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  • Two men wearing distinctly different uniforms are waving identical flags with the double headed eagle emblem and are fighting each other across a river. This may be a reference to the Russo-Turkish war of 1877–1878. Two Balkan men casually watch the battle from behind a wall
    Two men wearing distinctly different uniforms are waving identical flags with the double headed eagle emblem and are fighting each other across a river. This may be a reference to the Russo-Turkish war of 1877–1878. Two Balkan men casually watch the battle from behind a wall
  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Referment The act of referring; reference.
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: Some African tribes refer to themselves as "motherhoods" instead of families
    • n referment A reference for decision.
    • referment To ferment again.
    • referment To cause to ferment again.
    • ***


  • Aristotle
    “Personal beauty is a greater recommendation than any letter of reference.”
  • A. P. Herbert
    A. P. Herbert
    “People must not do things for fun. We are not here for fun. There is no reference to fun in any act of Parliament.”
  • Source Unknown
    Source Unknown
    “Gossip is sometimes referred to as halitosis of the mind.”
  • Albert Einstein
    “Considered logically this concept is not identical with the totality of sense impressions referred to; but it is an arbitrary creation of the human (or animal) mind.”
  • Albert Einstein
    “As far as the laws of mathematics refer to reality, they are not certain, and as far as they are certain, they do not refer to reality.”
  • Aristotle
    “Praise invariably implies a reference to a higher standard.”


In literature:

The lady referred to by Branwell was Mrs. Robinson, the wife of the Rev.
"Charlotte Bronte and Her Circle" by Clement K. Shorter
He seemed keen and sanguine when we met and made no reference to this letter: so it comes in now as rather a startler.
"Gallipoli Diary, Volume I" by Ian Hamilton
The conversation I refer to began in an ugly little room in a professor's house.
"The Fifth Wheel" by Olive Higgins Prouty
The printed volume was offered to the London publisher Murray, and for terms he was referred to Irving, who was then in England.
"James Fenimore Cooper" by Thomas R. Lounsbury
I. may still be proved by a reference to Orig.
"History of Dogma, Volume 2 (of 7)" by Adolph Harnack
This deposit produces the "scum" already referred to.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 4, Part 3" by Various
Incidentally he refers to a girl with whom he was in love.
"George Borrow and His Circle" by Clement King Shorter
It is employed to refer to a number of persons or things, regarded as a class.
"Milton's Comus" by John Milton
The statement in the message refers to the arrival of the full commission, or a majority of it.
"The Rise and Fall of the Confederate Government, Vol. 1 (of 2)" by Jefferson Davis
In the Old Testament a reference is made in Jer.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 4, Part 4" by Various
The hen had reference to the fruitfulness of the bride, and her delivery in childbirth.
"The Mysteries of All Nations" by James Grant
They are referred to by Cogolludo, Sanchez Aguilar and other early historians.
"The Maya Chronicles" by Various
Refer constantly to your list of irregular verbs given in this lesson for we so often make mistakes in the use of these verb forms.
"Plain English" by Marian Wharton
But though sin cannot affect God's thoughts in reference to us, it can, and does affect our thoughts in reference to Him.
"The Lord's Coming" by C. H. (Charles Henry) Mackintosh
Many are the mistaken notions in reference to conversion.
"The Great Commission" by C. H. (Charles Henry) Mackintosh
In reference to the king of Egypt, it may assuredly be said, he did "greatly err," not knowing God or His changeless counsels.
"Notes on the book of Exodus" by C. H. (Charles Henry) Mackintosh
The same perfect order is observable in reference to the meat-offering.
"Notes on the Book of Leviticus" by C. H. Mackintosh
We will again refer to it and see if I am wrong.
"Arguments before the Committee on Patents of the House of Representatives, conjointly with the Senate Committee on Patents, on H.R. 19853, to amend and consolidate the acts respecting copyright" by United States Committee on Patents
Instead of referring it to a ribbon or piece of paper we may refer it to the organism.
"Essays in Experimental Logic" by John Dewey
Some of the Oswestry traditions evidently have reference to Oswald's previous victory.
"On Some Ancient Battle-Fields in Lancashire" by Charles Hardwick

In poetry:

And far away on the wreck-strewn shore
Where the crew of the Sue reside,
They never refer to Eberly Moore
Or Eberly's fair young bride.
"Eberly's Fair Young Bride" by Wallace Irwin
"My boy," he said, in tone consoling,
"Give up this idle fancy - do -
The song you heard my daughter trolling
Did not, indeed, refer to you.
"Little Oliver" by William Schwenck Gilbert
And some of 'em shuddered and looked at the door
With a sort of a nervous pride:
But they never referred to Eberly Moore
And Eberly's fair young bride.
"Eberly's Fair Young Bride" by Wallace Irwin
Eisenbart mutters, wakes in rage
Because crow’s jarring c-a-a-r-k-s distress him.
His mistress grins, refers to age
and other matters which oppress him.
"Daybreak" by Gwen Harwood
"My poor client's fate now depends on you votes."
Here the speaker sat down in his place,
And directed the Judge to refer to his notes
And briefly to sum up the case.
"The Hunting Of The Snark " by Lewis Carroll
Who will forgive me for the things I do?
With no special legend of God to refer to,
With my calm white pedigree, my yankee kin,
I think it would be better to be a Jew.
"My Friend, My Friend" by Anne Sexton

In news:

Tom Murphy works at the smallest TV station in Michigan, and he just may have found his calling, blending weather with pop culture references.
As a more efficient way for teams to share what the Estonian startup refers to as " ambient information", such as news, slides, reports and videos.
It's always nice to see one's work referred to in print, but it's even nicer to get credit for it.
A 22-year-old woman originating from Rwanda was referred to our respiratory department for chronic cough.
But if you watched any of the coverage on The Weather Channel, you heard them refer to it repeatedly as "Brutus".
But if you watched any of the coverage on The Weather Channel, you heard them refer to it repeatedly as " Brutus ".
Sport uses rear-panel connections for composite video, stereo audio, timecode and reference video.
"SOME like it hot," Tony Curtis told Marilyn Monroe in the 1959 movie of the same name, referring to music.
With the exception of those words, the former Alaska governor's statement was remarkable for its careful calibration - replete with references to "the greatness of our country" and other rhetoric likely to resonate with her base.
What congregants refer to as the "sweet, sweet spirit of Salem" is something you can't understand until you've experienced it.
The reference to " canaries " refers to the canary that dies in an unsafe mine, providing a warning signal.
Her husband's name is Michael Moser, lovingly referred to as "Cactus".
You may recall, I referred to my kid as the best player on the worst team.
Iprefer to refer to myself as frugal.
I'm referring instead to one of those other "what-were-they-thinking" stories last week, this one from MSNBC.

In science:

Whenever the norm sign k · k appears without mentioning which norm we are referring to, we refer to the ℓ∞ norm on Zd .
Slowdown estimates for ballistic random walk in random environment
In this paper the more massive star, the LBV, will be referred to as the primary, and the smaller companion will be referred to as the secondary.
3D modelling of the colliding winds in Eta Carinae - evidence for radiative inhibition
In geometric terms, F is a function defined over the cartesian product of two Grassmann manifolds (we refer to Section 6 for background and references).
Matrix Completion from a Few Entries
The CSP light curve used a g ′ SDSS reference image for B and a g ′ + r ′ reference image for V so this might be a small source of inaccuracy.
CfA3: 185 Type Ia Supernova Light Curves from the CfA
Note. — Lower-case ubvri refer to the instrumental magnitudes while UBVRIr’i’ refer to the standard magnitudes.
CfA3: 185 Type Ia Supernova Light Curves from the CfA
For further details we refer the reader to standard references, such as .
G2 Dualities in D=5 Supergravity and Black Strings
Purely inertial effects depend only on the acceleration and rotation of the chosen reference frame of the observer and can in principle be completely eliminated by performing the measurement in an appropriately adapted reference frame.
Rotation in relativity and the propagation of light
If n < p the function is not invertible any more, but we can keep this definition by taking the pseudo inverse and the theorems below will still hold true (we refer to for historical references and further details).
Random quantum channels I: graphical calculus and the Bell state phenomenon
We henceforth refer to this reference as JZJ.
Fundamental Theory of Statistical Particle Dynamics
As the name suggests, ∆n is the difference in the number of atoms from that of the reference surface while µ denotes the chemical potential for the referring species. A negative ∆γ value indicates a more stable structure relative to the clean TiO2 surface.
Modification of anatase TiO$_2$(001) surface electronic structure by Au impurity
For a very detailed description and numerous applications we refer to and references therein.
3-Connected Cores In Random Planar Graphs
In this discussion, we rely on a number of nonrigorous predictions and our only goal is to isolate some possible directions for future work. A useful reference is Appendix B in the survey by Duplantier and the references therein.
Scaling limits of random planar maps with large faces
FRW cosmology to refer to H −1 as a characteristic time scale, also known as the Hubble radius when referred to as a length scale).
Perfect fluids and generic spacelike singularities
Furthermore, since we are interested in asymptotic temporal behavior, we let ∂∂∂ 0 be tangential to the reference congruence, i.e., ∂∂∂ 0 ∝ ∂ /∂ x0, where x0 is the time coordinate along the reference congruence (see Appendix A).
Perfect fluids and generic spacelike singularities
The quantities W α, acceleration, and shear of the Hubble conformal reference congruence, while Rα describes the rotation of the spatial frame w.r.t. a Fermi frame in the space orthogonal to the reference congruence.
Perfect fluids and generic spacelike singularities