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  • Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • Satin-finish a finish resembling satin: a lustrous finish produced on silver by the scratch-brush, by the process called Satining
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Fr. satin (It. setino)—Low. L. setinus, adj.—L. seta, hair.


In literature:

As he was putting the finishing touches upon Lisette's satin skin, Yankee drove up to the yard with his Fox horse and buckboard.
"The Man From Glengarry" by Ralph Connor
Finish round with a ruche of satin ribbon or fringe, crimson colour.
"The Lady's Album of Fancy Work for 1850" by Unknown
The saloon, or after-cabin, was finished in bird's-eye maple and satin wood veneering.
"Cape Cod and All the Pilgrim Land, June 1922, Volume 6, Number 4" by Various
The library was wainscoted in some dull satin finished wood, with the graining of olive wood.
"Kit of Greenacre Farm" by Izola Forrester
New designs in Satin and Gold finish, with name, 10 cts.
"Prairie Farmer, Vol. 56: No. 1, January 5, 1884." by Various
One may finish off darning, for example, at the edges with a satin stitch.
"Art in Needlework" by Lewis F. Day
I wonder how soon Mary Ridge will have finished my new black satin.
"Wenderholme" by Philip Gilbert Hamerton
Shoulders for "satin" receive a currying which strongly resembles the "waxed" finishes, but the smooth finish is on the grain side.
"Animal Proteins" by Hugh Garner Bennett

In news:

It applies slick and moist, and dries to a satin finish.
Waves forged-brass drain cover in satin nickel finish by California Faucets.
Matte paint, a satin-type finish, started out on high-end cars, but has now worked its way down to more affordable models.
Surface Finisher, Produces Matte, Satin and Other Decorative Surfaces.
However, you can rub satin up to semi-gloss, matte up to satin, or rub any finish to a lower sheen.
Satin Finish plays free show.
Satin Finish performs an all-ages show Friday Oct 19 as part of the Free Uptown Concert Series.
The PTX Eco Smart finishing machine from CS Unitec, Inc, Norwalk, CT, offers balanced straight-line handling, high torque and electronic speed control to produce matte, satin and other fine surfaces up to a mirror finish.
Surface Finisher, Produces Matte, Satin and Other Decorative Surfaces.
Omni Décor's Etched Satin -Finish Glass Comes to North America.
InteliCoat describes its new Magiclée Torino 20S as a highly textured, acid-free, artist stretch canvas with a satin finish.
Wearcoat from Coatings for Industry helps a concrete contractor achieve the proper satin finish for the floors of a rail station in Philadelphia.
The company premieres its Mini Check place mats, which have a new satin finish in metallic tones and which are low maintenance.
Omni Décor's Etched Satin-Finish Glass Comes to North America.
Mythic paint by Southern Diversified Products has launched Mythic Black Label, available in 1,232 colors with matte, satin and semi-gloss finishes.