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  • Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • Seconds-pendulum a pendulum which makes one oscillation per second of mean time
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Fr.,—L. secundussequi, secutus, to follow.


In literature:

The pendulum of the clock told the seconds with a dull, sighing sound.
"Foma Gordyeff" by Maxim Gorky
For a few seconds the boat swung backwards and forwards, like a pendulum.
"Diary of a U-Boat Commander" by Anonymous
As another example, consider a clock pendulum beating seconds.
"Cyclopedia of Telephony & Telegraphy Vol. 1" by Kempster Miller
The length of the rod of a pendulum which beats exact seconds in London is 39.13 inches.
"Chambers's Edinburgh Journal, No. 457" by Various
Is the pendulum which man is said to be 'twixt a smile and tear addressed in the first, second, or third person?
"Assimilative Memory" by Marcus Dwight Larrowe (AKA Prof. A. Loisette)
Pendulum beats seconds and makes electric contact by means of an adjustable mercury cup.
"Astronomical Instruments and Accessories" by Wm. Gaertner & Co.
The clock, constructed by Dent, with the assistance of the Astronomer Royal, is true to a second of time, and has a compensation pendulum.
"Old and New London" by Walter Thornbury
Each swing of the pendulum marked one second, Brinton's mother had told him.
"Harper's Round Table, July 9, 1895" by Various
He favored the recoil anchor escapement in his clocks and the Graham dead-beat anchor escapement with a seconds' pendulum.
"The Borghesi Astronomical Clock in the Museum of History and Technology" by Silvio A. Bedini
From this the length of the seconds pendulum was calculated.
"Development of Gravity Pendulums in the 19th Century" by Victor Fritz Lenzen and Robert P. Multhauf
A pendulum which vibrates seconds in this latitude is about 39-1/7 inches long.
"Conversations on Natural Philosophy, in which the Elements of that Science are Familiarly Explained" by Jane Haldimand Marcet and Thomas P. Jones
The pendulum of the clock swings in seconds.
"Colorado--The Bright Romance of American History" by F. C. Grable
In a very short time, then, the second pendulum will be vibrating like the first.
"Marvels of Scientific Invention" by Thomas W. Corbin
In 1816 Young was appointed Secretary to a Commission for determining the length of the second's pendulum.
"Heroes of Science: Physicists" by William Garnett
He marked the seconds with the pendulum of his body; he struck them with his strident invocation.
"Miranda of the Balcony" by A. E. W. (Alfred Edward Woodley) Mason
A clock pendulum makes four vibrations a second, what is its length?
"Physics" by Willis Eugene Tower
SECONDS PENDULUM: a theoretical or simple pendulum of such length that its time of swing (half-period) is one second.
"Smithsonian Institution - United States National Museum - Bulletin 240" by Anonymous

In poetry:

The innocent word that sets remembrance trembling,
The dubious word that sets the scared heart beating . . .
The pendulum on the wall
Shakes down seconds . . . They laugh at time, dissembling;
Or coil for a victim and do not talk at all.
"The House Of Dust: Part 03: 09:" by Conrad Potter Aiken

In news:

Trimble County's Skiler Alexander toed the charity stripe with 19.4 seconds remaining in a frenzied game with border rival Carroll County—a contest where the momentum had swung back and forth like the pendulum on a grandfather clock.

In science:

In the second experimental set up, the linear density mass is fixed and the total length of the multiple pendulum is changed.
Oscillations bounded by the simple pendulum and the oscillating rigid rod
The period was set to two seconds, the well known beat of a one meter pendulum.
What is the statistical significance of the solar neutrino flux problem?
So we constructed a second 10-hole torsion pendulum and attractor having holes with different diameters and thicknesses to check the original result and again saw an apparent violation of the 1/r2 law.
Sub-mm tests of the gravitational inverse-square law
E) and vanishes for T (E) > Tc positive at T (E) < Tc Second, the temperature of the excited part decreases when a pendulum escapes from the excited part, which has the largest negative momentum at the center-ofmass inertial frame of the excited part.
Self-Organized Bottleneck in Energy Relaxation
The E¨otWash WEP experimenters had been concerned that silica’s insulating property would be a problem, but Stefano Vitale’s group in Trento used fused-silica fibres prepared by the Glasgow group and found that problems from pendulum charging are perfectly manageable (less than 1 elementary charge per second).
Torsion-balance tests of the weak equivalence principle
Second, for the case of a pendulum, one assumes that the gravitational field lines are parallel.
Effect of the spherical Earth on a simple pendulum
In effect, even for rational ratios of the two frequencies, the presence of a fractionary resonance of the second frequence does only introduce wiggles on the pendulum phase space curve. B.
A Proposed Interpretation of Microwave Ionization of Rydberg Alkali Atoms