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Right and left coupling


  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Right and left coupling (Pipe fitting) a coupling the opposite ends of which are tapped for a right-handed screw and a left-handed screw, respectivelly.
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In literature:

Two of the couples hold short chains with the left hand, and seek to stab each other with the right.
"Renaissance in Italy Vol. 3" by John Addington Symonds
On the other side a couple of dozen wild Acadians firing right and left, without paying the least attention where or whom their bullets struck.
"Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine--Vol. 54, No. 333, July 1843" by Various
Well, it's about then I notices this classy young couple who are makin' their way across the dinin'-room, bein' hailed right and left.
"The House of Torchy" by Sewell Ford
The right and left coupling is the only fitting that will cause the beginner trouble.
"Elements of Plumbing" by Samuel Dibble
The irate Charles was plying his hunting whip right and left over the two amorous couples.
"The Carlovingian Coins" by Eugène Sue

In news:

This January 2012 photo released by Randy Sager Photography Inc shows Izzy Salant, right, toasting his new mother, Bonnie Cole, left, and his father, Jonathan Salant at the couple's wedding in Rockville, M.D.

In science:

Their only non-zero entry represents coupling between the Left (Right) lead and Device. O represents zero matrices.
Modeling of Nanoscale Devices
The second and third terms of eqn. (115) are self energies due to coupling of the Device region to Left and Right leads respectively.
Modeling of Nanoscale Devices
This will give interactions which couple to both the right and left side of the multivector wavefunction.
Classification of Multivector Theories and the Modification of the Postulates of Physics
In fact, by comparing (5) with experiment, an upper limit |gR/gL | < 0.0039 has been obtained on the ratio of the magnitudes of a right-chiral and a left-chiral semiweak coupling.
Neutrinos at high energy accelerators
All these terms are realized in the left-right symmetric model with the Yukawa coupling (6) and the VEVS given in eqs. (3) and (5).
Signatures of left-right symmetry at high energies
The lepton number violation associated with the triplet Higgs couplings and Majorana neutrinos gives rise to many distinctive signals of left-right symmetry.
Signatures of left-right symmetry at high energies
In order to accomodate all the known couplings, we were heuristically led to consider a new form of bilateral (left and right sided) multiplication on the wavefunction that can not be derived from a gauge transformation.
Polydimensional Relativity, a Classical Generalization of the Automorphism Invariance Principle
This lack of P invariance is most succinctly expressed by saying that weak interactions involve only left-handed neutrinos. P invariance would require equal coupling to left-handed and right-handed neutrinos, so one sees that there is a maximum violation of parity symmetry in weak interactions.
CP Violation
The coupling between the hydrodynamics and the spacetime (the right and left hand side of the Einstein equations) is carried out in a treatment which is second order accurate in both space and time.
Three Dimensional Numerical General Relativistic Hydrodynamics I: Formulations, Methods, and Code Tests
Parity violation in the weak neutral current is caused by the difference of couplings of the Z to right-handed and left-handed fermions.
Precision tests of the Standard Model from Z physics
SLD can measure also the b and c left-right forward-backward asymmetry defined in equation (8) which is a direct measurement of the quark coupling Ab and Ac .
Precision tests of the Standard Model from Z physics
Ke3 Dalitz plots showing the contributions from scalar(left), vector(center) and tensor(right) couplings in the decay.
Scalar and Tensor Couplings in Kaon Decays
Figure 22. ρ- (left panel) and ω - (right panel) spectral functions (weighted by the corresponding VDM coupling constant) at fixed 3-momentum in a thermal meson gas.
Last Call for RHIC Predictions
SUSY, GUTS, Left-Right symmetric models, and superstring models all predict LFV, LNV, and violations of the universality of the dominant current couplings The effects are small, of the order of 10−6 or smaller, and are only now within the reach of experiment .
Tau Electroweak Couplings
It is well known that the medium containing coupled oscillators is optically active and therefore it must be characterized by the different refractive indices nl and nr for the left and the right circularly polarized wave.
Note on the Chandrasekhar Model of the Optical Activity of Crystals