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Red precipitate


  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Red precipitate (Old. Chem) mercuric oxide (HgO) a heavy red crystalline powder obtained by heating mercuric nitrate, or by heating mercury in the air. Prepared in the latter manner, it was the precipitate per se of the alchemists.
    • Red precipitate See under Precipitate.
    • ***


In literature:

Muriate of ammonia precipitates chloride to darken to a fine chocolate brown, whilst muriate of lime produces a brick-red color.
"The History and Practice of the Art of Photography" by Henry H. Snelling
He did not know that it was due to the red precipitate of iron that gave it its color.
"A Waif of the Plains" by Bret Harte
Precipitous cliffs of red clay and sun-baked sand rose two hundred feet from the boulder-strewn coast.
"The Story of Isaac Brock" by Walter R. Nursey
Wash the precipitate, dry it, and expose it to a red heat in a platina capsule: it is phosphate of magnesia.
"A Treatise on Adulterations of Food, and Culinary Poisons" by Fredrick Accum
The precipitous cliffs are dark, and the whole country is coloured in pink, yellow, red, and warm brown tones.
"From Pole to Pole" by Sven Anders Hedin
Especially in the earthquake regions of Europe, there have been many falls of red substance, usually, but not always, precipitated in rain.
"The Book of the Damned" by Charles Fort
The toning solution tends to throw a red precipitate as it works.
"Bromide Printing and Enlarging" by John A. Tennant
Here and there, on some precipitous bank, was the red Indian-flame.
"Life at Puget Sound: With Sketches of Travel in Washington Territory, British Columbia, Oregon and California" by Caroline C. Leighton
The precipitate, when well washed, is to be placed in a Hessian crucible, and exposed to a red heat for half an hour.
"Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, Volume 57, No. 356, June, 1845" by Various
A yellow or red precipitate indicates sugar.
"The Starvation Treatment of Diabetes" by Lewis Webb Hill
This so-called precipitate had the appearance of small dark-red crystals resembling cinnabar.
"Discovery of Oxygen, Part 2" by Carl Wilhelm Scheele
Spirits Turpentine, one ounce Red Precipitate in powder, one oz.
"One Thousand Secrets of Wise and Rich Men Revealed" by C. A. Bogardus
Red brown gelatinous precipitate = succinic acid.
"The Elements of Bacteriological Technique" by John William Henry Eyre
It is obtained as a fine red crystalline precipitate by reducing an alkaline copper solution with sugar.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 7, Slice 3" by Various
Red in the face, he glanced around to learn if his precipitous flight had had an audience.
"The Whelps of the Wolf" by George Marsh
A yellow or red precipitate will indicate the presence of glucose.
"Dietetics for Nurses" by Fairfax T. Proudfit
A portion of the ethyl acetate solution gave an orange red precipitate with lead acetate showing the presence of fisetin.
"Some Constituents of the Poison Ivy Plant: (Rhus Toxicodendron)" by William Anderson Syme
As is well known, para red is manufactured by precipitation in an acid solution and is best maintained under acid conditions.
"Paint Technology and Tests" by Henry A. Gardner
Ferrous salts give a greenish precipitate with an alkali, whilst ferric give a characteristic red one.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 14, Slice 7" by Various
It was one of the red-headed imps of the baillie's progeny who precipitated matters.
"The Viking Blood" by Frederick William Wallace

In news:

This image from radar shows the precipitation totals for the Red River Valley.