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  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • a Selenic (Chem) Of or pertaining to selenium; derived from, or containing, selenium; specifically, designating those compounds in which the element has a higher valence as contrasted with selenious compounds.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • selenic Of or pertaining to selenium: as, selenic acid, H2SeO4. This acid is formed when selenium is oxidized by fusion with niter. It is a strong corrosive dibasic acid, much resembling sulphuric acid. The concentrated acid has the consistence of oil, and is strongly hygroscopic. Its salts are called selenates.
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
Cf. F. sélénique,


In literature:

Hyperion the Titan god wed Theia the Titan goddess, and their children were Hellos, the bright Sun, and Selene, the clear Moon.
"The Golden Fleece and the Heroes who Lived Before Achilles" by Padraic Colum
Selene, the moon, like Helios, the sun, was a person, and amorous.
"Myth, Ritual, and Religion, Vol. 1" by Andrew Lang
The princess Selene, in moonblue robes, a silver crescent on her head, descends from a Sedan chair, borne by two giants.
"Ulysses" by James Joyce
Selene herself had woven the curtain in front of the door.
"Cleopatra, Complete" by Georg Ebers
Selene sent her to bed and sat down alone to her work.
"The Emperor, Complete" by Georg Ebers
I was all alone out there, and Selene looked down on us in silence.
"A Thorny Path [Per Aspera], Complete" by Georg Ebers
What was Endymion, sweet Selene's love?
"Theocritus" by Theocritus
EOS, the goddess of the dawn, the daughter of Hyperion, and the sister of Helios and Selene.
"The Nuttall Encyclopaedia" by Edited by Rev. James Wood
Cleopatra Selene had a daughter who married an Atlantide king.
"Atlantida" by Pierre Benoit
Hyperion and Theia had, as children, Helios, Selene and Eos, or Sun, Moon, and Dawn.
"Ten Great Religions" by James Freeman Clarke
Hail, Queen, white-armed Goddess, divine Selene, gentle of heart and fair of tress.
"The Homeric Hymns A New Prose Translation; and Essays, Literary and Mythological" by Andrew Lang
It is attacked only by boiling selenic acid which, as you must know, dissolves platinum readily.
"The Black Star Passes" by John W Campbell
Seems to me, at the dance the other night, Selene said she was fine and dandy.
"The Best Short Stories of 1917" by Various
When the shades of evening began to enfold the earth, the two milk-white steeds of Selene rose out of the mysterious depths of Oceanus.
"Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece and Rome" by E.M. Berens
We have the stories of Pan and of Echo, of Pan and of Midas, of Pan and Syrinx, of Pan and Selene, of Pan and Pitys, of Pan and Pomona.
"A Book of Myths" by Jean Lang
And did not Selene descend to woo the neatherd Endymion?
"The Tinted Venus" by F. Anstey
Selene sent for her brother.
"Melomaniacs" by James Huneker
Was Selene Scott that accomplice?
"The House of Strange Secrets" by A. Eric Bayly
At last Selene came back, empty-handed.
"Ancient Manners" by Pierre Louys
Diana (Cynthia, Phoebe, Selene, Artemis), the fair twin sister of Apollo, was not only goddess of the moon, but also of the chase.
"Myths of Greece and Rome" by H. A. Guerber

In poetry:

This is the fire of Hestia's careful hearth;
The flame that fed on many-towered Troy;
Selene's light about the Latmian boy;
The all-consuming ardor of Melkarth.
"Amor" by Clark Ashton Smith

In news:

Despite a cracked rib, Selene and Team Bicycling made the best of an early starting, 70 K ride on day four of the BC Bike Race.
Inglorious Leads Carroll Tandem in Selene.
Queen's Plate winner Inglorious is back at Woodbine for the Selene Stakes.
Gold Strike Hits Pay Dirt in Selene Stakes.
(from Woodbine report) Gold Strike, bred and owned by Harlequin Ranches, drew off in the stretch to take Sunday's $280,400 Selene Stakes (Can-III) for 3-year-old fillies at Woodbine in impressive fashion.
Selene, who'd given me life, was small, dark, feminine as a fan.
Biofuel in the Selene Stakes.
Biofuel dominated seven rival 3-year-old fillies in the $247,870 Selene Stakes (Can-III) with a two-length victory at Woodbine Sept 26 (VIDEO).
Verdana Bold Holds On in Selene Stakes.
Juneau resident Selene Marhya Wolthausen died March 26, 2007, in Juneau.
JOURNEY BEYOND SELENE Remarkable Expeditions Past Our Moon and to the Ends of the Solar System.
Meet Selene, a Suicide Girl from Oregon who loves criminology and cartoons.
Kate Beckinsale returns to star as vampiress Selene, who wakes up after being in a cryogenically frozen state for 12 years.
Kate Beckinsale returns as Selene, but where is Scott Speedman.
Kate Beckinsale as the thawed-out Selene, ready to deal death and destruction in Underworld.

In science:

The partially filled alumina film is then ac electrolysed in selenic acid for a few seconds which leaves behind the Se−− ions adsorbed on the walls of the pores.
A Self Assembled Nanoelectronic Quantum Computer Based on the Rashba Effect in Quantum Dots
The typical representatives of these crystals are α-quartz, cinnabar, tellurium, selen, camphor and benzil.
The Revised Quantum Mechanical Theory of the Optical Activity of Crystals