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  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • a Standard-bred Bred in conformity to a standard. Specif., applied to a registered trotting horse which comes up to the standard adopted by the National Association of Trotting-horse Breeders.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • standard-bred Bred up to some standard of excellence agreed upon by some association.
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In literature:

Soldiers as a class (I take the town-bred, slum-bred majority, mind) are men who have discarded the civil standard of morality altogether.
"With Rimington" by L. March Phillipps
As a general rule, however, standard-bred birds are best.
"Pratt's Practical Pointers on the Care of Livestock and Poultry" by Pratt Food Co.
It is well known that highly bred plants quickly run out unless kept at the same high standard.
"The Mayflower, January, 1905" by Various
The standards of a well-bred world would not prevail in this strange household.
"Kildares of Storm" by Eleanor Mercein Kelly
The learned or college-bred use one pronunciation, and for that class that is the standard.
"Lippincott's Magazine of Popular Literature and Science, Volume 26, July 1880." by Various
Wherever they are not sufficiently hardy, they can be bred back towards the Spanish Merino standard, by the use of some of the stouter rams.
"Domestic Animals" by Richard L. Allen
He bred them from 1825 to 1875 and produced the standard strain.
"The Dogs of Boytown" by Walter A. Dyer

In news:

Puny and Decadent American-Bred Panda Is Being Retrained to Chinese Standards.
Originally bred to the exacting standards of a German cavalry officer, the German shepherd became one of the 20th century's most popular military breeds.
Puny and Decadent American-Bred Panda Is Being Retrained to Chinese Standards.