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Statical moment


  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Statical moment See under Moment.
    • Statical moment the product of a force into its leverage; the same as moment of a force with respect to a point, line, etc.
    • ***


In literature:

Population fluctuating slightly at the moment, completely static for the past five centuries.
"Ministry of Disturbance" by Henry Beam Piper
The static moments in his psychology are giving place to the dynamic.
"Dictatorship vs. Democracy" by Leon Trotsky

In science:

The propagator of this field is the moment of inertia of the model and depends explicitly on the assumed configuration of the rigid static colormagnetic field.
Body Fixed Frame, Rigid Gauge Rotations and Large N Random Fields in QCD
Recalling the expression (2.16) for the field of a static charge, we see that the last term in Eq. (2.44) represents an instantaneous distribution of the potential at the moment t1, corresponding to the charge density taken at that same moment.
Spurious poles of the axial gauge propagators and dynamics of the interacting fields
Let I (H, δ) be the observed intensity of the static magnetic moment associated with the order in Figs 3b,c at a field H and doping δ .
Order and quantum phase transitions in the cuprate superconductors
In the SDA, the moments of the spectral function are determined (via repeated evaluation of commutators with the Hamiltonian) by complicated but static correlators.
Quantum Cluster Theories
Precisely for this reason, we can have a supergravity configuration appearing as a static configuration at each moment of the brane annihilation with its ADM mass related to the interaction energy of the system labelled by the off-shell tachyon as a parameter at that moment.
Non-SUSY $p$-branes, bubbles and tubular branes
Similarly, there is second moment conductivity sum rule and a third moment loss function sum rule that in certain circumstances allows one to evaluate the strength of Umklapp scattering and the static electron-lattice energy (84; 85).
Electrodynamics of correlated electron systems
Just outside the overall core region, where we measure the multipole moments, the multipole expansion will differ significantly from that of a static configuration.
Radiation from SU(3) monopole scattering
However, it should be noted that the moment t = 0 has no physical meaning in the static solution because the system is invariant under time translation.
Stability criterion for self-similar solutions with perfect fluids in general relativity
Spin sum rules relate the moments of the spin structure functions to the nucleon’s static properties (as in Bjorken or GDH sum rules) or real or virtual Compton amplitudes, which can be calculated theoretically (as in the generalized GDH sum rule or the forward spin polarizabilities).
New Results on Nucleon Spin Structure
Spin sum rules relate the moments of the spin-structure functions to the nucleon’s static properties or real or virtual Compton amplitudes, which can be calculated theoretically.
Spin Sum Rules at Low $Q^2$
It was long conjectured that given a series of multipole moments satisfying an appropriate convergence condition, there exists a static solution of the Einstein equations with precisely those moments.
A stability result for purely radiative spacetimes
Herberthson, Static spacetimes with prescribed multipole moments: a proof of a conjecture by Geroch, In arXiv:0906.4246[gr-qc].
A stability result for purely radiative spacetimes
Indeed, in the case of the completely relativistic calculation of a correction to the electron anomalous magnetic moment we cannot rely on a static component in (1), but should deal with an interaction describing an exchange by an intermediate particle.
Constraints on a long-range spin-independent interaction from precision atomic physics
For paramagnetic systems this local magnetic field is typically originated by the nuclear magnetic moments, which are static within the µSR time window.
Muon diffusion in diluted paramagnetic systems
The GKT model describes systems of Heisenberg magnetic moments which fill completely the sites of the lattice and which are static.
Muon diffusion in diluted paramagnetic systems