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  • Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Rossignol ros′i-nyol the nightingale.
    • ***


Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary


In literature:

Bot dat violon, he spik' more deep, to de heart, lak' de Rossignol.
"The Ruling Passion" by Henry van Dyke
Rogue Rossignol and his 'Infernal Columns' have vanished: by firmness and justice, by sagacity and industry, General Hoche has done it.
"The French Revolution" by Thomas Carlyle
Well, there was a bad case in a family named Rossignol: a boy of twelve.
"The Crown of Life" by George Gissing
No; I was not attracted by Adele Rossignol.
"At the Villa Rose" by A. E. W. Mason
M. Rossignol turned to the Cure and the Notary.
"The Right of Way, Complete" by Gilbert Parker
If I determine upon a campaign against the Vendee I shall send neither Santerre nor Rossignol!
"The Companions of Jehu" by Alexandre Dumas, père
Don't smile under your sly mouth, and think you are hiding anything from Le Rossignol.
"The Lady of Fort St. John" by Mary Hartwell Catherwood
Le Rossignol and Stewart, 70-75, 89, 91.
"Socialism As It Is" by William English Walling
And how like Clo, to have treasured in some brain-cell Leontine's queer name of "Rossignol"!
"The Lion's Mouse" by C. N. Williamson and A. M. Williamson
Chante, rossignol, chante, Sweet bird!
"Canada" by J. G. Bourinot
Liddell and I had a splinter from another shell between us as we passed up Rossignol C.T.
"Q.6.a and Other places" by Francis Buckley
General Rossignol in blind fury, often in liquor, can do less than nothing.
"The Great Events by Famous Historians, Volume 14" by Various
It was a long six-mile ferriage across Rossignol and we could devote our waste time to getting over.
"The Tent Dwellers" by Albert Bigelow Paine
Germans captured Rossignol, advanced to border of Nieppe Wood; took 400 prisoners.
"The Story of the Great War, Volume VIII (of VIII)" by various
Rossignol has 66 works to his name.
"The Century of Columbus" by James J. Walsh
His name is Rossignol.
"My Memoirs" by Marguerite Steinheil
N'est-ce donc rien que le parfum de la rose, la voix du rossignol et l'aile du papillon?
"Masters of French Music" by Arthur Hervey
In the sun-spangled stretch of shade under the acacias of the Villa Rossignol four drank coffee and talked of Andrew Vane.
"The Transgression of Andrew Vane" by Guy Wetmore Carryl
Rossignol has sent me a messenger.
"Lord Montagu's Page" by G. P. R. James
Duval all but killed the police brigadier Rossignol, who attempted to arrest him.
"Paris and the Social Revolution" by Alvan Francis Sanborn

In poetry:

I am the singer who of late put by
The verse azulean and the chant profane,
Across whose nights a rossignol would cry
And prove himself a lark at morn again.
"Portico" by Ruben Dario

In news:

In this lesson, students will watch French filmmaker Christian Chaudet's adaptation of Igor Stravinksy's opera "Le Rossignol" or "The Nightingale ".
Van Buren's Parise Rossignol Verbally Commits To UMaine.
Rossignol 's 'Experience' carves a name for itself.
Rossignol acquisition raises questions over Cleveland's future.
Quiksilver to Buy Rossignol .
HomeHeadline NewsQuiksilver to Buy Rossignol .
SAM Magazine--Paris, France, Mar 22, 2005--Quiksilver is buying a majority stake in Rossignol from the controlling Boix-Vives family for 241 million euros ($318 million), paying with cash and shares.
Using a lightweight poplar core, Rossignol was able to up the HP with two Titanal sheets without tipping the scales.

In science:

Most of the results presented here were obtained during a PhD Thesis at Universit´e Paris Diderot . I am also grateful to Marie Theret and Rapha¨el Rossignol for useful and pleasant discussion about maximal flows and concentration.
Surface tension in the dilute Ising model. The Wulff construction
The author thanks Rapha¨el Rossignol for pointing out this improvement.
Surface tension in the dilute Ising model. The Wulff construction
Rossignol, Exponential concentration for first passage percolation throuh modified Poincar´e inequalities, Ann.
A Sublinear Variance Bound for Solutions of a Random Hamilton Jacobi Equation
However, Benjamini, Kalai and Schramm [BKS03] have improved this result to show that Var d(0, re1 ) = O(r/ log r) (generalized to a wide class of passage-time distributions by Bena¨ım and Rossignol [BR08]).
Geodesics of Random Riemannian Metrics I: Random Perturbations of Euclidean Geometry
Acknowledgments My interest in some of the problems in this paper was raised by communication with Frank Redig and Federico Camia. I also thank Rapha¨el Rossignol for his valuable comments on Corollary 3.4.
Approximate zero-one laws and sharpness of the percolation transition in a class of models including 2D Ising percolation
Rossignol, Threshold for monotone symmetric properties through a logarithmic Sobolev inequality, Ann.
Approximate zero-one laws and sharpness of the percolation transition in a class of models including 2D Ising percolation