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Robert Oppenheimer


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n Robert Oppenheimer United States physicist who directed the project at Los Alamos that developed the first atomic bomb (1904-1967)
    • ***


In news:

A professor of theoretical physics, Christy was recruited by Robert Oppenheimer as a member of the Manhattan Project.
Robert Oppenheimer and John von Neumann in front of MANIAC, the first digital computer, at the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, 1952.
Robert Oppenheimer Memorial Lecture, by Alex Filippenko.
The "Dr. Atomic" of its title is the physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer and, as Sara Fishko tells us, Oppenheimer 's rise and fall has been the stuff of dramas of ALL kinds.
The Tangled Lives and Loyalties of Robert Oppenheimer, Ernest Lawrence, and Edward Teller.
Robert Oppenheimer was once much closer to the Communist Party than he ever admitted.
Robert Oppenheimer, the leader of the generation that built the atomic bomb.
Robert Oppenheimer in this week's Famous New Yorker profile.
BUILD THE EM THEREMIN February 1996 By Robert Moog EM Editor in Chief, Steve Oppenheimer, worked with Bob Moog to develop this article.
There's J Robert Oppenheimer's moral struggle with his deadly creation, Edward Teller's surrender to his inferiority complex, and Niels Bohr's reconnection with his son, thousands of miles from home.
Robert Oppenheimer's aide recalled Los Alamos years as 'the best of my life'.
BUILD THE EM THEREMIN February 1996 By Robert Moog EM Editor in Chief Steve Oppenheimer worked with Bob Moog to develop this article.
The brother of Robert Oppenheimer marched to the beat of his own drummer.

In science:

Dekany, R., Bouchez, A., Roberts, J., Troy, M., Kibblewhite, E., Oppenheimer, B., Moore, A., Shelton, C., Smith, R., Trinh, T., & Velur, V. 2007, in Proceedings of the Advanced Maui Optical and Space Surveillance Technologies Conference, held in Wailea, Maui, Hawaii, September 12-15, 2007, Ed.: S.
A New High Contrast Imaging Program at Palomar Observatory
The modern view – that black holes are the unavoidable end result of the evolution of massive stars – arose from the work of Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar, Lev Landau, Robert Oppenheimer and others in the first half of the 20th century.
Supermassive Black Holes
Robert Oppenheimer Memorial Prize Acceptance Speech (Gordon and Breach, New York, 1971).
On the Dirac-Infeld-Plebanski delta function
Robert Oppenheimer pointed out that an electron and its hole would be able to annihilate each other, releasing energy on the order of the electron’s rest energy in the form of energetic photons; if holes were protons, stable atoms would not exist.
Recent Interests on Positron, Positronium and Antimatters