surmise for the nearest-neighbour distributions we consider the limiting behaviour P (λ) when two nearby eigenvalues λ1 and λ2 get close to each other.
Integrable random matrix ensembles
For rational and hyperbolic Calogero-Moser models Wigner-type surmises are proposed.
Integrable random matrix ensembles
Simbel, Wigner surmise for high-order level spacing distributions of chaotic systems, Phys.
Integrable random matrix ensembles
We see that as the density goes from the semi-circle to the Gaussian-like shape, concomitantly the spacing moves from the Wigner surmise to the Poisson distribution 1 − exp(−s).
Hyperbolic disordered ensembles of random matrices
Left: density of states, right: spacing statistics, the continuous line is the Wigner surmise for GOE matrices.
Quench Dynamics in Randomly Generated Extended Quantum Models
Starting with a value of q = 1, where the nearest-neighbor spacing (NNS) distribution is well approximated by the Wigner surmise (see below), and decreasing q the distribution becomes narrower, and more sharply peaked at spacing s = 1.
Random matrix theory for mixed regular-chaotic dynamics in the super-extensive regime
This simple argument, essentially due to Wigner5 and to Landau and Smorodinsky,6 is known as the Wigner surmise.
Lattices of matrices (revised)
The nearest neighbor spacing distribution is well approximated by the Wigner surmise given by P (S ) ∼ S β exp(−aβ S 2 ), where aβ is a constant.
Random matrix model approach to chiral symmetry
The problem is surmised as: an observed excess of faint galaxies over the zero or passive evolution model predictions.
Hubble Deep Fever: A faint galaxy diagnosis
In other words, we surmise that for each nonzero y in CG, the (convex) set of states on G weakly associated to the left regular representation and annihilating y∗y has only finitely many extreme points.
Pure eigenstates for the sum of generators of the free group
One may surmise that the special place of domino tableaux has some relation with classical groups of types other than An, rather than just with plethysms; such a connection certainly does exist (see [Garf ], where even moving chains play a rˆole), but at present we cannot indicate any concrete links.
Some bijective correspondences involving domino tableaux
Wigner surmise to Poisson distribution is clearly identified.
Level spacing statistics of disordered finite superlattices spectra and motional narrowing as a random matrix theory effect
Wigner (dotted lines) surmises are also shown.
Level spacing statistics of disordered finite superlattices spectra and motional narrowing as a random matrix theory effect
In effect, the Einstein, Podolsky and Rosen surmise that QM (at the De Broglie level vice the Zitter level) is incomplete is confirmed, thereby preempting conflicts with the definition of probability.
Foundations of Probability and Physics, Round table