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  • Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • Semi-regular pertaining to a quadrilateral having four equal sides, but only pairs of equal angles
    • ***


In literature:

Third, by liberal and regular feeding chiefly with some liquid or semi-liquid food, of which milk is the commonest form.
"Preventable Diseases" by Woods Hutchinson
Their migration is semi-annual; but unlike most other migratory birds, it is far from being regular.
"The Hunters' Feast" by Mayne Reid
There is a regularly organized lottery in Havana, to which the government lends its name, and which has semi-monthly drawings.
"Due South or Cuba Past and Present" by Maturin M. Ballou
The "Union Lyceum" was soon established, and a regular semi-monthly paper was published, called "The Stars and Stripes.
"The history of Company C, Seventh Regiment, O.V.I" by Theodore Wilder
What irritates Tieck especially is an arrangement of figures in the picture in the regular semi-circle borrowd directly from the theater.
"Tieck's Essay on the Boydell Shakspere Gallery" by George Henry Danton
One at least of these semi-regular solids was, however, already known to Plato.
"Archimedes" by Thomas Little Heath

In news:

As One Amalia's Mode Planetary Folklore semi-regular theme song.
Editor's note: "Hollyworld" is a semi-regular series covering Hollywood's impact on the world and celebrity culture around the globe.
A core cast gather's semi-regularly throughout the fall and into the new year.
That's what this new, semi-regular corner of the food section aims to discover.
Kansas' medical-marijuana community is taking its semi-regular shot at legalizing medical pot.
Spurs beat writer Jeff McDonald and NBA columnist Mike Monroe join rookie blogger Dan McCarney for the inaugural edition of the semi-regular Spurs Prospectus podcast.
Best Semi-Regular Food Event (Weather Permitting).
Inimitable Maine dada-noise artist CRANK STURGEON comes to town this Saturday for a show at the semi-regular Open Sound experimental-music series at Third Life Studios.
The Drudge Report's flashing siren is a familiar sight to even semi-regular readers.
Today in our semi-regular Dischord Records dispatch, Rites of Spring vocalist Guy Picciotto talks about the recent release of the band's original six-song demo, 28 years after it was first recorded.
Initially a hobby that led to a part-time job, and then regular semi-professional freelance work.
First semi-regular "eco-chic" arts and crafts event featuring local artists, handmade up-cycled, re-purposed art, jewelry, home decor, clothing and accessories.
A semi-regular look at a fleeting form of restaurant swag in smoking ban-era DC.
We're trying out a semi-regular feature here on The Real Estate this week: illustrated, aimless walking tours of neighborhoods we are personally interested in.
The tiny shuttle 's max altitude was 35,000 meters, or roughly 21 miles, merely a fraction of the 200-odd miles the real thing used to attain on a semi-regular basis.

In science:

If A is γ ∗ -semi-open in the subspace B, then A is γ ∗ -semi-open in X, where γ is a regular operation.
On $\gamma$-Semi-Continuous Functions
The sum of the distances between the leaves of a tree and the ‘semi-regular’ property.
Tree statistics from Matula numbers
Note that the multiplicative unitaries obtained above need not be semi-regular nor manageable.
Duality of Hopf $C^*$-algebras
Subsequent NLO calculations for the s-channel [56, 57] and tchannel [28, 58] modes used dimensional regularization and expressed the semi-inclusive cross section in terms of the Modified Minimal Subtraction (MS) factorization scheme.
The fully differential single-top-quark cross section in next-to-leading order QCD
Let A be a unital semi-simple regular commutative Banach algebra with spectrum X, which is thus a compact Hausdorff space.
Beurling-Pollard type theorems
It is known that V (X, Y ) is semi-simple, regular and its spectra is naturally identified with X × Y .
Beurling-Pollard type theorems
The results are given in the ’tHooft-Veltman regularization scheme. [SN-A] means the difference between the semi-numerical result and the analytical one.
The one-loop amplitude for six-gluon scattering
For several classes of such systems, motivated by physical models, it has been shown that one can define the semi flow of evolution in unbounded domains acting on bounded functions with some regularity (see for example,,, ).
Complexity for extended dynamical systems
Throughout the paper C denotes a universal constant, varying from line to line, dependent only on the suspension semiflow Tt : X h → X h and the regularity exponents m, η .
For the general theory of harmonic morphisms between semi-Riemannian manifolds we refer to the excellent book and the regularly updated on-line bibliography .
Harmonic morphisms from the classical compact semisimple Lie groups
Neumann algebra M as singular, Cartan, or semi-regular according to whether N (A, M )′′=A, N (A, M )′′ = M, or N (A, M )′′ is a proper subfactor of M .
Hochschild Cohomology of II_1 Factors with Cartan Masas
Theorem 4 (Pointwise MDP for the semi-recursive kernel estimator of the regression) Assume that (hn ) varies regularly with exponent (−a) with a ∈]0, 1/d[, and satisfies (16).
Large and moderate deviations principles for kernel estimators of the multivariate regression
This is modified in light of Glass & Lloyd Evans (2003) who used MACHO data to refine the periods for the same group of stars and to eliminate three of them (W19, W30, W46) as semi-regular (SR), rather than Mira, variables.
AGB Variables and the Mira Period-Luminosity Relation
Note that the two low amplitude semi-regulars, W Cyg and L2 Pup, which have σπ /π < 0.16 and are shown in the figure are omitted from this solution for consistency.
AGB Variables and the Mira Period-Luminosity Relation
The stars that define the other PL(K ) relations are low amplitude semi-regular variables, and it would be surprising to find a star like UX Cyg in this position.
AGB Variables and the Mira Period-Luminosity Relation