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  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Rine rīn See Rind.
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n rine A watercourse or ditch.
    • rine To touch. [Prov. Eng.] To concern.
    • n rine A dialectal form of rind.
    • n rine Same as rim.
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • v.t Rine rīn to touch
    • n Rine the same as Rind
    • n Rine rīn (prov.) a ditch or water-course
    • Rine Also Rhine, Rone, Rune
    • ***


In literature:

I'm only afraid it may rine.
"The Town Traveller" by George Gissing
The Rine is a German river where they make wine near Berlin, Mable.
"Dere Mable" by Edward Streeter
The Rine didnt look like much to me.
""Same old Bill, eh Mable!"" by Edward Streeter
All day long I 'ave to splash about in the blinkin' mud and rine.
"On the Fringe of the Great Fight" by George G. Nasmith
Thet's Burnt Island on the port bow, and Cath'rine to starboard, both 'habited by Ailikoleeps.
"The Land of Fire" by Mayne Reid
I belonged to Nora Rines whose wife was named Emma.
"Slave Narratives: a Folk History of Slavery in the United States From Interviews with Former Slaves, North Carolina Narratives, Part 2" by Work Projects Administration
By land an' sea an' pawcels post she'll rine fire an' brimstone on your pore thick 'ead.
"The Day of Wrath" by Louis Tracy
And why haven't Auntie Tine and Auntie Rine come yet?
"The Twilight of the Souls" by Louis Couperus
The first supervisors were Eric Hokansen, John Rines and Haquin Ekman.
"Fifty Years In The Northwest" by William Henry Carman Folsom

In poetry:

The bloom of the plum
And the nect'rine's perfume
Were deserted, in turn,
A fresh love to assume;
"The Dew-Drop: A Metrical Fantasy" by Samuel Lover
And I like to slice 'em up in big pieces fer 'em all,
Espeshally the childern, and watch theyr high delight
As one by one the rines with theyr pink notches falls,
And they holler fer some more, with unquenched
"Wortermelon Time" by James Whitcomb Riley
You don't want no punkins nigh your wortermelon
'Cause, some-way-another, they'll spile your melons,
I've seed 'em taste like punkins, from the core to the rines,
Which may be a fact you have heerd of before
"Wortermelon Time" by James Whitcomb Riley
And all I could say, was "Kath'rine, oh Kath'rine, come to me!"
And all I could think, was "Kath'rine!" and all that I could see,
Was Sanders a-standin' near to me, his finger into his eye,
And my wife a-bendin' over me, and tellin' me not to cry;
"Out O’ The Fire" by William McKendree Carleton

In news:

2008 photo/Elijah T. Rines with a remote vehicle that took photographs in Scotland's Loch Ness .
Sarah-Kate Rines and Hannah Rines found that to be more fun than problem when they showed up to support the Smokin' Hawgs.
(FORTUNE Small Business) – Robert H Rines is no stranger to complex topics or to controversy.
2008 photo/Elijah T. Rines with a remote vehicle that took photographs in Scotland's Loch Ness.
Allison Suzanne Neavin and Jarod Daniel Rine were united in marriage Nov 10 at 2:30 pm at Christ United Methodist Church, Wheeling, with the Rev.
Rine 's Week 6 NFL Picks.
Rine 's Week 5 NFL Picks.
Sports Editor ( rine, The Intelligencer / Wheeling News-Register.
Rine 's Week 4 NFL Picks.
John and Kathie Neavin of Rayland announce the engagement of their daughter, Allison S Neavin, to Jarod D Rine, son of Larry and Jana Rine of Moundsville.
Rine, Kenneth Madison, 77, died August 10, 2012, at 9 pm at Hospice of the Valley in Mesa, Ariz.
Highley, Beulah M Rine, 73, of Porters Falls, died July 6, 2012, at Wetzel County Hospital in New Martinsville after a long and courageous battle with COPD.
Together with their families, Lynsey Brook Casteel and Mason Storm Rine announce their engagement and upcoming wedding.
Emily Frances Rine and Kevin Raymond Boyce Butler were united in marriage on July 2 at the Cathedral of St Joseph in Wheeling, with the Revs.
Leslie Nichole Knight and John Matthew Brant were united in marriage Saturday, Sept 24, at Grand Vue Park, Moundsville, with Eldwin Rine officiating the ceremony.

In science:

Per Torstein Røine. Building fast bundled data circuits with a specialized standard cell library. In Proc. International Symposium on Advanced Research in Asynchronous Circuits and Systems, pages 134–143, November 1994.
Flysig: Dataflow Oriented Delay-Insensitive Processor for Rapid Prototyping of Signal Processing
We custom synthesized a molecule [GMS68] containing five fluo rine nuclear spins which served as the qubits.
Experimental Quantum Computation with Nuclear Spins in Liquid Solution
The rining, 5-fold integral, has been calculated numerically.
Beam Wandering in the Atmosphere: The Effect of Partial Coherence
We recently estimated the cluster mass function using ROSAT X-ray cluster surveys to determine the selection function and redshifts from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS, Stoughton et al. 2002) to estimate virial masses (Rines et al. 2007).
WMAP5 and the Cluster Mass Function
The cluster masses were computed as part of the Cluster Infall Regions in SDSS pro ject (CIRS, Rines & Diaferio 2006).
WMAP5 and the Cluster Mass Function
Our approach was therefore to combine the virtues of a well-defined selection function available from large-area X-ray surveys with the large redshift samples available from SDSS (Rines et al. 2007).
WMAP5 and the Cluster Mass Function
The cluster sample we use is the CIRS sample of Rines & Diaferio (2006) with some minor modifications described in Rines et al. (2007).
WMAP5 and the Cluster Mass Function
Rines & Diaferio (2006) show the infall patterns of the 72 CIRS clusters and compute the mass profiles from both the caustic technique and the virial theorem.
WMAP5 and the Cluster Mass Function
Yet, although these studies strongly suggest that the backsplash population exists, they have not in detail disentangled the backsplash population from the infalling one, although using galaxies with different spectral features appears to hold much promise for this (see Pimbblet et al. 2006; Rines et al. 2005).
Backsplash galaxies in isolated clusters
To better define the extent of the cluster, we follow Pimbblet et al. (2006; see also Lerchster et al. 2010) and utilize the cluster mass model of Carlberg, Yee & Ellingson (1997; see also Carlberg et al. 1997; Rines & Diaferio 2010 and references therein).
Backsplash galaxies in isolated clusters
For clusters such as those used in this work (and also Pimbblet et al. 2006 & Rines et al. 2005) this corresponds to approximately 0.3 < |∆cz |/σcz < 0.5.
Backsplash galaxies in isolated clusters
Fig. 2 shows evidence for both types of populations being present, similar to previous observational studies (Rines et al. 2005; Pimbblet et al. 2006).
Backsplash galaxies in isolated clusters
Indeed, this is supported by Rines et al. (2005) who demonstrate that some backsplash galaxies must be emission line galaxies.
Backsplash galaxies in isolated clusters
There may be some ambiguity in defining the core population due to infall interlopers at R < Rvirial whose three dimensional radius from the cluster centre is > Rvirial (Diaferio et al. 2001; Rines et al. 2005).
Backsplash galaxies in isolated clusters
Indeed, Rines et al. (2005) demonstrate that up to 60% of emission line galaxies below r200 (∼ Rvirial ) are probably interlopers that have a three dimensional radius from the cluster of > Rvirial .
Backsplash galaxies in isolated clusters