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  • Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • Silk-figured having the ornamental pattern in silk
    • ***


Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A.S. seolc—L. sericum—Gr. sērikon, neut. of adj. Sērikos, pertaining to the SēresSēr, a native of China.


In literature:

A tall figure in black silk came forward to meet them, and received them with the best grace in the world.
"Debit and Credit" by Gustav Freytag
Her hair was brushed back from her forehead and the silk-figured Japanese shawl was over her shoulders.
"The Seventh Noon" by Frederick Orin Bartlett
Figured silks do not generally wear well, if the figure be large and satin-like.
"A Treatise on Domestic Economy" by Catherine Esther Beecher
Shining, shimmering figures in silk and satin and tulle.
"Mistress Anne" by Temple Bailey
It referred originally to a fabric having a silk warp and a figure of wool filling heavier than the warp.
"Textiles" by William H. Dooley
Who was this tall figure in a trailing gray silk, looking down at her with severe triumph in her black eyes?
"Harper's Young People, January 6, 1880" by Various
In her pretty shoes and silk stockings and well-fitting dress Florence made quite a graceful figure.
"A Bunch of Cherries" by L. T. Meade
She was in a loose silk dressing-gown, which fell in long folds about her stately figure.
"The First Violin" by Jessie Fothergill
In the cottage door stood a figure in blue silks, intently gazing after the disappearing horseman.
"The Heart of Thunder Mountain" by Edfrid A. Bingham
The figures are worked in Oriental gold thread on Byzantine crimson silk.
"Needlework As Art" by Marian Alford
With regard to silk, the figures show that there is no cause for serious alarm.
"Are we Ruined by the Germans?" by Harold Cox
She was huddled beside me, a strange, beautiful figure in her long white silk dress.
"Astounding Stories, June, 1931" by Various
She looked back at the tall erect figure in the grey silk dressing-gown.
"The New Warden" by Mrs. David G. Ritchie
She was arrayed in a dress of soft violet silk, that, apparently, had no other garment beneath, so perfect was the revelation of her figure.
"The Goddess of Atvatabar" by William R. Bradshaw
Mrs. Brenane herself was a noteworthy figure, always dressed in marvellous, quaintly-shaped, black silk gowns.
"Lafcadio Hearn" by Nina H. Kennard
She was dressed in black silk, which, drawn tightly over her breast, showed off her figure to perfection.
"The Weird of the Wentworths, Vol. 1" by Johannes Scotus
The portion of the leaf not impressed with the figures on the tools, is easily removed with a silk rag.
"Popular Technology; Volume 2" by Edward Hazen
The dress was put on, its rich silk folds falling round her graceful figure.
"It May Be True Volume 1 of 3" by Mrs. Wood
On his return the "Great Admiral" clad himself in silk and was a notable figure in the Bristol streets.
"From Gretna Green to Land's End" by Katharine Lee Bates
Tea, silk, and copper figure largely in the exports from that busy center.
"Seven Legs Across the Seas" by Samuel Murray

In poetry:

And each night at a certain hour
(Or am I only dreaming it?),
A girl's figure, swathed in silk,
Moves across the misty window.
"Unknown Woman" by Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Blok
When Dives, in his silks, a figure made,
And cocker'd up himself with costly fare,
Death came and slew him, for his proud parade:
Fopplings and Epicures, of death beware.
"A Memento Mori -- Or Remember Death" by Rees Prichard

In science:

An energy budget of 1–2 keV per particle (3–10 times higher than that in the external scenario) seems to be required to reproduce the entropy floor (see also Wu, Fabian & Nulsen 1999, Valageas & Silk 1999) and entropy profiles similar to the ones predicted in the external heating scenario (see Figure 2, left).
The Heating of the ICM: Energy Crisis and viable solutions
When estimating power spectra, it is customary (White, Scott & Silk 1994) to place both vertical and horizontal error bars on the data points, as in Figure 1.
A method for extracting maximum resolution power spectra from microwave sky maps
Cosmic background radiation Figure  .: Current status of CMB anisotropy observations, adapted from Scott, Silk, & White ( ) [].
The Cosmic Background Radiation