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  • Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • adjs Sun-beat smitten by the rays of the sun
    • ***


Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A.S. sunne; Ice. sunna, Ger. sunne.


In literature:

He saw that he had drifted clear of his protective screen somehow and the sun beat full on him.
"Far from Home" by J.A. Taylor
The heat was excessive; the sun beat down on their heads with terrible force.
"Notable Voyagers" by W.H.G. Kingston and Henry Frith
While Southern suns upon you beat, Hoosier boys!
"Incidents of the War: Humorous, Pathetic, and Descriptive" by Alf Burnett
Nothing was to be seen save the long stretch of empty turnpike, with the hot sun beating down upon it.
"Southern Stories" by Various
So also the thatch on the elephant's back has many gaps, through which the hot sun can still beat down on his skin.
"The Wonders of the Jungle" by Prince Sarath Ghosh
Through the double canvas roofing of a tent the sun beats down like a giant with a leaden club.
"In Mesopotamia" by Martin Swayne
There was no breeze, and the hot sun beat down upon the boat all day.
"The Great White Tribe in Filipinia" by Paul T. Gilbert
Then we've been through so much ever since, and drunk all that water, and the sun's been beating down on us.
"The Peril Finders" by George Manville Fenn
We were on a broad plain on the outskirts of a village and the broiling sun beat down on us.
"An African Adventure" by Isaac F. Marcosson
The sun went down and the wind blew cold and the rain beat hard from the east; but Larie knew nothing of all this.
"Bird Stories" by Edith M. Patch
The sun beat down upon the outer world whitely, and scarcely a leaf stirred.
"Vagabondia" by Frances Hodgson Burnett
And the sun beat on us.
"Fifty-Two Stories For Girls" by Various
And there, on the platform where the sun was beating down with fierce heat, stood Mr. and Mrs. Webster.
"Littlebourne Lock" by F. Bayford Harrison
The sun beat down on the awnings on the east side of Government Street.
"Some Reminiscences of old Victoria" by Edgar Fawcett
The afternoon sun beat down fiercely.
"The Boy Scouts Book of Campfire Stories" by Various
The sun beat down on the thicket of saplings and no breeze penetrated it.
"The Fighting Edge" by William MacLeod Raine
Warmly as the sun beat down, Jack felt a chill that turned his blood to ice-water run over him at the thought.
"The Ocean Wireless Boys And The Naval Code" by John Henry Goldfrap, AKA Captain Wilbur Lawton
And then the sun beat down onto him: and if he had had any hair onto his head it would have seemed more shady.
"The Universal Reciter" by Various
A merciless sun beat down from a hot, cloudless sky.
"The Coyote" by James Roberts
The air was hot and sultry, and in the open spaces the sun beat down mercilessly upon the two hapless ones.
"Astounding Stories of Super-Science, March 1930" by Various

In poetry:

She beat her breast, she wrung her hands, Till sun and day were o'er,
And through the glimmering lattice shone
The twinkling of the star.
"William and Helen" by Sir Walter Scott
A Man shall be a covert from the heat,
Whereon in vain the sandy noon shall beat:
A Man shall be a perfect summer sun,
When all the western lights are paled and gone.
"Dum Agonizatur Anima, Orent Assistentes" by Digby Mackworth Dolben
The sun goes down at last, and lo! a breeze
Pours through the mighty cavern of the streets.
(O sleeping heart, dream of unsheltered seas
Where the glad, fresh rains beats!)
"August In The City" by Charles Hanson Towne
Not stars, not sun, not moonbeams sweet,
Could make my heart with rapture beat.
'Tis love alone that smilingly
Peers forth from Nature's blissful eye,
As from a mirror ever!
"The Triumph Of Love" by Friedrich von Schiller
When the end shall sound on a life’s word done
And the strong pulse slows in its throbbing beat,
Ere I set my face to the setting sun
I shall take old shoes for my careless feet.
"Days’ End" by Robert Steel Byrnes
IS it so small a thing
To have enjoy'd the sun,
To have lived light in the spring,
To have loved, to have thought, to have done;
To have advanced true friends, and beat down baffling foes;
"From the Hymn of Empedocles" by Matthew Arnold

In news:

With Oregon State-Arizona State: Q&A with Sun Devils beat writer Doug Haller of the Arizona Republic.
Nash hits late layup, Suns beat Bucks 107-105.
PHILADELPHIA — The blistering sun is beating down on the field at.
Charles, Sun beat Liberty to reach East finals.
The sun beats onto your head.
Runners beat sun up for annual race.
Mayo scored 23 points, including the go-ahead jumper with 35 seconds to go, and the Dallas Mavericks held on to beat Phoenix 97-94 last night, the Suns' fifth loss in a row.
Ailing James, Heat end long trip by beating Suns.
Sun Belt, C-USA should merge, but egos won't allow it (beat column).
As August's summer sun beats down on Blaine, The Northern Light followed Kathleen Capson, one of Blaine's most knowledgeable historians, on a present-day look into Blaine's history.
Carlos Boozer had 28 points and 14 rebounds to help the visiting Chicago Bulls beat the Phoenix Suns, 112-106, in overtime Wednesday night.
Chris Bosh scored 24 points on 9-of-11 shooting to help the Dwyane Wade-less Heat beat the Suns.
Kolton Browning threw for 218 yards and a touchdown and added another rushing to help Louisiana-Monroe beat Florida International 23-17 in overtime Saturday in Sun Belt Conference action.
Nuggets beat Suns 118-107, clinch playoff berth.
Nash, Suns finally beat Spurs in a Game 1, 111-102.

In science:

After a very short time interval τ ′ << τ, in which SB decreases, the imperfections in the reversal and the “outside” perturbations, such as those coming from a sun flare, a star quake in a distant galaxy (a long time ago) or from a butterfly beating its wings, will make it increase again.
From Time-symmetric Microscopic Dynamics to Time-asymmetric Macroscopic Behavior: An Overview