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  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Self-communion Communion with one's self; thoughts about one's self.
    • ***


In literature:

But he went on talking again in the same tone of questioning self-communion.
"Twelve Stories and a Dream" by H. G. Wells
In that light and attitude she might have seemed some rapt acolyte abandoned to self-communion.
"In the Carquinez Woods" by Bret Harte
Everything depended on the result of the Bishop's self-communion.
"Two on a Tower" by Thomas Hardy
We looked at each other without a word, with a little surprised self-communion.
"Under Fire" by Henri Barbusse
Its emptiness cut his train of self-communion short.
"Victory" by Joseph Conrad
A moment's silent self-communion, and he went on with a rush.
"The Little Warrior" by P. G. Wodehouse
Self-communion had to make up for lack of intellectual intercourse, and sharpened her perception.
"The World's Greatest Books, Vol. I" by Various
On the afternoon previous to the communion, he would retire to some private place for self examination and prayer.
"The Pearl Box" by A Pastor
Communion and petition are of necessity self-wide.
"Quiet Talks on Prayer" by S. D. (Samuel Dickey) Gordon
Most of the reasons given by those who stop away from Communion centre in self.
"The Discipline of War" by John Hasloch Potter
In short, my self-communion ended in some very sage resolutions.
"Autumn Leaves" by Various
He emerged from that self-communion freshly shaved and smoking a cigar.
"Never-Fail Blake" by Arthur Stringer
There may self-communion be enjoyed.
"The Young Maiden" by A. B. (Artemas Bowers) Muzzey
The lonely plains and self-communion had given each a soul.
"The Kangaroo Marines" by R. W. Campbell
She was one of those women who seem to find nothing in self-communion.
"The Harbor of Doubt" by Frank Williams
He stood with folded arms, his head hanging upon his breast, while his lips moved in self-communion.
"The Wilderness Trail" by Frank Williams
Hours of self communion, alone in his room, had for Fillmore Flagg a hitherto unknown charm.
"Solaris Farm" by Milan C. Edson
This last was an interrogatory which Mary Musgrove was often found putting to herself, in winding up a self-communion.
"Horse-Shoe Robinson" by John Pendleton Kennedy
With that love for solitude and self-communion, so common to unusual minds, Mr. Quince had not mingled with the ladies.
"The Triumph of Virginia Dale" by John Francis, Jr.
Be with us in our hours of self-communion, and inspire us with good purpose and service to Thee.
"The Meaning of Faith" by Harry Emerson Fosdick

In poetry:

Oh, come to our Communion Feast:
There present, in the heart
As in the hands, th' eternal Priest
Will His true self impart. -
"Gunpowder Treason" by John Keble
What if She ever thought She saw
The self within myself prefer
Communion with the silent awe
Of far-off mountains more than Her;
"The Door Of Humility" by Alfred Austin
When I with my self seek communion, I shrink,
Were I mightier far, I should still be small,
Soul and strength in adoring Thee faint and sink,
Yet sing Thee I must till the end of all.
"Arise, O My Rapture" by Shlomo ibn Gabirol
I preached the rule of Faith and brotherly Communion,
The law of Peace and Beauty and the death of Strife,
And painted in great words the horror of disunion,
The vainness of self-worship, and the waste of life.
"The Land Of Pallas" by Archibald Lampman