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  • Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Snow-wreath (Scot.) a snowdrift
    • ***


Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A.S. snáw; Ger. schnee, L. nix, nivis.


In literature:

It was snowing again, driving across the lake in the hard wind and drifting in a wonderful wreath about the cabin.
"A Mating in the Wilds" by Ottwell Binns
There chanced to be a stout bush or tree growing on the face of the cliff, not ten feet below the spot where the snow-wreath had broken off.
"Silver Lake" by R.M. Ballantyne
Overcome with fatigue, fear, and disappointment, she sat down on a wreath of snow and wept.
"Ungava" by R.M. Ballantyne
The latter ate it sitting on a snow-wreath.
"The Big Otter" by R.M. Ballantyne
Though the winter of age wreathes her snow on his head, vol.
"The Modern Scottish Minstrel, Volume VI" by Various
Though the winter of age wreathes her snow on his head, vol.
"The Modern Scottish Minstrel, Volumes I-VI." by Various
No, it must be a snow-wreath!
"Fast in the Ice" by R.M. Ballantyne
When tea was over we melted away, "like snow-wreaths in Thawjean," and went out on the beach and had a yelling match.
"New Treasure Seekers" by E. (Edith) Nesbit
Beyond it on the one side there seemed to be a waste of stones amid which a few wreaths of snow still gleamed lividly.
"Masters of the Wheat-Lands" by Harold Bindloss
Beyond it on the one side there seemed to be a waste of stones amidst which a few wreaths of snow still gleamed lividly.
"Hawtrey's Deputy" by Harold Bindloss
There were snow wreaths in the ringer's hair, and tears in her eyes, when she shut the window.
"Polly of Lady Gay Cottage" by Emma C. Dowd
How beautiful were those snow-wreaths in their perfect purity!
"Graham's Magazine Vol XXXII. No. 5. May 1848" by Various
He heeds not the snow-wreaths, lifted and cast From a thousand boughs, by the rising blast.
"Poetical Works of William Cullen Bryant" by William Cullen Bryant
Take that wreath of dewy violets, twine it round their golden flow; Let the perfumed purple blossoms fall upon my brow of snow!
"Continental Monthly, Vol. III, No IV, April 1863" by Various
Her form grew vague as a snow wreath or a white vaporous cloud.
"Japanese Fairy Tales" by Grace James
She could not blush, the blood had all gone to her stricken heart and left her white as a snow wreath.
"The Wayfarers" by Mary Stewart Cutting
In her hair she wore a wreath of white verbenas or (snow-balls) and green leaves.
"Music-Study in Germany" by Amy Fay
The snow-wreaths were most difficult to get through, the smoking drift cutting his breath and nearly suffocating him.
"Harry Milvaine" by Gordon Stables
Cradled in snow, yet wreathed in flowers; solemn, secure, unchangeable!
"The Mercy of the Lord" by Flora Annie Steel
See, there the old Father Hood stands, with his wreath of snow, which he has worn since the time when man was unknown.
"Wigwam and War-path; Or the Royal Chief in Chains" by A. B. (Alfred Benjamin) Meacham

In poetry:

I shall smile when wreaths of snow
Blossom where the rose should grow;
I shall sing when night's decay
Ushers in a drearier day.
"Fall, Leaves, Fall" by Emily Jane Bronte
It watched the little bush girl grow,
And kept her life from harm,
Till, spotless as the virgin snow
In wreath and veil, it saw her go
Upon her husband's arm.
"The Church upon the Hill" by John O Brien
At eventide, when glories lie
In crimson curtains hung on high,
And all the breast of heaven glows
With mingled wreaths of flowers and snows,
The dearest dreams of life draw nigh.
"At Eventide" by Freeman Edwin Miller
On Autumn's gray and mournful grave the snow
Hung its white wreaths; with stifled voice and low
The river crept, by one vast bridge o'er-crossed,
Built by the boar-locked artisan of Frost.
"The Bridal of Pennacook" by John Greenleaf Whittier
Tho' youth may boast the curls that flow,
In sunny waves of auburn glow;
As graceful on thy hoary head,
Has time the robe of honor spread,
And there, oh ! softly, softly shed,
His wreath of snow!
"The Silver Locks" by Felicia Dorothea Hemans
Thy dark-eyed daughters come in beauty forth
In thy near realms; and, like their snow-wreaths fair,
The bright-hair'd youths and maidens of the North,
Smile in thy colours when thou art not there.
"Morning" by Maria Gowen Brooks

In news:

Picture from 2008 of the Middletown cemetery with snow and wreaths.
A dusting of snow coats the Colonial style wreaths.