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  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • 3d pers. sing. pres Stant Stands.
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n stant A contracted form of standeth, third person singular present indicative of stand.
    • n stant Same as stents.
    • ***


In literature:

In ze conversation Papa says, 'You know, perhaps, yong man, where stants our army?
"Boyhood" by Leo Tolstoy
I will what you call stant the dinner, if you are SO POOR!
"Roundabout Papers" by William Makepeace Thackeray
Charlotte Stant is in London.
"The Golden Bowl" by Henry James
It seemed as if I could n't stant it!
"Polly of the Hospital Staff" by Emma C. Dowd
Fructus quoque ante ianuam stant.
"Latin for Beginners" by Benjamin Leonard D'Ooge
Stantes erant pedes nostri, in atriis tuis Jerusalem.
"The St. Gregory Hymnal and Catholic Choir Book" by Various
I hear all you say, an' I see him troo der crack here, an' he stant out there a long time looking back in here.
"Winning the Wilderness" by Margaret Hill McCarter
Thus statur is used for sto, stas, stat, stamus, statis, stant.
"The Comic Latin Grammar" by Percival Leigh
Stant asite, I orter you.
"The Chainbearer" by J. Fenimore Cooper
Quisque suis vicibus, maesto stant ordine flentes; Oreque velato femina triste silet.
"Essays" by Arthur Christopher Benson
Nemo super terram sanctus; stant aethere sancti: Nos carnem natura facit, quo carne fruamur.
"Renaissance in Italy: Italian Literature" by John Addington Symonds
Before him stant braun of the tusked swyn, And "Nowel" cryeth every lusty man.
"Chaucer and His Times" by Grace E. Hadow
I can't stant it anudder minute.
"Girl Scouts at Dandelion Camp" by Lillian Elizabeth Roy
Accensor causis, per me stant omnia, namque Et dono et adimo vitam, cum rebus honorem.
"The Dance of Death" by Francis Douce

In news:

Strangers in the Land by Stant Litore.
Fire Captain Clay Ward can in-stantly recall the date of the first from memory.

In science:

The value of Dh, the diffusion coefficient of the inhibitor has been kept con stant to identify the systematic trends associated with the variation of Da .
Reaction diffusion processes on random and scale-free networks
R−1Mc ≡ RMcR−1 is a conThe angular momentum in space Ms = Ad∗ stant matrix, and the Euler equations have the following matrix form generalizing the classical Euler equations of the rigid body dynamics ˙Mc + [Ωc, Mc ] = 0.
Control of mechanical systems on Lie groups and ideal hydrodynamics
Definition 2.6 can be formulated in the same way in the non-con stant coefficient case, i.e. if the valuation v on K is non-trivial.
Generic Tropical Varieties
His algorithm can deal with in finitely long sequences and use only con stant space and expected linear time.
Efficient Generation of Random Bits from Finite State Markov Chains
X ) there exists a conProposition 3.24 (Lemma VII.2.2 ) For every ΣB stant d ∈ N and a polynomial p( ~m, ~n) such that for al l ~m, ~n ∈ N, the propositional translation Jϕ(~x, ~X )K ~m,~n has depth at most d and size at most p( ~m, ~n).
Short Propositional Refutations for Dense Random 3CNF Formulas
Furthermore if f is differentiable and such that f ′ is l-Lipschitz for a positive conT → 0, then the sequence √T (fT (x) − f (x)) satisfies (2.4) with stant l, and if aT T h4 speed aT and the good rate function defined by (3.4).
Bernstein inequality and moderate deviations under strong mixing conditions
LOG and CAT file are relatively small and therefore only one in stant of each exists.
The All Sky Automated Survey
The emerging model was convincingly con firmed: the universe is s patially flat, consisting mostly of “dark energy ” that behaves like a cosmological con stant, about 23% dark matter, and about 4% baryons.
Nuclear and Particle Astrophysics at CIPANP 2003
But since the Hamiltonian is one of the constraints, then such variables are “perennials” i.e. con stants of motion, and one cannot reasonably expect any of them to play the role of a “clock ”.
Canonical quantum gravity and consistent discretizations
Assuming conproportionality between P ′ stant density, this results in higher quenching rate constants for increasing temperature because of the molecular Brownian motion.
Air Fluorescence Relevant for Cosmic-Ray Detection - Summary of the 5th Fluorescence Workshop, El Escorial 2007
F −1)(k)(τ ) − (F −1)(k)(s)|, µi (κ) := R uiκ(u)du and a conwith |Rn (τ )| ≤ Ck (κ)bk stant Ck depending only on k and κ.
Significance testing in quantile regression
It is an essential part of this work, so we decided stants C and C0 to explain it in a separate section.
Analytical approximation for the structure of differentially rotating barotropes
An assi stant recorded the values, with each turn starting and ending a t Marker 1, so a single Marker 1 reading was recorded twic e for successive turns (complete rotations).
An Explanation of Dayton Miller's Anomalous "Ether Drift" Result