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Stars and Stripes


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n Stars and Stripes the national flag of the United States of America
    • ***
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: This is what the red, white, and blue on the US flag represent: The Continental Congress left no record to show why it chose the colors. However, in 1782, the Congress of the Confederation chose these same colors for the Great Seal of the United States and listed their meaning as follows: white to mean purity and innocence, red for valor and hardiness, and blue for vigilance, perseverance, and justice. According to legend, George Washington interpreted the elements of the flag this way: the stars were taken from the sky, the red from the British colors, and the white stripes signified the secession from the home country. However, there is no official designation or meaning for the colors of the flag.
    • Stars and Stripes a popular name for the flag of the United States, which consists of thirteen horizontal stripes, alternately red and white, and a union having, in a blue field, white stars to represent the several States, one for each.
    • Stars and Stripes See under Star n.
    • ***


Stars and stripes - The stars and stripes is the American flag.


In literature:

Among the emblems there was one other, the Stars and Stripes.
"The Missourian" by Eugene P. (Eugene Percy) Lyle
But me, what I seemed to see was America coming toward me draped in the stars and stripes.
"Aurora the Magnificent" by Gertrude Hall
That is our launch, see the Stars and Stripes floating over the bow and the girls' green flag at the back?
"The Campfire Girls on Ellen's Isle" by Hildegard G. Frey
Then their names; and I said, Star and Stripe.
"Our Young Folks--Vol. I, No. II, February 1865" by Various
Suddenly it disappeared, and the Stars and Stripes took its place.
"The Little Book of the Flag" by Eva March Tappan
The personnel of this, the greatest single army that ever fought beneath the Stars and Stripes, is reproduced in the appendix.
""And they thought we wouldn't fight"" by Floyd Gibbons
Yet the stars and stripes did not float in its stead; it was replaced by the flag of Virginia.
"A Rebel War Clerk's Diary at the Confederate States Capital" by John Beauchamp Jones
The stars and stripes of America, and the white flag and lilies of France, wave in triumph.
"Hero Stories from American History" by Albert F. Blaisdell
They had learned that the stars and stripes shone upon a banner that was seldom conquered, and never disgraced.
"Graham's Magazine Vol XXXIII No. 5 November 1848" by Various
The stars and stripes, of course.
"A Daughter of the Forest" by Evelyn Raymond
Do they not march under their State flags instead of the Stars and Stripes?
"Uncle Daniel's Story Of "Tom" Anderson And Twenty Great Battles" by John McElroy
His next order was to raise the stars and stripes over the Capitol.
"The Fourth Massachusetts Cavalry in the Closing Scenes of the War for the Maintenance of the Union, from Richmond to Appomatox" by William B. Arnold
Was as good a soldier as ever fought under the Stars and Stripes.
"Company K, Twentieth Regiment, Illinois Volunteer Infantry" by Andrew Brown
Not a follower of the "Stars and Stripes" was there but felt happier and prouder after such a day.
"The Utah Batteries: A History" by Charles R. Mabey
That was the first time the Stars and Stripes were saluted by a foreign power.
"Stories of Our Naval Heroes" by Various
See the stars and stripes!
"An American Girl Abroad" by Adeline Trafton
From their balcony the American girls could see the stars and stripes mingling with the red, white and blue of the small principality.
"The Red Cross Girls with Pershing to Victory" by Margaret Vandercook
The French people of Louisiana had no keen loyalty for the Stars and Stripes at that time.
"The Ifs of History" by Joseph Edgar Chamberlin
The Stars and Stripes fluttered over Europe at far-flung points.
"The Story of the Great War, Volume VII (of VIII)" by Various
What I wanted to see was a camp of soldiers with their tents and the Stars and Stripes floating over them.
"The Boy Spy" by Joseph Kerby

In poetry:

And far more glorious is the flag
Which o'er the Briton waves,
Than that whose stars of freedom shine
Upon the stripes of slaves.
"Lines Of Annexation" by Nora Pembroke
But hark, the shouts of victory rise,
The stripes and stars in triumph wave -
The foe on wings of terror flies,
He yields the soil he vowed to save.
"On Buena Vista's Field" by Henry Pelham Holmes Bromwell
Columbia shall arise renewed, and wear
Her coronet of stars, and round her fold
Her robe of stripes, by righteousness made fair,
Which still exalts the nations as of old.
"Orson's Farewell" by Nora Pembroke
Hail Flag of the Union! Hail Flag of the free!
That floateth so proudly o'er land and o'er sea
Thy Stars and thy Stripes, in grandeur doth wave
O'er hearts that are true and hands that are brave.
"Stars And Stripes" by Mary Weston Fordham
When the incense that glows before Liberty's shrine,
Is unmixed with the blood of the galled and oppressed,
O, then, and then only, the boast may be thine,
That the stripes and stars wave o'er a land of the blest.
"Jefferson's Daughter" by Anonymous Americas
Send them home tenderly, Our martyr'd and brave,
With the stripes and stars round them, All robed for the grave.
Bereaved mothers shall clasp them In pride to their breast,
And the good of our nation Shall weep where they rest.
"Send Them Home Tenderly" by Anonymous Americas

In news:

A Political History of the Stars and Stripes .
Scouts flood national cemetery with stars and stripes .
Always First Nails Stars and Stripes in Final Stride.
Stars and Stripes and Prayers.
Stars and Stripes Shatters Record.
Stars and Stripes at Chesapeake Beach.
New Hartford, NY (WIBX) – There's still time to register for Sitrin's " Stars and Stripes Run and Walk", which is happening on Saturday at SUNY IT in Marcy.
Flag Day inspires thoughts about Stars and Stripes.
Free Fighter and Tim Thornton take the Stars and Stripes.
Winchester's Return Heads Stars and Stripes.
Grade I winner Winchester makes his first start of the year in the Stars and Stripes.
Saluting the Stars and Stripes in Honor of Memorial Day.
Free Fighter, who won the 2009 Stars and Stripes, will try for a repeat performance in 2010.
Justice Loses Its Stars and Stripes.
A Political History of the Stars and Stripes.

In science:

From objects with measured redshifts in Stripe 82, 500 stars and 100 in each extra-galactic redshift range were selected at random.
Galaxy And Mass Assembly (GAMA): The input catalogue and star-galaxy separation
Thus, the final star-galaxy separation (Eq. 2) was determined using AU TO mags for J − K and SDSS model mags for g − i (data from Stripes 9–12).
Galaxy And Mass Assembly (GAMA): The input catalogue and star-galaxy separation
Sesar et al. (2010), who used SDSS Stripe 82 data to develop a new technique for estimating metallicity from photometric data where both RR Lyrae variables and main-sequence stars from the same structure can be identifie d.
Kinematics and Chemistry of Stars Along the Sagittarius Trailing Tidal Tail and Constraints on the Milky Way Mass Distribution
For brevity, this star catalog will be referred to as the “coadd” catalog. A comparison of MegaCam Stripe 82 observations (described in Sect. 8) and the coadd catalog revealed evidence for a percent-level residual non-uniformity in the final flat-fielding solution of the coadd catalog.
Improved Photometric Calibration of the SNLS and the SDSS Supernova Surveys
The first outputs obtained from the comparison of SNLS and SDSS measurements of the Stripe 82 stars are precise color transformations between the two systems.
Improved Photometric Calibration of the SNLS and the SDSS Supernova Surveys
We base our estimate of the i2M passband uncertainty on the stellar locus in the plane i2M − i vs g − i which has been well-constrained by observations of Stripe 82 stars and synthetic photometry predictions (see Sect. 8.3).
Improved Photometric Calibration of the SNLS and the SDSS Supernova Surveys
For hard-core bosons on the square lattice with also next-nearest neighbour hopping [170, 171], a supersolid was found for densities n < 1/4 with star diagonal ordering, and it was also found for densities 0.25 < n < 0.5 between a star and stripe solid at half filling [171].
Recent developments in Quantum Monte-Carlo simulations with applications for cold gases
The sky background was removed by extracting a stripe on each side of the star’s spectrum and subtracting the average of these two stripes from each row of the stellar signal on the CCD.
Spectral analysis of sdB stars from the Hamburg Quasar Survey