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  • Showing chevet and polygonal spire
    Showing chevet and polygonal spire
  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • a Spired Having a spire; being in the form of a spire; as, a spired steeple.
    • ***

Additional illustrations & photos:

Showing arches in the walls climbing up to the spire Showing arches in the walls climbing up to the spire

Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: Although construction of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Strasbourg started in 1015, it was not until 1439 that the spire was completed.
    • spired Having a spire.
    • spired In conchology, having a spire, as a univalve shell; spiriferous; turreted.
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: In the original architectural design, the French Cathedral of Chartes had six spires (It was built with two spires).
    • adjs Spired having a spire
    • ***


  • Heinrich Heine
    “The weather-cock on the church spire, though made of iron, would soon be broken by the storm-wind if it did not understand the noble art of turning to every wind.”
  • Samuel Taylor Coleridge
    “An instinctive taste teaches men to build their churches with spire steeples which point as with a silent finger to the sky and stars.”


Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Fr.,—L. spira; Gr. speira, anything wound round or upon a thing; akin to eirein, to fasten together in rows.


In literature:

It has a wooden belfry and spire.
"Hertfordshire" by Herbert W Tompkins
As we came in sight of the tinned spires of the church at Jemez, we heard a distinct murmur, and halted at once.
"Captured by the Navajos" by Charles A. Curtis
Its solitary spire rose to a height of one hundred and sixty feet, full of grace and elegance.
"The Argosy" by Various
Toward dusk a wind came moaning down the valley, raising little spires of dust.
"Lore of Proserpine" by Maurice Hewlett
Through one of the twisted, slanting dome windows a rocky spire was visible.
"Brigands of the Moon" by Ray Cummings
One of these is set close to the wall up to the spire of the pinnacle.
"The Cathedral Church of York" by A. Clutton-Brock
The church spire is a conspicuous landmark.
"Bell's Cathedrals: The Cathedral Church of Saint Albans" by Thomas Perkins
About a century later this Norman roof was removed to make place for a loftier roof or spire.
"Bell's Cathedrals: Wimborne Minster and Christchurch Priory" by Thomas Perkins
The practice of having two, three, five, seven, nine and thirteen cupolas or spires is as early as the Eleventh Century.
"Russia" by Various
The tall leaden spire of the Cathedral was unmistakable, 'no prisoners there.
"A Book of Quaker Saints" by Lucy Violet Hodgkin
The tower and spire of St John's (15th century) stand on one of the gateways of the city.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 4, Part 3" by Various
It is also probable that he repaired the spire.
"Bell's Cathedrals: The Cathedral Church of Norwich" by C. H. B. Quennell
Height of western towers with the spires I take the liberty of adding, unknown.
"Bell's Cathedrals: The Cathedral Church of St. Paul" by Arthur Dimock
This Cathedral was commenced in 1352, and finished in 1411, though another spire was to have been built.
"Dikes and Ditches" by Oliver Optic
The gray cottages of Westbury were before him, backed by the church and its tall spire.
"Sea-Dogs All!" by Tom Bevan
The church stands at a great elevation, and has a high spire, which forms a landmark far and wide.
"Hampstead and Marylebone" by Geraldine Edith Mitton
The spire is two hundred and fifty feet high.
"Ireland as It Is" by Robert John Buckley (AKA R.J.B.)
The Puritans grievously battered it, and knocked down the central spire.
"England, Picturesque and Descriptive" by Joel Cook
In a clear sky the moon rode above the spire.
"Astounding Stories of Super-Science, November, 1930" by Various
"Our Homeland Churches and How to Study Them" by Sidney Heath

In poetry:

The spire of the church and the windows
Are all ablaze in the sun.
He has left the plough in the furrow,
His summer day's work is done.
"The Ploughboy" by Kate Seymour Maclean
He builds the soaring spires,
That sing his soul in stone: of her he draws,
Though blind to her, by spelling at her laws,
Her purest fires.
"Earth And Man" by George Meredith
And still, when sunset lights his fire
Along the gold and crimsoned west,
She sleeps beneath the shadowing spire,
The cross upon her breast.
"The Old Church on the Hill" by Kate Seymour Maclean
From here and there a cottage roof,
Spires of blue vapour 'gan to steal;
To eyes of love a heavenly proof
The mother warmed the evening meal.
"Outside The Village Church" by Alfred Austin
'Tis night — the shade of keep and spire
Obscurely dance on Evan's stream;
And on the wave the warder's fire
Is chequering the moonlight beam.
"Cadyow Castle" by Sir Walter Scott
Deal gently with us, ye who read
Our largest hope is unfulfilled,--
The promise still outruns the deed,--
The tower, but not the spire, we build.
"To My Readers" by Oliver Wendell Holmes

In news:

The spire of St Olaf's church rises above buildings in the old town area of Tallinn, Estonia .
A day after arriving in Manhattan from across the harbor, the first piece of the 1 World Trade Center spire has begun the trip to its final resting place atop the city's tallest tower.
1 WTC Spire Heads for the Skyline.
NEW YORK (AP) — The crowning spire of the World Trade Center's tallest building has arrived in New York City.
Just steps away from AT&T Park, Spire 's inspired menu rises above standard sports bar fare.
The first piece of the spire is hoisted atop One World Trade Center on December 12, 2012 in New York City.
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BetaNews staff writer Tim Conneally said C Spire 's iPhone deal is a "quality benchmark.".
Silva said C Spire 's decision to remain private is something that is unique and overlooked by other carriers especially from a customer service perspective.
Spire for 1 World Trade Center arrives in NYC.
A barge loaded with sections of spire for One World Trade Center, center, is guided by tugboat across New York Harbor, Tuesday, Dec 11, 2012 in New York.
Chicago Spire 's Foreclosure Marks the End of an Era.
Chicago Spire 's foreclosure lawsuits heat up as condo market remains frozen.
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IPhone 5 coming to Cricket, C Spire Sept 28.

In science:

Using stacking analyses of the Chandra data and Herschel SPIRE observations at 250µm, we respectively estimate mean SMBH accretion rates ( ˙MBH ) and star-formation rates (SFRs) for the 2QZ Clus and C-COSMOS samples.
Concurrent Supermassive Black Hole and Galaxy Growth: Linking Environment and Nuclear Activity in z = 2.23 H-alpha Emitters
The uncertainties include the revised overall calibration uncertainties at 7 per cent in all SPIRE bands (Griffin & Lim 2011).
A multi-wavelength study of the Magellanic-type galaxy NGC 4449. I. Modelling the spectral energy distribution, the ionisation structure and the star formation history
Without the success of such a service my research would not have been possible. I am also deeply indebted to the librarians at SLAC, DESY and CERN for making the databases such as SPIRES database available on the World Wide Web.
Event-Symmetric Physics
Our hard X-ray telescope (EXITE) group at Harvard is working collaboratively with Spire Corporation to build and characterize pixellated CdZnTe detectors with low leakage current.
Development of Prototype Pixellated PIN CdZnTe Detectors
This model provides an excellent description of the citation distributions for live and dead papers in the SPIRES database.
Life, Death and Preferential Attachment
The work in this paper is based on data obtained from the SPIRES database of papers in high energy physics.
Life, Death and Preferential Attachment
To be specific, the data used below is the network of all citable papers from the Theory subfield of SPIRES, ultimo October 2003.
Life, Death and Preferential Attachment
As suggested in the introduction, most (i.e., approximately three-quarters) of the papers in SPIRES are dead.
Life, Death and Preferential Attachment
Guided by the SPIRES data, we assume that this probability is proportional to 1/(k + 1) for a paper with k real citations.
Life, Death and Preferential Attachment
We now return to the full model and compare it to the data from SPIRES.
Life, Death and Preferential Attachment
However, the numerical success of the present model does not indicate the absence of additional correlations in the SPIRES data.
Life, Death and Preferential Attachment
This belief is supported by the SPIRES data and will be treated in a subsequent publication.
Life, Death and Preferential Attachment
SPIRES database of scientific papers in high energy physics.
Live and Dead Nodes
More precisely, de Solla Price was the first person to re-think Simon’s model and use it as a basis of description for any kind of network, cf. (Newman, 2003). 2 SPIRES is an acronym for ‘Stanford Physics Information REtrieval System’ and is the oldest computerized database in the world.
Live and Dead Nodes
The citation data came from manual processing of roughly 200,000 arXiv submissions administered in the SLAC/SPIRES database.
Recommending Related Papers Based on Digital Library Access Records