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Sand-box tree


  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Sand-box tree (Bot) a tropical American tree (Hura crepitans). Its fruit is a depressed many-celled woody capsule which, when completely dry, bursts with a loud report and scatters the seeds. See Illust. of Regma.
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In literature:

The soil upon the hills continued to be much mixed with sand, and the prevailing trees were cypress and box.
"Two Expeditions into the Interior of Southern Australia, Complete" by Charles Sturt
They climbed trees, sailed boats in the fountain, and dug in the sand-box like woodcocks.
"Letters to His Children" by Theodore Roosevelt
On another, sand-box and calabash trees rattled their huge fruit like warring savages.
"The Flower of the Chapdelaines" by George W. Cable
Many trees have been used: the saman, bread fruit, mango, mammet, sand box, pois doux, rubber, etc.
"Cocoa and Chocolate" by Arthur W. Knapp

In news:

University of California's Scott Johnson is growing peach trees in sand boxes to induce nutrient deficiencies.